Lauren Callahan

triathlon coach Lauren CallahanLauren Callahan specializes in helping people learn to love the oft-dreaded, and injury-prone last leg the triathlon: the run. Lauren teaches athletes to run efficiently and injury-free, to integrate body, mind, and soul, and to enjoy running for life.

Having grown up with minimal involvement in athletics, Lauren knows first hand the joy of discovering athletic training and the multi sport community as an adult. Lauren practices yoga, participates in races, swims nothing but open water, and goes on endless backyard adventures that include trail biking and hiking.


Coaching Experience

Since 2019



USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach, and is certified as an ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach, ChiRunning instructor, Yoga instructor, and Les Mills Body Pump instructor.


USAT Level 1, USAC Level 2, USA Track and Field, Training Peaks Level 2, Power Certified

Coaching Dynamic Preferences

Lauren provides ongoing in-person group personal training with a focus on run and strength work; individual coaching geared toward athlete’s unique needs, including sport-specific coaching, as well as nutrition, health, and “inner athlete” coaching; and individualized training plans.


More About Lauren

I do not coach you to win. I coach you to dig deep and live awesome. To be an AMAZING triathlete. To know and love yourself. To integrate body, mind, and soul. To race from the inside out. To have a profoundly fulfilling experience every day you train. And to be deeply satisfied with your race day performance.


Contact Information:

Location: Alexandria, LA


Phone: 318-589-8021

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