triathlon training apps

The New Wave of Triathlon Training Apps

Fitness apps are becoming increasingly popular and varied, but triathlon training apps in particular provide a greater purpose in navigating the complexities of multisport. Not only are these platforms designed to help you train more efficiently while tracking your progress, but most tri training apps are can help you organize your training plan to align with your race objectives. This is extremely helpful when training for a triathlon because the sport consists of three different unique disciplines – all of which need to be trained trained individually and in combination to effectively prepare for the rigors of triathlon. Factor in… Read More »

Triathlon Bike Tires

Triathlon Bike Tires: Best Sizes & Products the Pros Use

Get a feel for the optimal tire size and pressure, plus 5 pro picks Triathlon bike tires are a particular point of interest for athletes looking to maximize their speed on the bike. Rolling resistance, PSI, tire size, and rider weight all contribute to what defines the best tires for triathlon.  There’s also the debate between clincher, tubular, and tubeless, and which of these is best for triathlon and time trials. We dig into all that in more. But for a short list of Kona-worthy tires to consider, let’s look at some of the top triathlon tires the pros use. … Read More »

teach kids to dirt bike

Teaching Your Kid To Ride a Dirt-bike? Start with These 6 Tips

Dirt biking is an extremely thrilling sport, the craze of which is not restricted to adults alone. Kids, and young teenagers, too, are participating in this adventure sport. They are having the time of their lives engaging in this activity. If you haven’t thought about developing your child’s interest in dirt biking yet, now is the time to do so.  Urge your kids to leave their phones and laptops behind to participate in this fun and adventurous activity. Do not worry if your little one has never touched a dirt bike. Teach them how to ride a dirt bike with… Read More »

best triathlon watches multisport gps

Best Triathlon Watches for Multisport Athletes

Explore our top 12 picks for triathlete-friendly multisport watches Choosing the best triathlon watch depends on many personal preferences, such as performance metrics (heart rate, HRV, calories, etc.) multisport features (swimming, cycling, running, etc.) and other personal preferences. Comfort, user interface, and device connectivity are also key considerations when researching triathlete-friendly multisport watches. But let’s be real. Good triathlon watches are not cheap. In addition to features like GPS, multisport compatibility, and overall design, price is one of the biggest variables when shopping for the best triathlon watch to meet your needs. To help you narrow your search for the… Read More »

Martial Arts

Martial Arts & Overall Well Being

What is Special about Martial Art? Martial arts require a sheer commitment of a practitioner, that must nourish out of love and respect for martial arts, its implications go beyond the fighting skills. The true meaning and purpose of martial arts lie in personal effort and ideological sync with the philosophies of martial arts.  Martial arts prepare practitioners for a lifelong journey. It is focused on self-enlightenment by harnessing the tranquility of mind, body, and soul. Martial arts challenge the practitioner, physically, ideologically, and emotionally.  Literal Meaning and Qualities of Martial Art Fighting has never been the primary purpose of… Read More »

Triathlon Coach Jeff Lukich

Consistency. The Key to Success.

This article was contributed by coach Jeff Lukich of Drive Multisport, LLC. As an endurance performance coach, I talk about the power of consistency in training with my athletes every chance I get. And I am not alone. Most coaches do. But for the busy age group athlete, finding consistency in training can sometimes be a challenge. Missing one or two workouts a month usually is not an issue. But missing one or two a week… well, that can create real setbacks in our training and goals. “Missing one or two workouts a month usually is not an issue. But… Read More »

meditation better triathlete

3 Worthwhile Practices to Become a Better Triathlete

Most triathletes view their multisport endeavors as an ongoing journey of continuous self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and satisfaction. And yet, many triathletes struggle with plateauing performance, debilitating injuries, and a general feeling of stagnation in the sport. Contrary to popular practice, training harder and more often is not always the best approach when training for a triathlon. In fact, it’s a good way to burn out or get injured. Countless endurance athletes obsess over racking up miles and earning KOMs on Strava, all the while failing to neglect the purpose, science, and biomechanics behind their training. Instead of focusing on volume and… Read More »

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