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Jeff Lukich Triathlon Endurance CoachJeff Lukich is an experienced endurance coach who specializes in coaching long-course triathletes, ultra runners, and marathoners, as well as cyclists and athletes with unique events, such as double Ironman, staged races, swimrun events, etc.

Having a background in running, Jeff ran competitively in high school and college and later moved into triathlon in 2007. In 2009, Jeff began focusing on long course racing, and since then has completed 75+ triathlons, including 25+ 70.3 distance races, and 9 Ironmans.

Coaching Experience

Since 2012


Triathlon, Ultra Running, Running, Long Course Triathlon (e.g., 70.3 and Ironman Distance)


USAT Level 1, USAC Level 2, USA Track and Field, Training Peaks Level 2, Power Certified

Coaching Dynamic Preferences

Jeff Lukich provides online/virtual triathlon coaching.

More About Jeff

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, my first passion for endurance sports was running. Though I ran cross-country in high school and college, I didn’t get back into endurance sports until age 35 when I decided it was time to lose weight and get healthy.

I focused on running/road racing for many years but transitioned to triathlon in 2007. With over 75 races since 2007, I’ve raced all distances from Sprint to Ironman. In 2009, I began focusing on long-course racing competing in many halves and Ironman distance races.

My passion is to work with motivated and goal-oriented athletes who are trying to manage families and challenging careers – who just need help putting all of the pieces together. My coaching philosophy centers around thoughtful goal-setting, acting on available performance information and feedback, and creating shared accountability between the athlete and the coach.

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Jeff Lukich
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