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Louise Strydom

Louise Strydom Infinitude Coaching South AfricaLouise Strydom is an IRONMAN Certified triathlon coach who runs Infinitude Coaching based in South Africa.

Coaching Since:



Louise Strydom offers expertise in swimming, cycling, running, strength and conditioning. She has been engaged in endurance sports since 2004 and has been racing triathlons as an age group athlete since 2012.

Louise is an IRONMAN Certified Coach and specializes in beginner to intermediate athletes and triathletes. She assists athletes in race selection and planning and writes specialized, individual programs for each athlete according to their training needs and disciplines. Each athlete also receives an individualized race plan for events. Louise also offers discipline-specific assessments and assist athletes with their nutrition.


IRONMAN Certified Coach
Master’s Degree in Psychology, specializing in Motivation

Coaching Dynamic Preferences:

Louise works with athletes online and in person. Currently, she has more online athletes, so it is her preferred dynamic.


  • Endurance sports (running and cycling) from 2004 Triathlon racing since 2012
  • 3 Time IRONMAN Africa Championship Finisher
  • 3 Time IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo City Finisher
  • Provincial Age Group winner 2018
  • 2nd place Age Group Finisher Cape Ultra Triathlon 2018
  • Too many 5150 Distance events to add and played around in a few sprint distance events

From the Coach:

Louise Strydom is an IRONMAN Certified Coach and TriDot Independent Coach. She has a a Masters degree in Psychology and specialises in the field of motivation and athlete anxiety. Her roster includes IRONMAN *AWA Gold and Silver status athletes as well as a IRONMAN World Championship finisher.

Louise Strydom is also the head coach of Infinitude Coaching, a multisport coaching business aimed at empowering women athletes. Many women feel that endurance events like triathlons are too hard or will take too much time away from family and work responsibilities. Or they want to attempt one, but have no idea where to begin or they have a fear of open water swimming.

Infinitude wants to give beginner and recreational athletes the opportunity to reach that fitness goal they have always wanted. Our main aim is to grow a global community of women athletes that inspire and support each other, not only through their training and at events, but also through the hard and the happy times! So it does not matter where you are in the world, you can train with us!

Does this mean men are not welcome? Of course they are! Infinitude Coaching aimed at all beginner and recreational athletes where ever they are.

Athletes get individualized programs with their specific needs, goals and abilities in mind. Programs are data driven so that we can keep track of your fitness and performance, which works really well if you are on the other side of the globe! It is also a way for us to adjust your program so that you can peak at the right time and smash that race or personal best.

Contact Information:

83 Cairncroftstreet

Pretoria, South Africa



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