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If you’re a triathlete or distance cyclist, then you likely know the importance of a great saddle. Typical training rides can range between 1 and 7 hours (or more) depending on the distance. In turn, the bike seat you choose is an essential component in keeping long rides comfortable. 

There are a few key things to consider when looking for the best triathlon saddle to suit your needs. Each seat will feel different for riders depending on their body and preferences. Some factors to consider are a triathlon saddle’s

  • width and length dimensions (wider hips and seat bones call for wider saddles)
  • overall weight (some saddles are very lightweight these days)
  • rail composition (titanium, carbon, etc)
  • overall price (you expect to spend $100-300 for a nice tri saddle)
  • comfort (of course, you won’t know if you love it until you try it)

Take a look at these 8 triathlon saddles and see if any of them are right for you. Most of these saddles are unisex but there are a couple designed specifically for women and men below.


1. Selle Italia Iron EVO Superflow

Selle Italia Iron EVO Superflow Best Triathlon Saddle

The Iron EVO Superflow from Selle Italia provides outstanding comfort for cyclists doing triathlons and time trials. The Superflow technology reduces pressure in the perineal area of your body, maximizing comfort without sacrificing quality. The saddle has extra padding to help you enjoy a long ride. 

The Ti 316 model has titanium rails that increase resistance and support durability. The carbon rails are coated with ceramic and have super clamping resistance. Both the titanium and carbon rails are lightweight. Duro-Tek covers the seats, lending excellent strength, and durability. 

  • Saddle width: Ti: 7.6 inches (193 mm), carbon: 5.12 inches (130 mm)
  • Saddle length: Ti: 13.03 inches (331 mm), carbon: 10.24 inches (260 mm)
  • Weight: Ti: 0.54 pounds (245 g), carbon: 0.52 pounds (240 g)
  • Rail composition: Titanium or carbon
  • Price: $215.95 (often marked down)

You can find this triathlon saddle on Amazon.


2. Fi’zi:k Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive

Fi’zi:k Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive

Road racers, time trialists, and triathletes alike will love the Fi’zi:k Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive saddle. As a podium topper in all things saddles, Fi’zi:k developed this bike seat from its Concepts program, where industry experts collaborated to create this seat’s technology, physiology, and design to enhance your riding performance.

Fi’zi:k uses 3D printing technology to make the padding for this saddle, creating zonal cushioning for maximum comfort. These seats provide multiple functional zones, and each has its own cushioning and response mechanism. 

They are battle-tested and ready to endure any conditions. The triathlon-friendly saddle can withstand UV rays and accelerated weathering, and to wash, all you need to do is hose it down with water. 

  • Saddle width: 5.47 inches (139 mm) or 5.87 inches (149 mm)
  • Saddle length: 10.79 inches (274 mm)
  • Weight: 0.39 pounds (180 g) for 139 mm, 0.40 pounds (183 g) for 149 mm
  • Rail composition: Carbon
  • Price: $299.95 and up

You can buy this TT/tri saddle on Amazon.


3. Specialized S-Works Power MIMIC Saddle (Women’s)

Specialized S-Works Power MIMIC Tri Saddle

Specialized makes this saddle ideal for those who want extra comfort while sitting on a light and stiff design. This seat has MIMIC padding, using multilayered materials to prevent swelling in the soft tissue. The carbon shell and rails create a rigid base while maintaining a low weight.

Specialized ensures these saddles are lab-tested. The Body Geometry design helps maintain blood flow to your sensitive arteries. This saddle is ideal for long-term comfort for cyclists who plan on riding for extended periods. These seats are water-resistant with a cover protecting the padding and SWAT storage devices allow for pocketing. 

  • Saddle width: 5.6 inches (143 mm) or 6.1 inches (155 mm)
  • Saddle length: 9.5 inches (241 mm)
  • Weight: 155 mm: 4.6 ounces (131 g)
  • Rail composition: Carbon
  • Price: Starts at $324.99

You can buy this bike seat at


4. ISM PN4.1 Triathlon Saddle

ISM PN4.1 Triathlon Bike Saddle

The PN4.1 is ISM’s upgraded version of the popular PN4.0 saddle. The PN4.1 comes with increased padding for cyclists wanting a softer ride. This saddle is best for riders who cycle on the road or gravel. These terrains can be tough to navigate, so the PN4’s chassis has bone contact points to comfort your pelvis and other body parts while riding.

Another advantage of this seat is its clearance for your thighs and hamstrings. This feature gives you more flexibility around the saddle, allowing you to dive fast into corners. It has no nose and removes pressure from your soft tissue, ensuring a smooth ride with no numbness in your midsection. 

  • Saddle width: 10.03 inches (255 mm)
  • Saddle length: 4.92 inches (125 mm)
  • Weight: 0.79 pounds (0.36 kg)
  • Rail composition: Steel (CrMo) 
  • Price: $229.88 (often marked down)

You can buy this triathlon saddle on Amazon.


5. Fi’zi:k Argo Vento R1 Saddle

Fi'zi:k Argo Vento R1 Triathlon Bike Saddle

The Fi’zi:k Argo Vento R1 could be your ideal saddle if you rely on aerodynamics. Its short nose improves your stability while on the seat and supports an aggressive strategy of aero riding. It’s also ideal for aero position riding posture, making it one of the best economy saddles for triathlon. The saddle’s dropped nose supports the pelvis as it rotates forward, creating more power and better aerodynamics. 

The bike seat’s geometry is practical for different riding styles, from relaxed to aggressive. The short saddle length allows riders to sit for long periods without pressuring sensitive tissues too much. The padding has a unique foam formulation with a low profile, creating a reactive and springy seat. 

  • Saddle width: 5.51 inches (140 mm) or 5.91 inches (150 mm)
  • Saddle length: 10.43 inches (265 mm)
  • Weight: 140mm: 0.39 pounds (179 g), 150 mm: 0.41 pounds (186 g)
  • Rail composition: Carbon
  • Price: Starts at $179.99 (sometimes marked down)

You can buy this triathlon saddle at or on Amazon.


6. Selle Italia Watt TI316 Gel Superflow

Selle Italia Watt TI316 Gel Superflow Triathlon Saddle Ironman

Selle Italia created the Watt TI316 Gel Superflow with maximum efficiency for riders in mind. Cyclists know this saddle for its power and strength, combining comfort and pedaling efficiency. The seat is optimal for triathletes because it increases performance with aerodynamic-efficient features without sacrificing comfort.

Patrick Lange, a two-time Ironman World Champion, helped develop this saddle. The seat has TI 316 rails that absorb the feedback from the road you’re riding while also having a low weight of 235 g. It has an anti-slip cover, promoting better stability while comforting your body with a wide nose. 

  • Saddle width: 5.23 inches (133 mm)
  • Saddle length: 9.84 inches (250 mm)
  • Weight: 0.51 pounds (235 g)
  • Rail composition: Titanium
  • Price: Starts at $219.99

You can find this tri saddle at or on Amazon.


7. Specialized Romin Evo Comp Mimic (Women’s)

Specialized Romin Evo Comp Mimic Women's Triathlon Saddle

There aren’t many triathlon saddles on the market geared toward women, but the Romin Evo Comp Mimic from Specialized gives female cyclists a comfortable ride. The seat uses MIMIC technology to reduce swelling in the soft tissue areas, and its geometric design promotes blood flow during the ride to prevent numbness.

The seat uses level 2 padding to increase the comfort level during rides. Its durable, chromoly rails are hollow and provide lightweight support while riding, which is ideal for road cycling. The saddle shell has a Specialized SWAT attachment, and the seat’s padding has a PU foam that balances damping and feedback. 

  • Saddle width: 5.63 inches (143 mm), 6.10 inches (155 mm) or 6.61 inches (168 mm)
  • Weight: 143 mm: 0.53 pounds (241 g), 155 mm: 0.54 pounds (246 g), 168 mm: 0.56 pounds (257 g)
  • Rail composition: Steel (CrMo)
  • Price: Starts at $139.99

You can find this saddle on


8. ISM PS 2.0 (Men’s)

ISM PS 2.0 Men's Triathlon Saddle

The PS 2.0 saddle is ISM’s upgraded version of its road saddle. This bike seat is best for men who do time trials, road riding, and triathlons. The PS 2.0 seat has a slightly elevated slope near the rear, supporting your hips when you lean forward for better aero or an aggressive riding position. This saddle may fit you if you’re a cyclist who doesn’t move on the seat.

This saddle is unique because it doesn’t have a nose, removing pressure from your soft tissues. The padding has foam and gel to provide excellent cushion support for long rides. The rear of the saddle has a hook so you can hang your bike in transition areas. 

  • Saddle width: 5.12 inches (130 mm)
  • Saddle length: 9.64 inches (245 mm)
  • Weight: 0.72 pounds (326 g)
  • Rail composition: Steel (CrMo)
  • Price: $199.88 (Sometimes marked down)

You can buy this saddle on Amazon or


Choose a Best Triathlon Bike Seat for You

Triathletes know how essential the saddle is to comfort. Cycling for 40km (25 miles) is hardly a walk in the park, so you’ll need a seat with excellent durability. Ramping up to Iron-distance triathlon, like Ironman or 70.3 distances, and having the best-fitting triathlon saddle is critical. Hopefully, these triathlon bike seats offer some insight into what to look for and you can select the best seat for you.

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