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The eBike scene is ever-evolving and there’s a wide spectrum of types, ranging from road to mountain and from budget to performance. Some of the best eBikes cost can cost over $10K. But you can also get a good quality eBike for $1-2K, depending on your needs.

If you’re interested in electric bikes, below we’ve put together a list of some of the best eBike brands on the market. This growing list includes eBike makers based on both the quality of technology and sheer size in the market. Follow the links to see some of the top electric bikes from each brand.


Aventon eBikes

Aventon eBike Road Electric Bike Soltera

Aventon is one of the best eBike brands in the business. It’s based in California, USA, and has a solid reputation for quality. Unlike other eBike brands that offer only a single, one-size-fits-all frame size, Aventon provides 2 to 3 frame sizes, depending on the model. The company makes a range of eBike models, including a high-powered off-rad fat tire bike and various extended-range commuters and road bikes.

See the high-level overview of these Aventon eBikes.


Cannondale eBikes

Cannondale ebikes - Best electric bike by brand

Cannondale is one of the best eBike brands that’s seamlessly adapted its existing product line-up with electric-assist counterparts. From its Topstone gravel bike, SuperSix road bike, and Moterra MTB, there’s an eBike version for several of Cannondale’s most prized performers. These eBikes combine elite-level bike engineering and performance with the highest-end componentry and drivetrain available. Cannondale taps into a range of eBike categories, including road, mountain, touring, urban, and fitness.

Cannondale eBike page coming soon. Until then see Cannondale’s eBike page.


Specialized eBikes

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL eBike Brand

A true innovator of electric cycling technology, Specialized is a brand that produces some of the best eBikes on the market. They are some of the lightest and most powerful eBikes out there, delivering incredible range and capability. And they’re also some of the most beautiful, costly, and difficult to get. Aside from a slightly thicker down tube where the batteries and motor are placed, it’s oftentimes difficult to tell the difference between traditional and electric-assist bikes from Specialized.

Check out the technology that supports Specialized eBikes.


Velowave eBikes

velowave ebike in review

Get the closest thing to a pedal-driven bike with a real chain, drivetrain, and minimal motor presence (except for when you want it). Not only does Velowave offer a variety of eBike models to choose from, but this notable electric bike brand also uses high-quality components that will make your ride more smooth, more dependable, and more enjoyable. 

Take an in-depth look into five of the best Velowave eBikes.


Trek eBikes

best ebike brand Trek

Right up there with other notable eBike brands like Specialized and Cannondale, Trek also has an impressive roster of some of the top electric road and mountain bikes. From electric iterations of its classic Domane road frame to its full-suspension eMTB Fuel EXe, there are several reputable podium toppers from Trek that worth calling out.

The new page on Trek eBikes is in development. Until then, see all electric bikes from


Wing Bikes

Wing Bikes Freedom 2 Electric eBike

Wing Bikes is a highly-creative brand on the eBike scene that produces elegantly designed but performance-minded at an honest price point, especially given the quality control. Known for its urban commuter frame design, secure anti-theft features, and premium ride quality, Wing Bikes is a highly-reviewed eBike brand that has several options, ranging from traditional commuter to fat tire ripper.

Read the full post on Wing Bikes.


Buzz eBikes

Buzz eBike Brand

Of all the eBike brands, Buzz is a reputable company that delivers on performance, capability, and fun. Buzz eBikes are recognized for their dependability and ease of use and maintenance, offers some of the best beginner-friendly electric bikes that are easy and comfortable to ride. Take a closer look at two noteworthy options from this solid eBike brand.

Check out more about Buzz eBikes.


Rad Power Bikes

rad electric bikes - best eBike brands

With most builds delivering 750-watt power, Rad Power Bikes deliver high acceleration and fun-to-ride capability, especially for commuters and city dwellers. Rad’s best electric bikes come in a wide range of models, including a commuter bike, folding bike, utility/cargo bike, and adventure-friendly fat tire bike. Well-reviewed and competitively priced under $2k, Rad Power bikes has earned a reputation for some of the best eBike products on the market. 

Learn more about Rad Power Bikes


Is an eBike Right for You?

eBikes are all the rage these days and for many good reasons. eBikes serve a practical purpose in many ways, from accessibility and utility to training and being able to cover more ground. For some athletes who are either aging or recovering, eBikes provide an accessible solution to get out ride without demanding as much from the body.

And from a utility point of view, electric bikes are a great alternative to automobiles and public transportation for short commutes. They’re highly eco-friendly and can be efficient for navigating otherwise busy streets, especially if you live in a city. eBikes also make bike commuting a lot more feasible in areas with a lot of hills, hot weather, or rough terrain. 

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