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Best eBike Brands

ebike brands mountain

Today’s top eBike brands consist of both legacy brands and industry newcomers. The legacy brands – like Specialized, Trek, and Giant – offer the best eBike technology but come at a high-performance price.

Alternatively, budget electric bike brands – like Aventon, Ride1Up, and Buzz – provide more affordable, entry-level options for commuters and recreational riders.

This list is a collection of some of the best eBike brands on the market, including both legacy and up-and-coming brands. If there’s a brand you’d like to recommend, please reach out and let us know

Aventon eBikes

Aventon eBike Road Electric Bike Soltera

In terms of non-legacy newcomers, Aventon is one of the best eBike brands in the business. The company is based in California, USA, and has a solid reputation for quality bikes at an affordable price.

Unlike other eBike brands that offer only a single, one-size-fits-all frame size, Aventon provides 2 to 3 frame sizes, depending on the model. Aventon makes a wide range of eBike models, including a high-powered off-road fat tire bike and various extended-range commuters and road bikes.

See our blog post on Aventon eBikes.

Wing Bikes

best eBike Brands Wing Bikes

As one the most highly-creative and innovative electric bike brands, Wing Bikes produces elegantly designed but performance-minded at an honest price point, especially given the quality control. Known for its urban commuter frame design, secure anti-theft features, and premium ride quality, Wing Bikes is a highly-reviewed eBike brand that has several options, ranging from a sleek commuter to a fat tire adventure bike.

The brand is highly regarded for its lightweight frame, powerful motor, and intuitive ride, making Wing ideal for commuting and recreational riding. Wing Bikes also prioritizes sustainability and offers carbon offset programs for its customers, with an aim to become a leading brand in the electric bike industry.

Read our blog post on Wing Bikes.

Ride1Up eBikes

Ride1Up Prodigy Best eBike Brands

Ride1Up has a reputation for being some of the highest-reviewed eBikes on the market. The brand offers several different models, from commuter-friendly cruisers and roadsters to off-rad gravel bikes and shred-worthy mountain bikes. 

Ride1Up eBikes offer a great balance of quality for the price, with most bikes ranging between $1k-2k, and a few options just above $2k. The brand’s electric bikes are known for their natural ride feel and uncompromising build. From the drivetrain to the tires, it’s no secret why Ride1Up is one of the best eBike brands.

Check out our blog post on Ride1Up eBikes.

Himiway eBikes

Himiway Brands eBike Zebra Fat Tire e-Bike

Having launched in 2017, Himiway has grown to become one of the most popular eBike brands. The California-based electric bike maker specializes in all-terrain, fat tire eBikes with heavy-duty frames and hub-driven motors, such as its latest model, the Zebra (as shown above).

Himiway offers several other electric bike models for different uses and lifestyles, including the Cruiser, Cobra, and Escape. All of Himiway’s eBikes are known for their extended range, with some models providing up to 80 miles on a full charge.

Learn more about Himiway eBikes.

Heybike eBikes

Heybike eBike brands

HeyBike is an electric bike brand that was founded with a passion for technology and cycling. Following the rise of eBikes and other electric gadgets, Heybike’s founder took to forming a business built around quality cycling experiences combined with modern technology to make improvements to traditional bicycles.

Heybike produces fat tire folding eBikes, step-thru design eBikes, and commuter eBikes that provide impressive range and all-terrain capabilities. Read our recap of Heybike eBikes.

Addmotor eBikes

Addmotor Electric Bike Review

Addmotor is among the few US-based eBike brands that’s been in operation for over a decade. Since 2011, Addmotor has evolved to offer a complete range of electric bikes and trikes, including its Herotan M65X Fat Tire eBike (shown above) as well as its step-thru M-66 Series Cruiser eBikes, among many others.

Addmotor’s eBikes are equipped with high-capacity batteries that provide extended riding distances on a single charge. For example, the Addmotor Citypro electric bike has a range of up to 125 miles per charge. The brand’s electric bikes and trikes come with powerful BAFANG electric motors ranging from 500W to 1250W in power.

Read the full blog post on Addmotor electric bikes.

Cannondale eBikes

Cannondale ebikes - Best electric bike by brand

Cannondale is one of the best eBike brands that’s seamlessly adapted its existing product line-up with electric-assist counterparts. From its Topstone gravel bike, SuperSix road bike, and Moterra MTB, there’s an eBike version for several of Cannondale’s most prized performers.

Cannondale eBikes combine elite-level bike engineering and performance with the highest-end componentry and drivetrain available. Cannondale taps into a range of eBike categories, including road, mountain, touring, urban, and fitness.

Cannondale eBike page coming soon. Until then see Cannondale’s eBike page.

Specialized eBikes

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL eBike Brand

A true innovator of electric cycling technology, Specialized is a brand that produces some of the best eBikes on the market. They are some of the lightest and most powerful eBikes out there, delivering incredible range and capability. And they’re also some of the most beautiful, costly, and difficult to get.

Aside from a slightly thicker down tube where the batteries and motor are placed, it’s oftentimes difficult to tell the difference between traditional and electric-assist bikes from Specialized.

Check out the technology that supports Specialized eBikes.

Norco eBikes

Norco electric mountain bike eMTB

A legacy bicycle brand based in British Columbia, Canada, Norco is has been manufacturing bikes since 1964 but just recently ramped up its eBike production. Today, Norco is one of the leading off-road eBike brands that’s carved a niche in electric mountain bikes, including cross-country, enduro, and trail eMTBs.

The brand also offers an electric fat bike and an urban commuter model. Competitively priced with eBikes ranging between $2k and $10k, you can invest in premium-quality legacy brand eBike at a reasonable cost. Learn more or buy Norco eBikes direct at

Blix eBikes

blix ebike brands

Blix is one of the newest eBike brands to offer a full range of electric bikes, each with its own unique set of specs, build qualities, and features. Blix eBikes are built with a rear-hub motor that provides a natural pedal-assist boost.

Most Blix eBikes come with a battery that delivers upwards of 70 miles on a single charge, depending on the model. We like the Blix Ultra (shown above), an fat tire electric bike with ultimate utility and versatility.

Scott eBikes

Scott Road Top eBike Brands

Launching its first eBike in 2011, Scott is an early-adopting legacy brand that continues to push out some of the best electric bikes on the market. Evolving its 1992 roots across all genres of cycling, Scott offers one of the widest selections of performance-minded eBikes, including road, gravel, mountain, and urban/city eBikes.

The brand puts out some of the best eBike options in each class, specifically in terms of weight, extended range, and overall performance. Surely, one of the top eBike brands that continues to push the envelope, learn more at

Mokwheel eBikes

Mokwheel basalt fat tire ebike

Despite being a relatively new eBike brand that release its first models in 2022, Mokwheel has quickly made a name for itself by producing intelligent, want-to-ride electric bikes. Built around durable aluminum frames and a silent brushless motor producing 750W of power and 90Nm of torque, Mokwheel eBikes are designed to deliver top performance and ride quality.

Mokwheel does not skimp on components and accessories, as the bike’s drivetrain uses Shimano 7-Speed gearing and a stainless KMC chain, making for a solid build using parts from trusted name brands.

Learn more about Mokwheel’s eBikes.

Ghost eBikes

best ebike brand, Ghost and its e-square electric bike

A lesser-known yet podium-worthy bike brand is Ghost. It’s a German-based company that specializes in off-road electric bikes, particularly all-mountain and enduro eMTB’s.

In addition to performance-minded mountain bikes, Ghost offers an urban commuter-style eBike as well as a cross eBike (the “e-Square Cross Essential U” shown above) that combines a peppy and powerful motor with an off-road-friendly, touring-centric frame.

While less accessible, Ghost is one of our favorite eBike brands. Check them out at

Bianchi eBikes

best eBike Bianchi Aria eRoad Bike

With over a century of experience pioneering the cycling industry, Bianchi is a well-known Italian brand that offers a few world-class eBikes. Bianchi’s ebike technology combines traditional cycling with cutting-edge electric assist to cover longer distances or take on steeper rides.

One eRoad flagship is the Bianchi Aria (shown above), a high-performance eBike that has a sleek and lightweight aluminum frame, powerful motor, and long-lasting battery life. The Aria delivers up to 100 km of range on a single charge. It’s also equipped with a digital performance monitoring display and customizable electric assist modes.

Giant eBikes

Giant Electric Road Bike Best eBike Brand

At the top of the podium with some of the best eBike makers in the business, Giant has been at the forefront of electric bike technology across various categories, including mountain, road, gravel, and hybrid eBikes.

From Giant’s long-range city bike, the Quick-E+, which provides up to 70 miles (112km) on a single charge to Giant’s high-performance, full-suspension e-mountain bike, the Trance E+ 2 Pro, Giant pulls out all the stops in building top-notch eBikes for all walks of life.

Explore more of Giant’s electric bike options by visiting

Canyon eBikes

canyon ebike brand grail:on electric gravel bike

Canyon is a German-made bike brand that’s well-known for some of the best-in-class bicycles across all genres. However, Canyon’s line-up of electric bikes is focused specifically on off-road genres, primarily gravel and mountain eBikes.

Powered by Bosch electric motor technology, Canyon’s eBikes are electric-assist extensions of its pre-existing models. For instance, the GRAIL:ON electric gravel bike from Canyon (shown above) is based on the brand’s GRAIL line of gravel bikes.

Check out Canyon’s complete roster of e-gravel and e-mountain bikes at

Gazelle eBikes

Gazelle Brand eBikes

Gazelle is a Dutch-based bike brand that has been around for well over a century. But just in the last decade, Gazelle has adapted to the eBike trend by rolling out an impressive line-up of electric bikes for all types of cycling enthusiasts.

While several of Gazelle’s eBike models have a road and commuter-friendly appeal, the brand also offers electric mountain bikes made for rugged, off-road terrain. One of the most impressive features of Gazelle’s eBikes is their long-lasting range, with some models providing up to 100 miles on one charge.

Pivot eBikes

Pivot Brand eBikes

Pivot is an electric bike brand that’s based in the USA. Pivot is well-known for its full-suspension electric mountain bikes, as characterized by the brand’s Shuttle model. But Pivot also offers the eVault (shown above), a gravel-friendly road bike that can fit up to 700 x 47c or 650b x 2.0” tires.

All of Pivot brand’s eBikes are known for being extremely lightweight. For instance, the Shuttle SL full-suspension e-mountain bike weighs just 36 lbs.

Velowave eBikes

velowave ebike in review

Get the closest thing to a pedal-driven bike with a performance chain, drivetrain, and minimal motor presence (except for when you want it). Not only does Velowave offer a variety of eBike models to choose from, but this notable electric bike brand also uses high-quality components that will make your ride more smooth, more dependable, and more enjoyable. 

Read our blog post on Velowave eBikes.

BMC eBikes

BMC brand eBike Roadmachine AMP Electric Road Bike

BMC is a Swiss-born legacy brand with a high reputation for quality and performance. BMC’s electric bikes are no exception, as the brand has produced industry-defining eBikes in the e-mountain and e-road space.

BMC’s full-suspension eMTB is the Trailfox AMP Electric which offers incredible battery range and nimble capability. For paved riding, the Roadmachine E-Ride is the brand’s performance e-road bike that’s incredibly lightweight, responsive, and lasting. BMC is indisputably one of the top eBike brands in the world.

Learn more about BMC’s AMP-line of eBikes by visiting

Pinarello eBikes

Pinarello Nytro Gravel Top eBike Brands

A well-regarded Italian cycling brand with over 70 years of experience, Pinarello has tapped into the eBike market with a small collection of performance electric bikes.

On point with Pinarello’s elegant design and exceptional quality builds, the brand’s eBike technology centers on its Nytro line, which includes two all-road eBikes (Nytro Gravel and Nytro Grinta) and a sleek city bike known as the Nytro Urbanist.

For being one of the best brands in cycling, Pinarello’s eBikes are very well-priced between $4k-$6k. Visit to learn more.

Trek eBikes

best ebike brand Trek

Right up there with other notable eBike brands like Specialized and Cannondale, Trek also has an impressive roster of some of the top electric road and mountain bikes.

From electric iterations of its classic Domane road frame to its full-suspension eMTB Fuel EXe, there are several reputable podium toppers from Trek that worth calling out. See all electric bikes from

Santa Cruz eBikes

best eBike Santa Cruz Heckler Electric Mountain Bike eMTB

Santa Cruz Bicycle is one of the top eBike brands specializing in electric mountain bikes, also known as eMTBs. Like Santa Cruz’s traditional MTBs and gravel bikes, their eBikes are equipped with advanced technology that allows riders to conquer even the toughest terrain with ease.

The brand’s eBike offer centers on the Santa Cruz Heckler, a full-suspension electric mountain bike that’s known for its powerful motor and long-lasting battery. The Heckler features a durable and lightweight frame and top-of-the-line components, making it a reliable and high-performance eBike for those who love to shred the chunkiest of trails.

LOOK eBikes

ebike brand LOOK Electric e-Road bike

LOOK is a lesser-known eBike brand that makes elegantly-designed electric bikes. Specializing in electric road bikes with a couple of gravel-centric models, LOOK produces high-performance carbon fiber bikes for savvy cyclists.

Shown above is the E-765 Optimum, a 30lb (14kg) e-road bike that is priced around the $6.5K mark. LOOK uses the FAZUA Evation motor, which delivers lightweight yet powerful electric assist capabilities. If you top-quality ride feel is your aim, LOOK is a brand that’s worth checking out.

Visit to see all of LOOK’s eBike models.

Liv eBikes

Liv Women's eBike Brands

Liv is a cycling brand designed specifically for women. As an extension of Giant brand bikes, Liv eBikes are female-forward and beautifully designed.  Not only has Liv carved its niche in off-road adventure bikes, but several of Liv’s top electric bike models provide over 100 miles of range and exceptional capability. 

Liv’s full-suspension mountain bikes are particularly impressive, like the Intrigue X, which provides an 111-mile range in ideal conditions. The Tempt line of hardtail e-mountain bikes is also noteworthy, providing just over a 90-mile range and is very well-priced in the $2-3K range.

Scope out the entire line-up of Liv eBikes at

Argon 18 eBikes

argon-18 electric road bike brand

Carving a niche in e-road and e-gravel bikes, Argon 18 is a Canadian-based brand that covers the full range of cycling disciplines. Argon 18’s eBikes are beautifully designed with stealth inclusion of electric assist and performance-grade build quality. 

The Subito E-Gravel (shown above) is a stunning testament to Argon 18’s electric bike lineup. The Subito is a 650b gravel bike with a lightweight and efficient motor that powers long adventure rides. The Subito E-Road is the paved alternative that has a similar geometry and builds, but with 700c road tires.

Get a complete look at this brand’s electric bike models by visiting


Fatte-Bikes Electric Bike Brands

FattE-Bikes is one of the few eBike brands that manufactures its electric bikes in the USA. As a newcomer brand that started in 2017 in Denver, Colorado, FattE-Bikes has carved a niche in fully-custom fat tire eBikes that are both budget-friendly (starting at just over $2k for a custom eBike) and rider-friendly for all walks of life.

FattE-Bikes offers four primary frame designs to start your custom build, each designed with fat tires and ample utility with cargo racks, lights, and an extended 60+-mile range. Most of the customization involves the frame, rack, and fender color scheme, as well as custom options for the saddle, grips, pedals, and basket. You can also upgrade to puncture-resistant tires and a premium battery.

Buzz eBikes

Buzz eBike Brand

Of all the eBike brands, Buzz is a reputable company that delivers on performance, capability, and fun. Buzz eBikes are recognized for their dependability and ease of use and maintenance. It’s a budget eBike brand that offers some of the best beginner-friendly electric bikes that are easy and comfortable to ride. Take a closer look at two noteworthy options from this solid eBike brand.

Learn more about Buzz eBikes.

Rad Power Bikes

rad electric bikes - best eBike brands

With most builds delivering 750-watt power, Rad Power Bikes deliver high acceleration and fun-to-ride capability, especially for commuters and city dwellers. Rad’s best electric bikes come in a wide range of models, including a commuter bike, folding bike, utility/cargo bike, and adventure-friendly fat tire bike.

Well-reviewed and competitively priced under $2k, Rad Power bikes has earned a reputation for being some of the best eBike products on the market. 

Learn more about Rad Power Bikes

Yeti eBikes

Yeti brand electric mountain bike eMTB

Since 1985, Yeti has expanded its Colorado roots by growing a global reputation for its high-end mountain bikes. Adapting to the eBike trend, Yeti has unveiled an electric-assist line of its flagship full-suspension 29er design, succinctly named 160E.

Yeti’s 160E electric bike uses the Shimano STEPS eBike motor, which is a lightweight, long-range battery that’s designed for performance. The 160E (Turq T1 XT frame shown above) is Yeti’s go-to, featuring a full carbon frame, dropper seatpost, hydraulic disc brakes, and the works.

Visit Yeti Cycles for more information.

Lectric Bikes

eBike Brand Lectric XP Long-Range

Lectric is an up-and-coming eBike brand that started in 2015 and since gained tremendous popularity. With an emphasis on economy and utility, Lectric eBikes are designed for recreational cyclists who are looking to invest in a fun, affordable, and dependable electric bike.

One of the brand’s latest eBike models is the XP 3.0 Long-Range, which provides up to 65 miles of range per charge and comes available in fat tire and step-through option.

Learn more at

eBike FAQs

What are the different types of eBikes?

Mostly for safety regulations on commuter trails, electric bikes are categorized into three classification types:

  • Class 1: The electric motor activates only while pedaling (pedal-assist) and stops providing assistance at 20 mph.
  • Class 2: Uses throttle-generated power (does not require pedaling but still has pedal-assist abilities) and has an assist limit of 20 mph.
  • Class 3: Uses a pedal-assist motor like class 1 but provides power at higher speeds of up to 28 mph.

Class 1 eBikes are budget-friendly beginner options that are the most accepted in terms of regulations, as you can ride class 1 on just about any bike trail, commuter path, or city street.

Class 2 eBikes are preferred among those who’d like a non-pedal option with a throttle motor. Because electric assist also tops out at 20 mph, they’re typically allowed on the same paths as class 1 bikes.

Class 3 eBikes provide greater utility and performance, as they’re more powerful, faster, and more capable to handle rough terrain and conditions. Not all class 3 eBikes are mountain bikes or fat bikes, but most of them are capable of handling larger loads and keeping up with traffic. They’re also preferred for off-road adventures, especially long distances.

Which brand of electric bike is best?

When it comes to electric motor technology and eBike innovation, Specialized is a brand that stands out as one of the best. Specialized eBikes provide the greatest range on a full charge and they come in a wide variety of styles and price points, ranging from $2-3K hybrid bikes to $15k high-end eRoad bikes.

Of the economy or budget eBike brands that provide options in the $1-2K range, Aventon, Ride1Up, and Wing are a few of our favorites. Between their bike’s design, build quality, and enjoyability, these three brands produce some of the best and most affordable eBikes.

Is an eBike Right for You?

eBikes are all the rage these days and for many good reasons. eBikes serve a practical purpose in many ways, from accessibility and utility to training and being able to cover more ground. For some athletes who are either aging or recovering, eBikes provide an accessible solution to get out ride without demanding as much from the body.

And from a utility point of view, electric bikes are a great alternative to automobiles and public transportation for short commutes. They’re highly eco-friendly and can be efficient for navigating otherwise busy streets, especially if you live in a city. eBikes also make bike commuting a lot more feasible in areas with a lot of hills, hot weather, or rough terrain. 

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