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Rebecca Arturo and Nicholas Fischer

Weights and Plates Endurance Coaching Baltimore MDRebecca Arturo and Nicholas Fischer use their combined expertise to create a dynamic coaching team based in Baltimore, Maryland. Becky has expertise in working with runners, cyclists, and swimmers returning from injury. She also has a high level of expertise in strength and conditioning. She was previously an assistant swim coach as well but has recently turned her focus point to running.

Nick has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in sports nutrition, as he has been working with a wide range of athletes for 10+ years. On the Weights and Plates team, Becky is responsible for programming, while Nick handles all of the nutrition education and planning. Nick will also assist with the advanced cycling needs of athletes.

Coaching Experience

Since 2019


Long-course athletes, athletes returning from injury, athletes who are newer to the sport, athletes who need to focus on improving either their run or their bike, and athletes with nutrition concerns or difficulty fueling.

Becky Arturo


  • Becky – USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy and licensed physical therapist in the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Nick – USA Cycling Certified Coach, Licensed and Registered Dietitian in the state of Maryland

Coaching Dynamic Preferences

Online or In-person if Local

Athletic BackgroundWeights and Plates Endurance Coach

Becky has been a triathlete herself since 2014. She became licensed and started working as a physical therapist in 2019. She works with a lot of endurance athletes in her outpatient physical therapy clinic and often sees large training errors or a lack of appropriate education provided to endurance athletes, leading to injury and overtraining. This education gap led Becky to pursue her USA Triathlon Coaching certification to help assist athletes not just with injuries but also with safe and effective programming.

Nick has been an avid cyclist for 20+ years. He spent time racing with the Freddie Fu Cycling team in Pittsburgh in category 1/2 races. He also was a State Champion in Cyclocross racing in Pennsylvania. He now enjoys running, mountain biking, road, and gravel cycling. As a registered dietitian, Nick also frequently sees athletes struggle with appropriate fueling due to misinformation or simply a lack of education in the area of nutrition. He loves to help athletes learn how to fuel appropriately for success in both racing and in life.

Weights and Plates Endurance

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