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Whether you’re a coach or an athlete, Better Triathlete is a community that provides triathlon coaching resources for both. 

Athletes can find both online and local triathlon coaches in their near area, as well as explore a wide range of resources for training, equipment, strength, injury rehab, and recovery.

Triathlon and endurance coaches are welcome to reach out and learn more about working with Better Triathlete. We offer many opportunities to get involved and grow your visibility.


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Featured Triathlon Coaches

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Simona Krivankova

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Jeff Lukich

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Chris Newport

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Jarrod Evans


What is Better Triathlete?

Find a Triathlon Coaching Near You

Better Triathlete is an online platform that shares information and resources for triathlon training, recovery, and greater fulfillment in the sport. From podcasts and books to gear reviews and coaching development tools, Better Triathlete seeks to support the multisport community with valuable content that both triathlon coaches and triathletes will appreciate.

As an evergreen content creator in the triathlon space, Better Triathlete also provides coaches, athletes, and endurance enthusiasts with a platform to share their wisdom and perspectives. We allow guest blogging and editorial opportunities like featured content, reviews, and other quality ideas worth spreading.


Find Triathlon Coaches Near YouBetter Triathlete Triathlon Coaching

If your a triathlete seeking a local coach, navigate the states below to find triathlon coaches near you in your area.

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Alaska Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming


Our small yet growing international community consists of triathlon coaches in areas of Australia and South Africa.


triathlon coaches near me

How Can Triathlon Coaches Benefit?

If you’re a triathlon coach, or a specialized coach in swimming, cycling, and running, please consider being included in the Better Triathlete coaching network. It doesn’t matter if your a new and blooming coach or have decades of experience under your belt. Thinking of network as a triathlon coaching directory in which we strive to connect athletes with triathlon coaches and training resources in their local area, as well as online.

Triathlon Coaching Business & Marketing Resources

Need some help crafting your triathlon coaching business plan? We offer a number resources and opportunities to help newcomers build a successful triathlon coaching business. To learn more, view some of our Internet marketing programs for triathlon coaches, or visit our page on starting a triathlon coaching business.

Our mission at Better Triathlete is to serve the great triathlon community by helping connect athletes with good coaches. Further, we seek to help good triathlon coaches become some of the best triathlon coaches by continuously learning and progressing their awareness in the sport.

Online Triathlon Coaching

find triathlon coaching near meSome athletes who seek elite-level or professional triathlon coaching  will often seek out the best triathlon coaches regardless of local limitations. For more information on how to connect with some of the top triathlon coaches that provide online coaching/training programs and web-based interaction, visit our online triathlon coaching page.

Especially for Ironman and half/70.3 athletes, there’s increasing need to structure training around day-to-day life. In which case, working with a local triathlon coach in person may not be feasible. For this reason, working with an online tri coach can better accommodate an athletes’s work schedule, family and social life .

The best triathlon coaches can often modify training plans based on the big picture of your life. Not only can this help you get more fulfillment and growth from you training, but you can avoid burnout and continue to be inspired in the sport.

Create Your Triathlon Coach Listing

If you’re a triathlon coach looking to expand your web presence and connect with new athletes, reach out to us at Better Triathlete. We’re interested in triathlon coaches of all calibers and experience levels, ranging from advanced Ironman triathlon coaches to emerging newcomers looking to build a reputation.

Our goal is help triathletes find quality coaches that can help meet their goals in the sport. In addition to local tri coaches, we also sponsor many top coaches that provide online triathlon coaching to athletes all over the world.

triathlon coaching


What’s in it for Triathletes?

In addition to growing our network of local and online triathlon coaches, Better Triathlete shares cutting-edge content to help athletes with training, recovery, sports nutrition, and cultivating greater meaning in their endeavors. Because most athletes need custom training programs supported by professional coaching support, we help bridge the gap in a number of ways. We hope to soon have sample training programs available. But until then, triathletes can leverage advanced training protocols to help them train better, recovery faster, and stay injury-free. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest (via the links in the top right) to stay informed.

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