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5 Rocker Plates for a Natural Indoor Cycling Experience

best rocker plate for indoor cycling

Anyone who’s experienced the rigid feeling of riding an indoor trainer will appreciate the benefits of a rocker plate.

As the name implies, a rocker plate is a platform that allows the bike to rock from side to side (or to and fro) replicating the natural movement of riding outdoors.

Cycling rocker plates have become a staple for indoor bike training. In addition to a smoother, more natural cycling experience, rockers help take the pressure off joints while encouraging greater activation of stabilizers and core muscles.

Not only are there several products on the market, but there’s ample information online that can show you how to build your own DIY rocker plate. But if constructing your own is not a feasible option, here are a few products that we recommend.

1. Velocity Rocker

Velocity Rockers Best Indoor Cycling Rocker Plate

Backed by high reviews, the Velocity Rocker is an innovative product that’s made in the USA. It’s a heavy-duty rocker plate that offers greater tilt and travel compared to most competing brands.

The Velocity Rocker is supported by four pillow block bearings, a step up from other brands that use just three. For the side-to-side movement, it’s also available in larger spring balls for heavier riders. The rocker also takes into consideration your specific trainer during setup.

velocity rockers cycling rocker plate

Unlike other brands that use extension springs, this rocker plate uses compression springs, helping to prolong its durability and lifespan years beyond the competition. It also has added support rails underneath the top plate to provide long-term rigidity

This flagship rocker plate from Velocity Rockers accommodates a complete range of trainers, front-wheel risers, and indoor cycling apps like Zwift, Wahoo, Rouvy, Trainer Road, and Fulgaz. Well-made and highly functional, it’s one of the best rocker plates on the market that’s built to last.

Specs at a glance:

  • Max Side-to-Side Angle: 16° of total horizontal tilt
  • Max Fore-Aft Travel: 9.5”
  • Total Weight: 50lbs (26.3kg)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 60” x 34” x 3.75”

To learn more about the Velocity Rocker, visit

2. KOM Cycling Rocker Plate

KOM Cycling Rocker Plate

Arguably one of the best options on the market (and from an awesome Michigan-based brand that we love), the rocker plate from KOM Cycling has been the benchmark design and source of inspiration for most other competing platforms and DIY’ers. 

The KOM rocker plate is adjustable via two inflatable rubber balls, whereby the PSI determines the degree of side-to-side tilt. Not only is it ergonomically engineered with mindful touches, but it’s compatible with just every type of bike trainer, including Tacx Neo 2T, Saris, Kinetic, Elite, and Wahoo Kickr Core and Kickr v5 (as shown in the video above).

Specs at a glance:

  • Max Side-to-Side Angle: 13° of total horizontal tilt
  • Total Weight: 40lbs (18kg)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 66” x 36” x 4″

Visit to learn more.

3. Saris MP1 NFinity Motion Platform

Saris MP1 NFinity Motion Platform

The MP1 NFinity Motion Platform from Saris uses a different form of movement technology. What makes it an intelligently engineered rocker plate is that it moves forward and back (a fore and aft of 9.5 inches) as well as side to side (6° tilt). It’s a genuinely unique technology that delivers an elevated stationary riding experience.

Unquestionably the most premium option according to price, the Saris MP1 NFinity Motion Platform is a durable, birch wood-based platform that comes from a reputable, Wisconsin-based brand.  Although the MP1 is made from Saris, it can handle a wide range of trainers, including Wahoo and most fluid trainers.

  • Max Side-to-Side Angle: 6° of total horizontal tilt
  • Max Fore-Aft Travel: 9.5”
  • Total weight: 62lbs (28kg)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 63″ x 35.5″ wide x 6″

To learn more, visit

4. JetBlack Cycling Rocker Plate

JetBlack Cycling Rocker Plate

Backed by professional triathlete Craig “Crowie” Alexander, the JetBlack Cycling Rocket Plate uses a similar tilt technology with two inflatable balls that enable up to 13° of maximum tilt. The package is complete with JetBlack’s “Smart Turn Block,” which mimics a realistic cycling experience. 

Compatible with most bike trainers and virtual cycling platforms, the JetBlack Cycling Rocker Plate is universally designed with ergonomics and compatibility in mind.

Specs at a glance:

  • Max Side-to-Side Angle: 13° of total horizontal tilt
  • Total Weight: 60lbs (27kg)
  • Dimensions (L x W): 64” x 35″

Check the availability of this Australian-inspired cycling rocker plate at

5. DIY Rocket Plate

Given the price tag of a new rocker plate, I wouldn’t blame you if you went the DIY route. Building your cycling rocker plate can be a rewarding, cost-saving project with the right tools and willpower.

Here is a good video from GCN that breaks down the process of building a DIY rocker plate.

Did we leave out a cycling rocker plate that you love? Let us know!

What are the Benefits of a Rocker Plate for Cycling?

A rocker plate promotes a welcomed sense of instability when cycling on a trainer, which stimulates the natural balance of riding. In addition to preventing injury, this added movement activates greater core strength and overall recruitment of cycling muscles. 

For cyclists who spend significant time training indoors, the benefits of a rocker plate help:

  • Relieve pressure points on the sit bones, which become more of an issue during long rides
  • Decrease the load displaced on the wrists, arms, and shoulders
  • Activate a wider range of cycling muscle groups, including stabilizer muscles
  • Engage and strengthen the hip flexors and core muscles
  • Encourage a more natural pedaling movement that’s smoother and more enjoyable

For cyclists who spend significant time training indoors, a rocker plate provides a high return on investment, for both training gains and longevity/comfort.

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