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Find a Cycling Coach

find a cycling coach

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or just starting out, having an experienced cycling coach can make all the difference in achieving your goals.  

Our coach match team connects athletes like you with qualified cycling coaches who can provide guidance and support in road cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking, gravel, and other non-traditional bike events.

Reach out to us to match with a cycling coach or learn more about Better Triathlete below.

Featured Cycling Coaches

Better Triathlete is an online community of cycling and endurance coaches who are located all over the globe. Most of our coaches are based in the U.S., however, we can match international athletes cycling coaches virtually. Check out some of our featured cycling coaches below.

Dave Schell Cycling Coach in Boulder Co

Dave Schell

David Schell is an experienced cycling coach based out of Boulder with over a decade of experience. He specializes in off-road and ultra-endurance cycling for athletes of all abilities, from beginner to pro. Dave has carved a niche in long-distance mountain biking and gravel cycling events. Learn more about Dave

coach mark rago san diego california

Mark Rago

In addition to coaching triathletes and multisport athletes, Mark Rago is a seasoned cycling coach based out of San Deigo, California who specializes in road cycling, MTB, and gravel cycling. Mark is also a competitive cyclist in his own right with many years of experience racing, including ultra-distance events. Learn more about Mark.

Road Cycling Coaching

Road cycling offers a unique experience that every athlete loves, and each year, more and more road races are available for age groupers. The road cycling coaches in our network have the expertise to help you work on your endurance, get faster, and improve your bike handling skills.  

Whether you’re preparing for your first mass road race or want to set a new personal record, our coaches will provide personalized training programs that support your goals.  

gravel mountain cyclocross cycling coaching

Mountain Biking, Gravel, and Cyclocross Coaching

For athletes who are into off-road cycling, our mountain bike and cyclocross coaches can help you take it to the next level. 

Facing challenging terrains, navigating obstacles, and riding technical courses require different skills.  No matter your experience level, we’ll match you with a coach who understands the unique demands of mountain biking and cyclocross.

Coaching for Ultra Cycling Events

Do you have your sights set on conquering ultra-distance cycling events?  Our team of coaches includes specialists who have a wealth of experience in preparing athletes for the demands of ultra-events.  

From 50-mile grand fondos to 200-mile ultra events and beyond, our coaches will design comprehensive training plans to build endurance, develop fueling strategies, and build mental strength.  They understand the physical and mental demands of ultra-cycling and will be with you every step of the way as you strive to achieve your ultra goals.

Get Matched with a Coach

At Better Triathlete, we believe that finding the right coach is crucial to unlocking your cycling potential.  Our coach match program ensures you are connected with a qualified coach who aligns with your specific goals, preferences, and experience level.  Whether you’re looking to do a consultation to discuss options or want to jump into one-on-one online coaching for the season, we have coaches ready to support you.

Don’t leave your cycling journey to chance.  Take the first step toward reaching your full cycling potential and connect with a qualified cycling coach through the Better Triathlete Coach Match Program.