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Lindsay Leigh

Lindsay Leigh Triathlon Coach

Lindsay Leigh is an endurance coach with No Limits Endurance Coaching, an inclusive triathlon and running coach platform. Lindsay has experience coaching athletes of all levels – from beginner to elite, and for all distances – from the 5k to 100-mile distance, from sprint triathlon to the Ironman distance.

Lindsay works with athletes in various endurance sports, including triathlon, swimming, running, cycling, spartan/OCR, and motocross.

Coaching Experience

Since 2009


  • Long course
  • High performance
  • Swim training and analysis
  • Ultra running
  • Nutrition and fueling
  • Strength and Yoga


  • USAT Level 2 Coach
  • USA Swimming Coach
  • UESCA Ultrarunning
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Masters in Biology

Coaching Dynamic Preferences

Online coaching and In-person coaching



I was a competitive swimmer from a young age and throughout college. I also ran cross country my last 2 years of college. This perfect blend of formative athletic experience eventually led me to become a formidable triathlon competitor, having done multiple Ironman Triathlons, including two world championships in Kona, and seven marathons. I’ve also completed multiple 100 milers and other ultra distances. I coached swimming during college and loved it, and made a career switch to my coaching calling in 2009, with the dream of making endurance coaching my full-time job, which it has been since 2017.

More About Lindsay

I have a passion for fitness and endurance sports, that’s been with me all my life. I use this passion and knowledge to support athletes to be their best and help them reach their potential.

I coach by example with my hard work ethic in both triathlon and ultra-running. To ensure the training is meeting the athlete’s needs, I employ data analysis, which allows me to view each athlete’s individual strengths and areas of opportunity.

I encourage regular communication with my athletes, and hopes to take each athlete as far as their potential will go, while balancing the demands of an active family and work life. I dedicate myself to my athletes, and expect a similar standard in return from athletes in that they follow the workouts and overall plan.


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