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About Better Triathlete

In 2013, Better Triathlete started as a humble triathlon blog comprised of cool YouTube videos and podcast favorites. Today, it has grown to become a popular resource for athletes and coaches looking to take their endeavors to the next level.

Better Triathlete is an online community for triathlon and endurance sports, devoted to fostering the growth and longevity of athletes and coaches alike. We equip athletes with insightful information, enabling them to enhance their training and make informed decisions about relevant products and services.

At Better Triathlete, we offer a comprehensive range of resources and a vibrant community that understands the unique challenges faced by athletes and coaches. Our expert advice, training tips, and in-depth analysis are tailored to meet the needs of both seasoned triathletes and beginners. With our firsthand experience, we’ve created a space that resonates with athletes and coaches, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support.

Better Triathlete’s Coach Match program connects athletes with professional coaches who provide guidance, support, and accountability, no matter where their endurance journey takes them.

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