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Find a Running Coach

Find a Running Coach

Are you looking to find a running coach? Preparing for a half-marathon, marathon, or ultra-marathon requires specific knowledge about many different aspects of running.

Better Triathlete has online running coaches in its coaching network who specialize in all distances, including ultra-marathons beyond the 100-mile distance.

Let us help match you with a running coach that aligns with your training and racing objectives. Ready to get started?

Run Coaching for 5K – 15k Races

Let’s face it – toeing the line at a local 5k or 10k is a lot of fun!  And the truth is, short-course road racing is some of the best racing out there. Training and racing the shorter distances require a different approach than some longer races. Many of our running coaches have specific experience that can help you prepare for your first race or set that personal record you’ve been trying to reach. 

Half Marathon and Marathon Coaching

Whether you dream of racing your first half or full marathon or qualifying for Boston, Better Triathlete can be your resource for learning more about training and running the half and full marathon distance.  

We can also match you with the right run coach to help you achieve any goal you might have.  We have coaches who can do individual consultations on any number of topics as you make decisions about your training and race, or we can connect you with a coach who can provide one-on-one online coaching throughout your entire race season.  

Coaching for Ultra Running 

online running coach for ultra

Ultra running has grown in popularity in recent years.  More and more events are becoming available for athletes thanks to the hard work of race directors, local authorities, and the volunteer community.   

Ultra running consists of any distance beyond the marathon, but in practical terms, the shortest distance race is typically 50k (31.07 miles).  Other popular distances include 50 miles, 100k, 100 miles, and beyond.  Other events have a particular time to race, like 24 and 48 hours, or even multiple days.  

As the ultra-running community grows, so do the needs of athletes who choose to make the leap to the ultra world.  Finding a coach who has specific expertise in ultra-running can be difficult. If you are looking for a coach as you prepare for your big event, please know we have coaches on our team who can help and have unique knowledge in ultra running.