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Buyer's Guide to Carbon Wheels
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Buyer's Guide to Carbon Wheels
Triathlon Wetsuits for 2023
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Swim Skin Suits

swim skin suit in triathlon

Swim skin suits, also known as “swimskins” or “speed suits,” are like a second skin for swimmers and triathletes. For warm water conditions or events that don’t allow wetsuits, swim skin suits are a preferred alternative to neoprene wetsuits.  With a tight-fitting, low-profile design, swim skins are tailored to help athletes go faster through the water by minimizing friction and drag. But the technology isn’t the same as used to be, and today’s swim skins are considerably more advanced compared to a decade ago.  In turn, major triathlon events like the Kona Ironman have tightened the reigns on what’s legal… Read More »

11 Best Goggles for Triathlon and Open Water Swimming

best triathlon goggles open-water swimming

Triathlon goggles, or open-water swimming goggles, are unique in their ability to improve visibility, protection, speed, and comfort. They’re made to help you see better so you can stay streamlined and go faster.  Of course, design aesthetics are an important first impression of whether you’ll love a pair of goggles. But the highest priority for open-water triathlon goggles is UV protection. The sun’s harmful rays can have a magnified effect with swim goggles, so you’ll want to ensure UVA and UVB-protected lenses at a minimum.  You’ll also want to consider comfort and how the goggles’ eye gasket feels on your… Read More »


Carbon Bike Wheels: A Buyer’s Guide

carbon bike wheels: ENVE Triathlon

Find the Best Carbon Wheels for Road, Triathlon, Gravel, and MTB Whether you ride road, gravel, or triathlon bikes, carbon wheels are the GOAT of all performance upgrades. Put short, carbon wheels deliver high ROI for speed, comfort, and overall riding experience. Carbon bike wheels are generally more aerodynamic, lightweight, and responsive. They can also be more compliant, or stiff, depending on the terrain and bike setup they’re made for. No doubt, the best carbon wheels are a high-dollar investment that comes with much to consider. This guide discusses the preferred specs, features, and product recommendations based on these cycling… Read More »

Why Get a Rocker Plate for Indoor Bike Training?

cycling rocker plate indoor bike trainer

Benefits of rocker plates (plus three product recommendations) Anyone who’s experienced the rigid feeling of riding an indoor trainer will appreciate the benefits of a rocker plate. As the name implies, a rocker plate is a platform that allows the bike to rock from side to side (or to and fro) replicating the natural movement of riding outdoors. Cycling rocker plates have become a staple for indoor bike training. In addition to a smoother, more natural cycling experience, rockers help take the pressure off joints while encouraging greater activation of stabilizers and core muscles. Not only are there several products… Read More »


How To Make Winter Running More Enjoyable

winter running

The nights are getting longer. When your alarm goes off, it’s freezing, it feels like the middle of the night. The thought of getting out of those cozy covers and into your running shoes just isn’t very appealing.  You’re not alone in avoiding winter running. Studies from the Journal of Sport and Health Science show that many summer gym rats turn into winter hibernators when temperatures dip.  But we’re going to help you move against the grain. Sure, winter exercise isn’t quite as fun as when the sun’s out, yet there are ways to make running more enjoyable. Here’s how. … Read More »

7 Ways to Become a Morning Runner

morning running

There are two types of people in this world: those who lead a healthy lifestyle and those who prefer to stay away from it. If you’re reading this blog post, you’re definitely the first type.  There are many things people take up as hobbies, and running is one of them. It not only makes you feel and look good but also keeps your mind sharp and concentrated.  Running before most people open their eyes can set you up for the day mentally and physically. It gives you more energy, improves productivity, and burns fat. Whether you want to lose weight… Read More »


6 Tips for Overcoming Injury Setbacks and Reaching Your Triathlon Goals

triathlete on bike

Are you a triathlete looking to overcome injury setbacks and reach your full potential? If so, it’s important to understand the common injuries that occur in this sport as well as tips for staying mentally focused during recovery. It may be difficult, yet with the right advice, approaches and activities you can make a negative hindrance an opportunity for development. In this blog post we’ll discuss 6 tips for overcoming injury setbacks while exploring what you can learn about yourself from working through such adversity.   Common Injuries for Triathletes Triathletes are athletes who compete in three different sports: swimming,… Read More »

8 Tips for Avoiding Muscle Cramps and Staying in the Game

avoid muscle cramps tips while running

If you’ve ever been sidelined by a muscle cramp, you know how frustrating it can be. Whether it’s your calf, hamstring, quad, or back muscles that seize up on you during exercise—or even when you’re just sitting at your desk—at some point in your life, chances are good that you’ve experienced this painful phenomenon.  Muscle cramps are especially common among athletes and others who push themselves physically. But luckily there are several things you can do to avoid getting them or reduce their severity if they do strike during exercise. Here are nine quick tips for avoiding and dealing with… Read More »


Garmin Forerunner 945: Is it Worth the Hype? [2023]

best garmin forerunner 945 triathlon watch multisport gps

This Garmin Forerunner 945 review was contributed by Evander Nelson, NASM-certified personal trainer and kickboxer. Starting to lose motivation because you don’t see the expected progress in your fitness journey? I know I was. I used to keep track of everything in Excel sheets, but it was boring and took a lot of time. That’s when I discovered the Garmin Forerunner 945. It’s like having a personal trainer on your wrist. It tracks your progress, provides personalized coaching, and helps you achieve your goals in record time. With the Forerunner, I helped my client reach their 6-month goal in just… Read More »

What’s the Best Smart Trainer for Indoor Cycling?

my best bike trainer choice: wahoo kickr

10 Direct-Drive Smart Trainers for Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, and More Leveling up from the traditional bike trainer, direct-drive smart trainers have become a popular investment for cyclists and triathletes. A smart trainer provides an interactive and lifelike cycling experience that closely mimics the elevation changes and ride feel of the road. “There is no doubt that using a smart trainer has major advantages with platforms like Zwift, Rouvy, and FulGaz.” says Jeff Lukich, head coach of Drive Multisport performance endurance coaching. “You can train on many Ironman courses with Rouvy and FulGaz, and plan training rides on Zwift to prepare… Read More »

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