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Find a Triathlon Coach in Minnesota

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Take your triathlon training up a notch with Better Triathlete’s coach match program. Our network of skilled Minnesota-based coaches is primed to elevate your performance in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned Ironman athlete.

Our triathlon coach matching system connects you with a triathlon coach who understands you as an athlete and what it takes to train in Minnesota’s diverse landscapes and variable climates. From the urban trails of the Twin Cities to the pristine lakes of the Boundary Waters, we host triathlon coaches with local expertise to help you reach your triathlon goals.

To get started, tell us about your experience, aspirations, and preferences, and we’ll pair you with a coach who aligns perfectly with your needs.

Minnesota’s natural beauty and seasonal variations provide a rich training ground for triathletes. Our local coaches excel in:

  • Perfecting open water swimming techniques for Minnesota’s numerous lakes
  • Designing cycling plans that capitalize on the state’s scenic routes, from rolling prairies to forested paths
  • Crafting running programs suited for urban parkways, state trails, and rugged northwoods terrain
  • Developing year-round training strategies to navigate Minnesota’s distinct seasons
  • Tailoring nutrition plans for peak performance in varying climates

Our triathlon coaches are well-versed in preparing athletes for popular Minnesota events such as:

  • Minneapolis Triathlon
  • Lake Minnetonka Triathlon
  • Chisago Lakes Triathlon
  • Superior Man Triathlon in Duluth

They’re equally adept at preparing you for out-of-state races, adapting your training plan to leverage Minnesota’s unique training environment.

Better Triathlete’s coach match program offers flexible options to complement your lifestyle, whether you’re balancing training with a career in Minneapolis-St. Paul or family life in Rochester. Our coaches utilize advanced platforms like Training Peaks to deliver customized plans and meticulously track your progress.

From first-timers to elite athletes, our Minnesota coaches have the knowledge to boost your performance. They understand the mental and physical challenges of triathlon training in the North Star State and can provide valuable local insights on training locations, gear recommendations, and race-day tactics.

Embark on your triathlon journey in Minnesota with Better Triathlete. Let us match you with a coach who will help you thrive in the state’s vibrant triathlon community, making the most of Minnesota’s natural wonders and diverse training opportunities.

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