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Triathletes Don’t Need to Kick, Right?

open water swim triathlon triathlete kicking while breathing

Written by Rich Parker of Fit Visual Coaching I have heard it many times over ‘I need to save my legs for the bike’ or ‘there’s no point kicking, I wear a wetsuit anyway’ or ‘kicking is just a waste of energy’.  I even know of a triathlon club (which will remain nameless!) that does all its swim sessions with pull-buoys, such is the strength of feeling that freestyle kicking is unnecessary.   However, all the major swim programmes in the world recognise the value of the freestyle kick, as do all the professional coaches I have met. And, purely on… Read More »

7 Tips for Improving Your Open Water Swimming Breathing

open water swimming tips

Perhaps you’ve ever gulped a mouthful of water whilst open water swimming. If so, then you’ve experienced first-hand how different breathing mechanics can be in open water. Sure, you may have mastered breathing in the controlled environment of a pool, but add howling winds, bobbing waves, freezing water, and a swarm of competitors into the mix, and you’ll quickly realize that open water breathing is a different ball game altogether. One of the key aspects of improving your open water swimming could actually come down to weight management. Because this post focuses on breathing tips, take a look at this… Read More »


Gravel Bikes: A Renewed Sense of Freedom for Endurance Cyclists

gravel biking

Gravel bikes have gained enormous traction among all types of cyclists and endurance athletes throughout the cycling world. Somewhat of a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike with drop bars, gravel bikes are designed to enable wider tire clearance, thereby allowing wider outlets for riding. Although gravel cycling has yet to make a mainstream appearance in triathlon, like the case of XTERRA and off-road tri events, multisport athletes are still finding gravel bikes to be a novel alternative to get off the pavement but still go fast. Indisputably fun and virtually limitless for adventure, a quick rip… Read More »

Triathlon Bike Tires: Best Options, Size Guide, & FAQs

Triathlon Bike Tires

Triathlon bike tires have been a significant point of interest for athletes experimenting with ways to get a competitive edge. Tire size, rim compatibility, tire pressure, and design all factor into the optimal time trial tire.  The key points to understand when selecting the right tires include aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and tire width. The latter of these three elements (width) has been an area where conventional thinking has changed significantly in recent years.  Additionally, the debate between Clincher vs Tubular vs Tubeless and puncture resistance tires have become popular in the triathlon community. But first, what triathlon bike tires do… Read More »


Jogger’s Nipple? Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Runner feeling Jogger's Nipple in Cotton Tshirt

Learn to prevent one of the most common issues among runners: “jogger’s nipple.” From toe blisters to cracked lips, runners encounter a host of bodily issues. These problems come in all sizes and often require adequate care and attention, especially among long-distance runners. Jogger’s nipple is one of those issues that frequently crops up. Also known as runner’s nipple, or by symptoms like nipple chafing or nipple bleeding, this abrasive skin irritation can become a serious problem that shouldn’t go ignored. Jump to: Symptoms | Causes | Treatment | Prevention What is Jogger’s Nipple? Jogger’s nipple is a term used… Read More »

Triathlon Transition Tips: How to Improve Your Speed and Set-Up

Triathlon Transition Tips: How to Improve Your Speed and Set-Up

The ‘transition’ is often referred to as the “fourth discipline” of triathlon, and not without reason! Many beginner and novice triathletes alike can lose significant time faffing around with shoes, helmets, wetsuits, and drinks, and those precious seconds can make all the difference when it comes down to the results! So, here are our top triathlon transition tips to help you improve your speed and overall set-up, like a pro: 1. Memorize Your Area First and foremost, you need to know exactly where in transition your bike and gear are going to be located when you run in. Rehearsing the… Read More »


Can I Workout With COVID? A Coach’s Perspective

can i still exercise workout with covid

This article was contributed by coach Jeff Lukich of Drive Multisport, LLC. There is no doubt that COVID has impacted endurance sports – athletes, coaching, and events. Since 2020, COVID-19 has touched every aspect of the industry. Last week, I was on a call with several coaches from across the U.S. One coach said that 60% of his athletes had or have COVID. And many other coaches report a high number of athletes being diagnosed with the illness. The numbers are staggering, and how an athlete manages COVID could impact how quickly they can come back to the sport.  So, what do you… Read More »

Mental Cues & Recovery Practices to Overcome Injury

Mental Cues & Practices to Better Overcome Injury

For endurance athletes, chronic injuries are hugely daunting. Being out of action is incredibly frustrating, and the desire to push harder to overcome an injury can increase the risk of further damage. Sports injuries are always difficult to manage, as there’s the temptation to get back to training as fast as possible. However, often this is the worst thing you can do.  One way to manage the mental fatigue these injuries cause is to shift focus. Focus on the things that you can do and move away from thinking of all the things you can’t.  The following tips help with… Read More »


Choosing the Best Triathlon Running Shoes for 2022

best triathlon running shoes

Training for a triathlon is one of the hardest sports an endurance athlete can do. It requires a high volume of training (and recovery) hours, mental discipline, and incredible focus. It also requires using the right gear and equipment that maximize your athletic potential.  Finding the right tri-friendly running shoes for your feet is a crucial part of acquiring the right gear. With all the options and considerations, it can be a lot to navigate. Below we share some ideas on what to look for in the best triathlon running shoes.  5 Triathlon-friendly Running Shoes  If you’re on the market… Read More »

The New Wave of Triathlon Training Apps

triathlon training apps

Fitness apps are becoming increasingly popular and varied, but triathlon training apps in particular provide a greater purpose in navigating the complexities of multisport. Not only are these platforms designed to help you train more efficiently while tracking your progress, but most tri training apps are can help you organize your training plan to align with your race objectives. This is extremely helpful when training for a triathlon because the sport consists of three different unique disciplines – all of which need to be trained trained individually and in combination to effectively prepare for the rigors of triathlon. Factor in… Read More »


Chris Hauth’s “Clarity, Intention, Purpose” for Ultra-Distance Training & Life

Chris Hauth Weekly Word Podcast

You may know Chris Hauth as a highly-regarded, Zen-like ultra-distance athlete who competes and coaches athletes in a myriad of events. Or you may know him as an Olympian swimmer, IRONMAN champion, ultra adventure athlete, or a noteworthy guest on the Rich Roll Podcast. In 2016, Chris published the first episode of The Weekly Word Podcast. The podcast initially started as a way for Chris to communicate to his athletes and followers, but quickly grew to be a popular podcast for those seeking valuable, actionable, and inspiring content surrounding the ultra-endurance journey.  Fringing on being a mindfulness life coach, Chris… Read More »

What’s a Quadrathlon?
Events, Distances, and Race Formats

quadrathlon events races distances swimming kayaking running cycling

Under-recognized as a genre-defying level-up from triathlon, quadrathlon is a unique multisport event comprised of four disciplines in the order of swimming, kayaking, cycling, and running. Quadrathlon is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for several decades and even has a few governing bodies, mostly across Europe. But for most endurance and multisport athletes, the concept of a 4-discipline quadrathlon event is entirely novel and highly enticing. It’s becoming more and more common to see unconventional triathlon events that include alternative disciplines, like paddling, hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing. These multisport events typically take the shape of the surrounding terrain… Read More »

Strength & Injury

6 Common Running Overuse Injuries and How to Treat Them

Most Common Running Overuse Injuries

Running is a vital aspect of many athletes’ training and livelihood. But running can also take a heavy toll on one’s body. Runners are used to having minor body aches and pains from time to time, but a running injury is an entirely different story. More than 80 percent of running injuries1 are caused by repetitive stress on certain parts of the body. And believe it or not, even pro runners and athletes still succumb to these overuse injuries. Below are six of the most common overuse injuries in runners and how to deal with them.   1. IT Band… Read More »

7 Most Common Sports Injuries That Triathletes Encounter

Common Triathlon Injuries Triathlete Injury

Triathlon is a great sport to keep active, but it is also one of the most physically exerting sports out there. The combination of running, cycling, and swimming can really push your body to the limit, and sometimes past its breaking point. Injuries are commonplace in triathlon. Triathletes expose themselves to the full spectrum of sports injuries, particularly those that involve muscle overuse and overtraining.   7 Common Triathlon Injuries Let’s take a look at some of the common sports injuries triathletes have to deal with. 1. Knee Injuries A large percentage of sports injuries involve the lower body, and… Read More »

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