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Torsten Abel

Torsten Abel San Francisco Triathlon CoachFormer pro triathlete and elite-level endurance coach, Torsten Abel is an expert in triathlon, physiological assessment, and run coaching. Torsten has over 30 years of experience in multisport, with 13 of those years as a professional triathlete racing for Germany in ITU World Cup, European Cup, 70.3, and Ironman.

Torsten leads T3-Triathlon based in San Francisco, California. Beyond pro-caliber athletes, Torsten has extensive experience coaching beginners and helping athletes achieve their goals, from completing their first full Ironman to Ultra Ironman, marathons, half Ironman, Olympic distance, sprints, gravel races, and more.

Coaching Experience

Since 2000


Triathlon, Running, Short-Course (Sprint and Olympic) and Long-Course Triathlon (70.3 and Ironman Distance)

Credentials & Experience

  • 1991-2013 High-Performance Athlete (Junior, Senior Elite, Pro Triathlete), representing Germany in short distance, 70.3, and Ironman Distance.
  • Over 30 professional podiums from all around the world
  • Several Ironman & 70.3 Podiums (Canada, Switzerland, Arizona, St. Croix) See website for more
  • PRs: 70.3 3:46h, IM 8:16h, IM Marathon 2:48h, Half-Marathon 1:08, ITU 10km 32:19 (World Cup Cancun 2001), IM Hawaii Top 25, 1,500m Swim 16:50min PR
  • ITU World Cup Lausanne 2000
  • Junior Triathlon German National Team in 1993/4

Coaching Dynamic Preferences

I work with athletes online, in person, and through hybrid coaching dynamics.

I love 1:1 coaching, which is utterly beneficial, however, very difficult to arrange group training in this part of the world because everyone is “so busy”, on a tight schedule, etc.

I emphasize a great line of communication with all my athletes, and lots of contacts via phone, text, and video calls, which is key to maintaining the highest quality of coaching and teaching. I set high standards in all areas.

More About Torsten’s Coaching

The great thing about the sport of triathlon is that it can be just as exciting and fulfilling for the first-year recreational athlete as it is for a highly competitive elite athlete. Having a coach who can guide you through the challenges of the sport and help you achieve your goals is an important part of an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Moreover, I also work with elite amateurs (European AG Champions for example) and triathletes at the professional level. The majority of athletes, though, that work with me are busy individuals, executives, and generally, athletes who want to achieve goals, athletes who don’t know how to train, become fitter, stronger, and better, athletes, who are eager to learn and have a great desire to succeed.

My background and experience of more than 30 years, of living the sport practically for that long, gives me an edge and understanding of how to optimize and tailor someone’s training to unlock his/her potential. We’ve got a saying in Germany “there are many way’s that lead to Rome”. Often times I am also a “life coach”. I understand that I coach human beings and therefore everyone comes with unique needs and abilities (which can and do change from time to time and then my coaching evolves from that).

Contact Information:

T3-Triathlon Coaching LogoAddress: Forrest Ave, San Anselmo, CA 94960

Phone: (415) 870 0804




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