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Powerful Breathing Techniques for Cycling

It goes without saying that cycling is about a lot more than just pedaling hard to win a race. Consistency, technique, breathing… the list goes on. But even the most experienced cyclists sometimes fail to maximize their breathing efficiency to optimize their performance.  Having a proper breathing technique can give you the edge over your competition and make pushing that bit harder come naturally. But to do so, you need to understand how to breathe efficiently and what different breathing techniques entail. There’s no one-size-fits-all technique that suits every cyclist. The trick is to try several different types and variations… Read More »

Time Trial Cyclist with Triathlon Aero Helmet

Aero Helmets for Triathlon, Time Trial, and Road

Next to having aero bars or a time trial bike, an aero helmet provides the best ROI in terms of reduced drag and maximized speed. Whether for triathlon, time trials, or road racing, an aero helmet can save significant watts while enhancing airflow and comfort. With cycling technology evolving every year, the spectrum of aero road helmets continues to grow. Choosing the right helmet to match your riding type, fashion sense, and price point is not an easy decision (especially if aesthetics matter). If you’re in the market, here are 10 of our favorite aero helmets for triathlon, time trial,… Read More »

why runners lift weights and weightlifters run

Why Runners Lift Weights and Weightlifters Run

Running and weightlifting might appear to be on completely different sides of the sports spectrum. But that doesn’t mean they can’t form a symbiotic relationship.  In fact, an increasing number of athletes are discovering the performance potential in this unique partnership. Runners who lift and weight lifters who run can improve their all-round performance—if the balance is right. Together, these two very different exercise disciplines can make you a much more rounded and effective athlete.  So, why exactly do runners lift weights and weightlifters run? Well, there’s an abundance of reasons. Below, we’ll look at each one of them.  How… Read More »

Road Bike helmet protection for cyclists

How Wearing a Bike Helmet Can Save Your Life

As a cyclist, you must have heard about the importance of a bike helmet. In fact, you most probably have one, as expected of course. And so, you may be curious to know what is there in a bike helmet that is worth the hype.  Today’s aero road helmets have become quite fashion forward, which has made wearing one more appealing. But that the end of the day, it is what it is – a helmet, which is an indispensable part of a biker’s kit. In this article, we will show you how wearing a bike helmet can provide necessary… Read More »

Buying an Electric Bike Tips

11 Tips to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike

Considering buying your new E-bike? It does not matter if you are a new rider or just getting another one. It’s time you choose the right one or must be better than before. After reading this article you will get to know about a lot of tips to consider when buying an electric bike.  An electric bike is a big investment and before you spend you must be aware of what you need. To know better about E-bikes and to understand your choice. Scroll down and make a definitive decision.   1. Know your purpose Electric bikes are designed for… Read More »

negative self talk

Have a Bad Race or Training Session?

How Successful Endurance Athletes “Flip the Script” on Negative Self-Talk This article was co-authored by coach Jeff Lukich of Drive Multisport, LLC and Maria Simone of No Limits Endurance Coaching It’s normal to have negative self-talk after a bad workout or race – It’s only human.  It’s just impossible to think “happy thoughts” all the time.  In fact, it can sometimes be counterproductive because forcing ourselves to do so can be a form of denial and prevent us from truly addressing our concerns.   Successful athletes are able to quickly “flip the script” and reframe their thinking.  When we can reframe our thinking,… Read More »

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3 Best Supplements for Runners, Cyclists, and
Endurance Athletes

When figuring out the best supplements for runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes, the common denominator is recovery. Certain, high-quality supplements contain specific ingredients (and in optimal quantities) that help accelerate muscle repair and the overall recovery process. Mindful supplementation allows athletes to train more often and more effectively at target intensities. Not only can such products provide a nutritional edge for elites and professionals, but they can also be helpful tools for age groupers and average joes. Kaged is a brand that checks all of the boxes, from world-class quality to science-driven engineering. In exploring beyond your conventional protein powders… Read More »

cycling for heart health

What You Need to Know About Cycling and Heart Health

We all know that physical exercise can reduce the risk of developing diseases and improve overall body health. Regular physical activities like cycling have been shown to improve your health by preventing diabetes, heart disease, obesity, mental illness, and a host of other conditions. One of the most accessible and enjoyable forms of physical exercise that you can incorporate into your daily routine is cycling. Why?  Cycling is one of the best cardio exercises because cycling is better than vigorous and strenuous gym training sessions. It is soft on the joints, requires lesser effort, and is a whole body workout.… Read More »

ebike in the desert

Can You Really Get Fit by Riding an eBike?

Riding an ebike can bring you a lot of benefits, like saving on gas costs, offering a green alternative for commuting, or encouraging more people to enjoy riding. However, when it comes to building fitness, many people don’t think that ebikes can help us progress given the assistance of the ebike’s motors. Is that true? Well, the answer is not a clear-cut “no.” Riding an ebike can support greater fitness and recovery Believe it or not, a study in 2019 has shown that electric bikes can offer just as much exercise as traditional bicycles for non-cyclists. The study which was… Read More »

Salt Athletic cleat bag eliminates-odors

The Odor-Eliminating Shoe Bag We All Need

Want to get rid of your shoe stink for good? We all know the feeling of taking off the world’s smelliest running/cycling shoes after a workout and having to leave them in the car, or worse – stick them in a gym bag.  Bacteria continues to grow and infect the rest of the atmosphere, contaminating the whole place with that stench. It’s a bad feeling. Not to mention that the car is nearly unbearable when you get back in.  As someone who suffers from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), my workout gear emanates a particularly unseemly smell. But not anymore, thanks to… Read More »

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