Premier League Training Facility

When it comes to soccer in the English Premier League, it seems that more and more emphasis and attention are focused on the distances players and teams are covering during matches.

With the work that has gone into developing training practices in triathlon over the decades, clubs in the Premier League could benefit from looking deeper into the processes used in endurance sports training.


Tottenham Leading The Charge

With worldwide interest in the Premier League, every facet of the competition is under the microscope and the distances covered by teams seem to be one of the newer hot topics. 

Before the winter break for the World Cup in Qatar, no team in the English top flight had covered more ground than Tottenham. Spurs, who as of December 28th were +162 with Betway Sports to finish in the Premier League’s top four, had traveled 1,683 kilometers in their first 15 games of the campaign. 

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte is renowned for his strictness when it comes to player fitness and any star who does not buy into the Italian’s philosophy is quickly moved on. The BBC reported Conte suggested the Tottenham job was the biggest challenge of his career but it appears to be going well. With Spurs competing at the top end of the Premier League table and performing well to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League, Conte’s approach to fitness seems to be paying off.

Leicester City was the second when it came to distance covered before the World Cup in Qatar but remarkably they had traveled a total of 27 km less than Conte’s Tottenham Hotspur

When it comes to soccer, distances covered do not necessarily correlate to victories on the field, with Leicester only picking up five wins from their first 16 games of the Premier League season. Likewise, looking at reigning champions Manchester City, the title holders were 14th in the most distance-covered stats before the FIFA 2022 World Cup took center stage. 

While it does show that covering ground is not the key to winning games in the competitive Premier League, it does show the effort the players are putting in and can be a foundation for a manager to work on.


Clubs Can Look To Triathlon Training Techniques

When it comes to the fitness of soccer stars, having cardiovascular fitness for running is the obvious priority. While the swimming aspect of triathlon can be put to one side, although it does offer good non-impact exercise for injury recovery, soccer clubs can learn plenty from triathletes’ approach to running and cycling. 

All Premier League clubs have gyms equipped with stationary bikes which can be used to measure cardio fitness and help with recovery after games. Indoor bikes are used by triathletes and are a great tool, especially in the winters when conditions outside can be difficult or impossible for outside riding. Bikes can not only improve cardio fitness but also be used for strength training. Strong legs are of course important when it comes to soccer and clubs can continue to learn plenty for triathletes in this field.

The running element of the triathlon and training for the three-discipline event will of course be the main area soccer clubs can look to for guidance. Long gone are the days of simply putting in miles upon miles of running to see improvements. These days, triathletes have adopted training techniques such as hill sprints and ladder workouts, which improve leg strength, fitness, and speed. 

Clubs are always looking to make their players faster and fitter and these techniques can have a big impact on the overall fitness of a roster. When it comes to ladder workouts, this style of interval training can work perfectly for a club’s fitness program. The repetitive nature of the training with fast speeds, mixed in with short breaks, can replicate the nature of a high-paced soccer match.

Premier League clubs are doing everything they can to get the advantage over their rivals to challenge for the title or even just to remain in the division. As the focus on running distance has increased in recent years, it looks like triathlon training techniques will become more under the spotlight for Premier League clubs going forward.