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Better Triathlete’s Coach Match Program

At Better Triathlete, we’ve created a coach match program that helps athletes find the right triathlon coaching resources to support their training and racing objectives.

Our triathlon coaches offer a range of expertise, from working with beginners to high-level Ironman athletes. We vet each coach’s experience level, coaching credentials, and background.

Reach out today to get matched with a triathlon coach. There’s no obligation, fee, or intrusive emails. Just us putting you in touch with a qualified coach.

Featured Coaches

Better Triathlete is a global community of triathlon coaches who are located all over the world. See all of our coaches or get to know a few of our featured coaches below.

Jeff Lukich Triathlon Endurance Coach

Jeff Lukich

Jeff Lukich is a triathlon and endurance coach specializing in long-course multisport athletes, ultra-runners, and marathoners. Jeff also works with athletes who race unique events, such as ANVIL Ultra Triathlon, Ultraman, swim run, and more. A veteran in his own right, Jeff has competed in over 25 half-Ironman events, 10 full Ironman-distance races, and multiple open marathons, including Boston. Jeff leads Better Triathlete’s coach match program and runs Drive Multisport based in Georgia. Learn more about Jeff

Maria Simone Triathlon Coach No Limits Endurance

Maria Simone

Maria Simone is a Colorado-based endurance and triathlon coach who leads No Limits Endurance, a virtual coaching platform for both triathletes and runners. Maria specializes in coaching long-course athletes, especially non-traditional ultra distances as well as data analysis. She works with athletes through online, in-person, and group coaching dynamics. Through No Limits Endurance, she provides virtual coaching services for a wide spectrum of athletes. Learn more about Maria

Carly Guggemos Triathlon Coach Michigan

Carly Guggemos

Having qualified and raced in the Ironman World Championships in 2014 and 2015, Carly Guggemos offers a high level of experience in Ironman triathlon coaching and racing. Carly is an age group winner at both the 70.3 and 140.6 levels, and she is a particularly qualified Iron-distance coach with a track record to prove it. Carly is co-founder of Organic Coaching where she and her husband Tyler Guggemos work with athletes training for all distances of triathlon, but particularly 70.3 and Ironman events. Learn more about Carly.

Kathleen Whidden Triathlon Coach

Katie Whidden

Also a Colorado-based triathlon coach, Katie Whidden is co-founder of Lifelong Endurance and head strength coach for Peak Performance Running. Katie specializes in coaching beginner-to-intermediate triathletes and cyclists, integrating functional strength workouts, data analysis, and effective communication to successfully balance an athlete’s training schedule with their other commitments. Katie prefers working with beginner to intermediate triathletes. Learn more about Katie

William Ritter Triathlon Coach

William Ritter

As the head coach of Fly Tri Racing, William Ritter coaches triathletes and runners of all levels from beginners to elites. From short to long or 5k to marathon, track, and cross country, William has an extensive background in endurance sports and has an impressive track record as an elite-level athlete. Primary operating online, William emphasizes a hands-on dynamic and provides personalized coaching to the athletes he works with. Learn more about William.

While most of our coaches are based in the U.S., we can match any international athlete with an online triathlon coach virtually.

Latest Posts in Triathlon Coaching

Explore the fundamentals of endurance training and coaching, and check out the latest posts written by our team of coaches.

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In this article, coach Jeff Lukich highlights key characteristics that athletes should expect when working with a coach or searching for the right one to help achieve their athletic goals. Read more.

Rethinking Race Priorities: The Decline of the B Race

As the saying goes, “If everything is important, nothing is important.” Every race on the calendar seems to have been promoted to an “A Race”, challenging the traditional wisdom and putting athletes at risk. Explore the consequences of treating every race as an A race with Coach Jeff Lukich. Read more.

Rethinking Triathlon Race Priorities
cyclist getting the most of triathlon coaching

What is FTP in Cycling and Why Should I Care?

What is FTP? And why should you care? In this article, cycling Coach Dave Schell dives into the world of FTP and explores its significance for cyclists and triathletes like yourself. So, let’s demystify FTP and understand why it deserves your attention. Read more.

10 Questions to Ask a Prospective Triathlon Coach

During your initial conversation with a potential triathlon coach you’re considering hiring, use these questions to help vet their experience, credentials, and overall qualifications to ensure it’s a good fit. Read more.

online triathlon coaching coach match program

What to Look for in a Triathlon Coach?

online triathlon coaching coach match program

When looking for an online triathlon coach, it’s essential to consider the following qualifications:

  • Coaching credentials: Ensure the coach has relevant certifications, such as USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Ironman University Coach, or British Triathlon High Performing Coach.
  • Experience: Look for a coach with experience in coaching athletes with similar goals and skill levels as yours. For instance, you’ll want Ironman coach who’s experienced in long-course triathlon.
  • Strong working knowledge: The coach should have a strong working knowledge of swim, cycle, run, strength, and nutrition coaching, which can be developed through qualifications.
  • Coaching philosophy: The coach’s coaching philosophy should align with your goals and preferences.
  • Communication methods: Determine the coach’s preferred online communication methods and ensure they are available to support you when needed.
  • Training platform compatibility: If you use a specific training app or software, check if the coach is familiar with the platform.
  • Recommendations: Ask for recommendations from your local triathlon club, team, or training group, or utilize coach match programs, such as that of Better Triathlete.

There are many different triathlon coaching certifications, ranging from USAT and ASAF to ITU and Ironman. While these qualifications guarantee a baseline level of knowledge, we make sure to vet all online triathlon coaches who are part of our network and match the most qualified coaches to meet your objectives.

By considering these qualifications, you can find a reputable online triathlon coach who meets your needs and preferences.

Local and Online Triathlon Coaching Options

Triathlon Coaches Near Me and Online

There are many reasons why athletes prefer online triathlon coaching. Some athletes seek elite-level triathlon coaches that are not accessible in their local area. Other athletes prefer the convenience and responsiveness that comes with online triathlon coaching relationships.

Whatever your motive is, you can receive personalized and professional online triathlon coaching without face-to-face interaction. Many top athletes who seek elite-level or professional triathlon coaching will often seek out the best triathlon coaches regardless of local limitations.

But if working with a local triathlon coach in person is your aim, we can help match you with a coach who is near your area.

Find Local Triathlon Coaches Near You

Better Triathlete Triathlon Coaching

If you’re an athlete seeking a local triathlon coach, we have coaches located in various areas throughout the U.S. Navigate the states below to find coaches in your area:

CaliforniaLouisianaNorth Carolina

All Coaches in Better Triathlete’s Network

specific endurance outlets like triathlon, cycling, running, or ultra-distance events. Or pinpoint coaches who specialize in beginners vs elites, short-course vs ultra-distance events, or strength and injury rehab.

Jeff Lukich Triathlon Endurance Coach

Jeff Lukich

Jeff Lukich of Drive Multisport specializes in various endurance disciplines, from triathlon, ultra running, cycling, and swim-run. An Ironman veteran in his own right, Jeff brings a high level of experience and guidance to his athletes. Learn more about Jeff. Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kathleen Whidden Triathlon Coach

Katie Whidden

Katie Whidden of Lifelong Endurance and Peak Performance Running specializes in beginner to intermediate triathletes, as well as integrating functional strength workouts, data analysis, and effective communication. Learn more about Katie. Connect with Katie on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Maria Simone Triathlon Coach No Limits Endurance

Maria Simone

Maria Simone of No Limits Endurance specializes in coaching long-course athletes, especially non-traditional ultra distances as well as data analysis. She operates a full squad of coaching professionals out of Colorado. Learn more about Maria. Connect with Maria on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

William Ritter Triathlon Coach

William Ritter

Founder of Fly Tri Racing in Tyler, TX, William Ritter is a well-versed endurance coach with over 25 years of competitive experience in triathlon, running, and cycling. William takes a personalized approach to coaching, whether locally or online. Learn more about William. Connect with William on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Lindsay Leigh Triathlon Coach

Lindsay Leigh

Lindsay Leigh is an endurance coach with No Limits Endurance who has experience coaching athletes of all levels – from beginner to elite, and for all distances – from the 5k to 100-mile distance, from sprint triathlon to the Ironman distance. Learn more about Lindsay. Connect with Lindsay on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Sarah Hankla Triathlon Coach

Sarah Hankla

Sarah Hankla of Fly Tri Racing specializes in coaching all levels of endurance athletes, including Boston Marathon-level running experience. Sarah supports a wide range of athletes training for sprint and full Ironman distance races. Learn more about Sarah. Connect with Instagram.

Torsten Abel San Francisco Triathlon Coach

Torsten Abel

Former pro triathlete and elite-level endurance coach, Torsten Abel is an expert in triathlon, physiological assessment, and run coaching who leads T3-Triathlon based in San Francisco, California. Learn more about Torsten. Connect with Torsten on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Carly Guggemos Triathlon Coach Michigan

Carly Guggemos

Based in Dewitt, Michigan, Carly Guggemos is a triathlon coach and co-founder of Organic Coaching. Carly specializes in long-course triathlon, with 70.3 and 140.6 events as her specialty. Learn more about Carly. Connect with Carly on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Chicago Illinois Triathlon Coach Alberto Hermoso Diaz

Alberto Hermoso Diaz

Alberto is the founder of Three Bulls Endurance Coaching based in Chicago, Illinois. As an experienced 70.3 and Ironman athlete, Alberto now specializes in triathlon coaching and creating training programs for his athletes. Learn more about Alberto. Connect with Alberto on Instagram.

Ryan Grange Z2 Endurance Coaching

Ryan Grange

Ryan Grange is a triathlon coach with Z2 Endurance Coaching based in Columbus, Ohio. Ryan specializes in coaching beginner and intermediate athletes, from providing custom training plans to 1:1 coaching services. Learn more about Ryan. Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Zach Adams Triathlon Coach New Jersey

Zach Adams

With nearly a decade of experience in multisport, Zach Adams of Inspire FAE Coaching is a coach who specializes in time-crunched endurance athletes. Zach is proud to be an LGBTQ-ally and he coaches many athletes who are a part of that community. Learn more about Zach. Connect with Zach on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Tyler Guggemos Triathlon Coach Lansing Michigan

Tyler Guggemos

Co-founder of Organic Coaching, Tyler Guggemos is a triathlon coach and experienced athlete with multiple full-distance Ironman races under his belt. Tyler takes a holistic, mindset-based approach to his coaching. Learn more about Tyler. Connect with Tyler on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

simona krivankova triathlon coach

Simona Krivankova

Simona Krivankova is a pro triathlete and triathlon coach based in Czech Republic. Simona races both Ironman and half-Ironman distance races and provides an elite-caliber coaching perspective. Learn more about Simona. Connect with Simona on Facebook, and Instagram.

Spanish Triathlon Coach Jose Aristides Molinos

Jose Aristides Molinos

Jose Aristides Molinos is a triathlon coach based in Spain, Gáldar, the Canary Islands. Jose works with triathletes of all distances but especially those training for medium and long-distance events. Learn more about Jose. Connect with Jose on LinkedIn.

Alyssa AJ Morrison Triathlon Coach

Alyssa (AJ) Morrison

Alyssa (AJ) Morrison is a triathlon and multisport coach based in Washington D.C. Specializing in triathlon and injury prevention, AJ offers a depth of expertise that’s rooted in her experience as a competitive multisport athlete. Learn more about Alyssa. Connect with AJ on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Karen Parnell

Karen Parnell

Karen Parnell is a coach based in Malaga, Spain where she leads Chili Tri. Karen is a British Triathlon Federation Level 3, Spanish Triathlon Federation Level 3, and an IRONMAN Certified Coach. Learn more about Karen. Connect with Karen on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Weights and Plates Endurance Coaching Baltimore MD

Rebecca Arturo and Nicholas Fischer

A duo of coaches who run Weights and Plates Endurance Coaching, Rebecca Arturo and Nicholas Fischer use their combined expertise to create a dynamic coaching team based in Baltimore. Learn more about Rebecca and Nicholas. Connect with Weights and Plates on Instagram.

Dave Schell Cycling Coach in Boulder Co

Dave Schell

David Schell is a cycling coach based in Boulder who specializes in off-road and ultra-endurance cycling. Founder of Kaizen Endurance Coaching, Dave works with off-road athletes, with an emphasis on long-distance mountain and gravel cycling. Learn more about Dave. Connect with Dave on LinkedIn and Instagram.

coach mark rago san diego california

Mark Rago

Mark Rago is an experienced triathlon coach with San Diego Training Systems who works with beginning to intermediate triathletes. Mark is also a cycling coach who supports road, MTB, and gravel. Learn more about Mark. Connect with Mark on Facebook

Andrew Sheaff Triathlon Swim Coach

Andrew Sheaff

Andrew Sheaff is a triathlon swim coach who specializes in helping athletes identify the critical skills required for improvement in the water. Andrew runs Mastering Flow, an online/video-based swim training platform. Learn more about Andrew. Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you’re interested in being matched with a coach, please complete the athlete form. If you want to work with a specific coach in our directory, please mention this in the form and we’ll make the connection.

Why Better Triathlete?

triathlon coaches near me

Better Triathlete is an online multisport community and training resource that shares insightful content across all types of endurance sports, particularly triathlon. This includes endurance and strength training, nutrition and recovery, and inspiration and guidance toward cultivating greater fulfillment in the sport.

Our mission at Better Triathlete is to serve the greater endurance community by helping connect athletes with experienced and accredited coaches. We can support athletes who are looking to PR their next Olympic distance triathlon, beginners entering their first Sprint triathlon, and long-course athletes aiming to qualify for Worlds.

Especially for Ironman distance and 70.3 athletes, there’s a greater need to structure training around one’s day-to-day life. In situations like these, working with a local coach may not be feasible. We can recommend online coaches who can better accommodate an athlete’s work schedule, family, and social life.

FAQs About Triathlon Coaching

Better Triathlon Triathlon Coaches Riding Bikes

A lot of questions can crop up when weighing the investment in triathlon coaching services. Here we address some of the most frequently asked questions about Better Triathlete’s coach match program and triathlon coaching in general.

How much does a triathlon coach cost?

Coaching prices typically align with a coach’s experience, credentials, and educational background, along with the level of personalized communication and feedback provided. The greater the communication, guidance, and accountability, the higher the coaching fees. Today, thanks to advancements in technology and online coaching platforms like Training Peaks, a majority of endurance coaching is done virtually. 

While one-on-one triathlon and endurance coaching fees can range from $175/month at the lower end to over $350/month at the upper end, the national average tends to be around $250/month. However, prices may vary depending on the specific region of the country. It’s important to remember that hiring a coach goes beyond the cost in terms of value —it’s an investment in subject matter expertise, tailored strategy, and improved performance.

Some triathlon coaches offer additional services, such as fueling advice, form analysis, sports psychology and mental health services, and race day support, which can add to the overall cost of the coach’s services.

What are the benefits of hiring a triathlon coach?

online triathlon coaching

Working with a triathlon coach can be an important investment for athletes of all levels. Some of the benefits of hiring a triathlon coach include:

  • Personalized training plans: One of the most highly sought reasons for recruiting a coach is getting help customizing a training plan that’s individually tailored to the athlete’s specific goals, abilities, and needs.
  • Accountability: As a foundation for support and guidance, a coach can help hold athletes accountable for their training, enabling them to stay on track and stay focused. 
  • Improved performance: In addition to assembling training plans, coaches can help athletes optimize their performance by analyzing their form and technique, prescribing drills and workouts, and balancing training with recovery. Data analytics is also an important part of performance management for a coached athlete. 
  • Reduced risk of injury: Some coaches specialize in recovery and injury prevention/rehabilitation, helping athletes avoid overtraining and injury.
  • Less stress: A good triathlon coach can take the stress and uncertainty out of training, allowing athletes to free themselves from distractions and focus on their training and racing objectives.
  • Expert guidance: Certain triathlon coaches are subject matter experts and provide athletes with specialized advice on nutrition, fueling and hydration, race strategy, recovery, and race-specific training.
  • Increased motivation: Coaches can offer a wealth of encouragement and support, which can help athletes stay motivated and committed to their training.

The overall benefit and ROI of working with a triathlon coach will depend on the athletes, their goals, and the type of coach they’re looking for.

When should you start using a triathlon coach?

virtual online triathlon coaching

It’s recommended to start working with a triathlon coach at least 9-12  months out from your target A-race, prior to starting your triathlon season. However, this timeframe varies depending on your goals, experience level, and the distances you’ll be racing. 

Beginner athletes aiming to complete their first triathlon often need coaching and guidance to address their questions about the training, technology, logistics, etc. Elite age groupers looking to compete often require a specified approach that’s more tailored to their race objectives and fitness level. 

In short, it’s best to get started sooner than later with a coach to realize your fullest potential. Most coaches will always recommend year-round coaching for athletes who tend to race year to year. That is because, during the winter months, coaches can focus on building a higher FTP, along with skills and drills in the pool. Improvement tends to happen from the fall months to early spring, and that’s when the hard work is done. 

Long-course athletes participating in Iron-distance events will usually start working with a coach 9 to 12 months out from their A-race, again, depending on their experience level and target goals. 

What can you expect from a triathlon coach?

endurance coaching: what to expect

While every coaching dynamic is different, some of the most common things you can expect from a triathlon coach include:

  • Tailored training programs: Your coach will create a personalized training program based on your fitness level and race objectives. They’ll consider your specific requirements and design a plan that fits your busy schedule.
  • Adaptive sessions: Your coach will adjust your training sessions as necessary. They’ll monitor your progress, listen to your feedback, and accommodate any changes in your circumstances.
  • Race strategy: A triathlon coach will help you develop effective race strategies. They’ll offer guidance on pacing, nutrition, transitions, and other crucial aspects of race preparation.
  • Timely feedback and analysis: Expect regular feedback on your workouts. Your coach will analyze your training data and provide valuable insights to enhance your performance, making necessary adjustments along the way.
  • Communication and support: Effective communication is vital in a coaching relationship. Your triathlon coach should be accessible and responsive, offering continuous support and guidance throughout your training journey.
  • Expertise and experience: Look for an experienced triathlon coach with relevant credentials and race experience, particularly in the distance you’re training for. Their expertise can make a significant difference in your training and performance.

It’s important to note that the specific services and offerings may vary among coaches and coaching programs. Our goal at Better Triathlete is to match athletes with coaches who best align with their objectives and expectations.

How do I find a good triathlon coach?

better triathlete coaching directory, triathlon cyclist

Finding a good triathlon coach can feel like an overwhelming task, but there are several ways to narrow down your options and find the right coach for you. Here are some tips:

  • First, consider your goals: Make sure your coach’s experience and expertise align with your goals. If you are new to the sport, ask whether a coach has worked with beginners. If you are hoping to qualify for Kona or earn your pro card, make sure your triathlon coach has the track record to help get you there.
  • Ask for recommendations: If you’re involved in a local triathlon club, team, or training group, ask around for recommendations. This can be especially helpful if you’re interested in a local triathlon coach who you can work with in-person versus online. 
  • Search online: It’s never been easier to find triathlon coaching and training resources online. Most coaches have their own websites where you can learn about their backgrounds and coaching services. You can also find online directories where many coaches are listed for hire. 
  • Utilize coach match programs: Some websites and coaching platforms like Better Triathlete offer coach match programs that put you in touch with qualified coaches who align with your goals, budget, and preferred coaching dynamic (online versus in-person). These services are low-commitment and free to use for athletes.
  • Interview potential coaches: Once you have a list of potential coaches, reach out to them and ask for a consultation. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get a sense of whether the coach is a good fit for you. Some coaches may even offer a free trial period so you can test out their coaching style before committing

Remember, finding the right coach is a personal decision and may take some trial and error. While the coach’s prices, professional background, and expertise are important considerations, don’t overlook the coach’s character traits and the vibe you have with the coach. You should feel supported, respected, and encouraged.

Why pursue online triathlon coaching?

online triathlon coaching for runners and triathletes

The online triathlon coaching dynamic has revolutionized the way athletes embrace their training and interact with their coaches.

By tapping into expert coaching advice from anywhere in the world, triathletes can access custom-tailored training plans that fit their lifestyle and goals. Here are some key benefits:

  • Access to expertise: Work with a veteran triathlon coach or sport-specific specialists who might not be available locally.
  • Custom training plans: Coaches can fine-tune training plans specifically for your needs, helping you to improve more efficiently.
  • Tailored coaching services: Only needing help programming your training plan with limited check-ins? Online coaching can be tailored to your needs.
  • Cost-efficiency: Online coaching can oftentimes be less expensive than in-person coaching while still offering high-quality guidance.
  • Responsiveness: If you have a question or concern, an online triathlon coach can respond in hours, not days.
  • Flexibility: Train on your own time without being tied down to a coach’s schedule.
  • Consistent support & accountability: Regular check-ins keep you motivated and on track toward your goals.
  • Data analysis & feedback: Your performance data is analyzed to fine-tune your program and push past plateaus.
  • Community access: Many online coaching programs offer forums or groups where you can connect with fellow athletes and additional coaches.

With these advantages combined with more digital training platforms, it’s clear why many choose online triathlon coaching as a powerful tool in their multisport journey.

How to become a triathlon coach?

Carly Guggemos Triathlon Running Coach

If you are interested in becoming a triathlon coach, here are some steps you can take to get started:

  • Gain experience: Before you can coach others, it’s important to have first-hand experience with the triathlon. Participate in triathlons, particular events, and distances that you want to specialize in, and gain experience in all three disciplines (swimming, cycling, and running). Explore what aspects of triathlon you want to be an expert and carve a niche.
  • Get certified: It’s important to get certified as a triathlon coach. USA Triathlon offers a Level I Coach Certification Program that is designed to educate aspiring coaches on how to train athletes on different aspects of triathlon. IRONMAN offers a coaching certification as well. You can eventually explore different or higher levels of certification, including that of single disciplines like cycling or running certifications.
  • Continue learning: Attend clinics, seminars, and conferences to stay up-to-date on the latest training techniques and trends in the sport. Learning from other experienced coaches is one of the best ways to progress as a coach. These relationships can also be powerful networking assets that can help grow your coaching business.
  • Refine your coaching skills: Coaching requires a unique set of skills, including communication, motivation, and organization. Work on developing these skills through practice and training. You’ll also become more efficient at programming training plans for athletes and working with athletes with special needs and goals. 

Remember, becoming a triathlon coach takes time and dedication. Keep learning and gaining experience, and eventually, you may be able to turn your passion for triathlon into a rewarding coaching career.

Need Specialized Endurance Coaching?

Not limited to triathlon, many of our coaches are proficient in single-distance sports and other endurance endeavors, such as duathlon, swim-run, and ultra-distance events. Follow the links below to learn more about run coaching or cycling coaching, two of our most popular disciplines.

endurance run coaching online
cycling coaching

Better Triathlete’s Coach Match Program

find triathlon coaching for ironman near me

Better Triathlete is an online triathlon coaching platform that helps match athletes with accredited coaches who best align with their training demands and race goals.

With over 20 specialized coaches in our network, we make it easy for you to connect with qualified triathlon coaches who can help meet your needs, whether it’s training for your first sprint triathlon or competing in the Ironman World Championship.

online ironman training coaching

Triathlon Coaching & Training Resources