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Ryan Grange

Ryan Grange Z2 Endurance Coaching

Ryan Grange is a triathlon coach with Z2 Endurance Coaching based in Columbus, Ohio. He specializes in coaching beginner and intermediate athletes, from providing custom training plans to 1:1 coaching services.

Ryan is an experienced endurance athlete who’s completed multiple Ironman and half-Ironman distance races, including several marathons.

Coaching Experience

Since 2022


My focus is on beginners, first-time racers, and getting people into the sports of triathlon and running

Ryan Grange Z2 Endurance CoachCredentials

  • USA Triathlon Level 1 Certification
  • TrainingPeaks Accreditation
  • Ironman AWA (2022)
  • 2x Ironman Finisher, 3x 70.3 Finisher, 5X Marathon finisher

Preferred Coaching Dynamic

Primarily online coaching but in-person for local athletes based in Ohio

More About Ryan

I have been racing all distance triathlons/run races for about 10 years, and endurance sports have had such a positive impact on my life and well-being, I want to work to share my knowledge to expand the sport and make it less intimidating to newcomers.

Z2 endurance coaching

I offer beginner and intermediate training plans or 1:1 coaching for all distance triathlons and run races, specializing in beginners and first-timers.

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