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Are you interested in triathlon coaching or help programming a training plan? Fill out the form below to get started. We’ll reach out to discuss your goals, challenges, and training needs, and then put you in touch with the ideal coach.

Athlete Contact Form

Athlete Contact Form

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The fine print.

The information that we collect from the form above remains secure and confidential. We will only share your information with coach(es) in our directory who best fits your needs as an athlete. For more information about how we collect and use data, view our privacy policy to learn more.

Disclaimer: As part of Better Triathlete’s coach match program, once an athlete signs on with any of our partnering coaches, Better Triathlete (Better Endeavors, LLC) takes no responsibility for any wrongdoing or legal matters involving the relationship between the athlete and the participating coach. All partnering coaches of Better Triathlete are independent third parties who take full responsibility for maintaining communication and coaching services with athletes, including all financial and legal matters. We hereby indemnify and hold harmless Better Triathlete (Better Endeavors, LLC), its officers, directors, administrators, employees, consultants, agents, or sponsors from claims, costs, or liabilities for personal injury, illness, death, or damages of any kind which we may have now, or receive at any time in the future, resulting from participation in training, competition, race, or other programs related.