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Find a Triathlon Coach in Connecticut

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Elevate your triathlon performance in the Constitution State with Better Triathlete’s coach match program. Our network of experienced coaches understands the unique training environments Connecticut offers, from the coastal areas to the rolling hills of the countryside.

Connecticut boasts a vibrant triathlon community with numerous experienced coaches ready to guide you towards your goals. Whether you’re preparing for local events like the Rev3 Triathlon in Middlebury or aiming to qualify for larger races, our coaches can help you optimize your performance.


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Match with a Coach via Better Triathlete

We offer flexible triathlon coaching options to accommodate your schedule, whether you’re balancing training with work in Hartford or family life in New Haven. Our coaches can provide invaluable insights on local training spots, nutrition strategies, and gear recommendations for Connecticut’s diverse conditions.

From beginners to seasoned athletes, our coaches have the experience to guide you. They offer services including:

  • Customized triathlon training programs for various distances and types (road and off-road)
  • Swim video analysis and coaching
  • Sports and general nutrition consultation
  • Personal consultations to address your specific needs

Take your triathlon journey to new heights in the Land of Steady Habits. Connect with a Better Triathlete coach today and discover your true potential in Connecticut’s thriving triathlon scene.

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