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Latest in Triathlon Training

The Science Behind The Bike to Run Transition

t2 bike to run triathlon transition

This article was written by and originally published at As every triathlete knows, the bike to run transition can be a son of a motherless goat. A seasoned runner can be humbled to a shuffle as muscles recalibrate to different movement patterns. In this article, we are going to explore some reasons for this and some practical applications for your training to help improve T2.   Physiological Changes Triathlon running is known to be much harder than stand-alone running at the same speed. Oxygen consumption (V̇O2), respiratory frequency, ventilation rate, and heart rate are all increased especially during the… Read More »

Foundation Training: The Art of the Injury-Proof Athlete

foundation training founder exercise

At one of his meetups in San Francisco, I was able to chat with Kona veteran and fitness guru Ben Greenfield about combating injuries. Immediately he brought-up the book Foundation Training, in which he advocates as a solid tool to become a more resilient and injury-free athlete. Coupled with a forward written by Lance Armstrong, I was compelled to give Foundation Training a try. I was sold on its potential after experimenting with a couple exercises.   “Foundation Training enabled me feel more grounded, poised, and confident to train.” More than just the next fitness fad, Foundation Training is quickly becoming a proliferated movement practice, and… Read More »

Recent Posts in Recovery

What is Scapular Winging? See Exercises to Fix Scapular Dyskinesis/Winging

what is scapular winging swimming

In simple terms, scapular winging is a movement dysfunction of the shoulder blade. A normally functioning scapula rests on the rib cage during all movements. Yet, with scapular dyskinesis, the shoulder blade comes off the rib cage. Perhaps, you or a friend, has once shown the other what crazy stuff they can do with their shoulder blade. As things go, some people can force their scapula to wing. I remember a soccer teammate in my youth who got some serious fame for it. There are two types of scapular winging: Medial Scapular Winging: the inside of the scapula lifts of… Read More »

Hip Mobility Exercises for Cyclist, Runners, and Triathletes

hip mobility exercise couch stretch

It should go without saying – hip mobility exercises are essential for high-level cyclists, runners, and triathletes. Restricted hip range-of-motion is the plague. Not only is it one of the most neglected and difficult areas to address, but hip dysfunctions can be a mysterious proponent of injury.  Here we share some of our favorite movements to free-up tight hips. By dedicating 15 minutes a day practicing some of these hip mobility exercises, you can experience wider hip range-of-motion, better glue activation, and greater efficiency in both your pedal stroke and your running stride. Even if you’re not injured, dabbling with… Read More »

Featured Product Reviews

Women’s Sleeveless Cycling Jerseys [Review]

best womens sleeveless cycling jerseys reviews

For women, the best sleeveless cycling jersey is one that not only looks and fits good, but also one that delivers on performance. To be breathable and cooling, wicks body moisture, minimizes drag, offers intuitive pockets, quality seams, and doesn’t irritate your skin – these features are important when shopping for any and all types of cycling jerseys. But with sleeveless cycling jerseys, sometimes the options aren’t always as plentiful.   Sleeveless Cycling Jerseys for the Win Most cycling jerseys are created from some form a synthetic fabric, like polyester or micro-mesh blend. This is why you’ll often see branded… Read More »

Best Sport Sunscreen Products for Triathletes [Review]

Sport sunscreen spray

There’s no question that most triathletes need sport sunscreen for protection from harmful UV rays. But beyond your average sun block, triathletes need use the best sport sunscreen that’s proven to be water resistant for hours on end, retaining its SPF for long bouts of training and racing.  With so many products to choose, it can difficult to pinpoint the best sports sunscreen based on your preferences. To provide insight on some of our favorite products, below we have reviewed three of the best sport sunscreens for triathletes.   What Defines the Best Sport Sunscreens? When it comes to determining the… Read More »

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