garmin solar bike computer is the best gifts idea for a triathlete

Best Gifts for Triathletes: Buyer’s Guide

13 awesome gift ideas for the triathlete in your life  Finding the best gifts for triathletes is easy. There are three sports involved, so you can tap into a wider range of gift ideas. From the latest in cycling tech, footwear, watches, and wearables, there’s an abundance of awesome gift options for the triathlete in your life. We’ve done the homework for you. Even if you’re beloved triathlete already has one of these items, it’s likely they’ll appreciate and hold onto the upgrade. Let’s dig into our recommendations for the best triathlon gifts you can’t go wrong with.   1.… Read More »

5 Essential Dryland Strength Training for Swimmers

Swimming is one of those exercises where you use virtually every muscle. That’s why, without proper training, you’ll struggle to reach your potential as a swimmer.   In addition to training in the pool or open water, dryland strength training can help you build up the necessary swimming strength and function. But some of you are still skeptical and ask, “Is dryland strength training for swimmers really necessary?” The short answer is yes. Dryland strength training for swimmers can help you develop swim-specific motor patterns to improve your swim technique all while helping to strengthen your core. As a result, you… Read More »

weight loss meal planning

6-Step Guide To Building A Successful Weight Loss Plan

People desire to shed weight for different reasons. It could be for personal or health reasons. Nevertheless, it’s best to maintain a healthy weight always. So, if you’re considering losing extra weight, you’re on the right path. Losing weight can minimize your chance of developing diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Also, it can help reduce both your total cholesterol and blood pressure.   There are three crucial aspects regarding weight loss: your weight, your body mass index (BMI), and your waist circumference. You can calculate your BMI using your height and weight. Doctors believe that your BMI is the best… Read More »

California BWR Gravel Bike Race

Long-Distance Riding Safety Rules For Enthusiastic Cyclists

Cycling is the best form of exercise for fitness lovers as it moves every part of your body. But it is easy and gentle compared to long runs and heavy lifting in the gym. The best part is that you get to experience the outdoors, from the sunshine warming you up to the fresh air energizing your lungs and the greenery pleasing your eyes. Not surprisingly, long-distance rides have emerged as a favorite pastime these days.  People rent bikes on vacations to explore the local spots, while some even set out on short road trips near their hometowns. Long-distance rides… Read More »

cardio swimming

Cardiologist vs. Cardiac Electrophysiologist: Who Can Best Support Your Athletic Endeavors

Endurance athletes need to be especially conscious of their heart health. And oftentimes, that means working with the right type of cardiac specialist.  If you’re an endurance athlete who’s concerned about your heart health and who to consult, you may wonder what the difference is between a cardiologist and a cardiac electrophysiologist. This blog post breaks down the roles and responsibilities of each.   Who is a cardiologist? A cardiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. A cardiologist can be either an invasive or non-invasive specialist. Invasive cardiologists perform procedures such as… Read More »

cycling for heart health

a guide to working out with dogs

An Athlete’s Guide To Working Out With a Large Dog

Staying fit is always a challenge. Because if you’re not up against external elements–such as the weather or any health condition–it’s your mental state. After all, motivation drives anyone to achieve many feats. Although, like a burning candle running out of its wick, it could leave anyone burned out eventually. Many athletes are at risk of this happening to them. Even though they’re playing a sport they’ve always loved, they’re still susceptible to losing their drive someday. Although hiring a trainer is an effective solution, having a pet dog is a close second. Dog owners everywhere can agree that these… Read More »

cycling for heart health

cold open water swimming

10 Reasons to Add More Open Water Swimming in Your Training

Are you looking for a new challenge or way to invigorate your swimming? Do you crave being outdoors and immersed in nature? If so, then more open water swimming may the solution to what you need.  This blog post will discuss the top 10 reasons open water swimming is such a great way to diversify your training and fitness. We will also provide tips on getting started if you are new to it all. Learn more about the basics of open water swimming and why you should incorporate more open-water in your swim training into your routine.   Open Water… Read More »

hazards of open water swimming

5 Hidden Hazards of Swimming in Open Water

Swimming in open water is becoming an increasingly popular way to train and exercise outdoors. It’s a very meditative and engaging form of movement that offers a variety of benefits. But there are certain things you should consider before venturing out into open waters. But as many people learn the hard way, there are certain dangers that come with swimming in open water that can threaten your safety and well-being. While some hazards are obvious, many are not. This article discusses the hidden dangers of swimming in open water and what risks to be aware of.   1. Tides and… Read More »

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