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Heybike eBikes

heybike electric bikes

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HeyBike was founded with a passion for technology and cycling. Following the rise of eBikes and other electric gadgets, Heybike founder took to forming a business built around quality cycling experiences combined with modern technology to make improvements to traditional bicycles.

Heybike produces fat tire folding eBikes, step-thru design eBikes, and commuter eBikes. Heybike eBikes represent the full capabilities of the eBike revolution. 

1. Tyson

Heybike Tyson eBike

Heybike is proud to announce the launch of Tyson, their latest and most advanced eBike model yet. Made from magnesium alloy with sleek, seamless lines, Tyson is designed to make a statement with its distinctive aesthetic. With a maximum speed of 28mph, hydraulic front fork suspension, and disc brakes, Tyson is built to offer riders a smooth and safe experience.

Tyson is equipped with a 4A fast charger that saves you time and energy, and its 48V/15AH large-capacity battery offers a maximum cruising range of 40 miles in pure electric mode and 55 miles in pedal-assisted mode. The detachable battery uses Samsung battery core technology, ensuring reliability and performance.

As the ideal commuter eBike, the Tyson is one of the top foldable electric bikes you can buy. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a bike that folds down to fit your car—but can also make your commute faster and less taxing.

  • Motor: 750W Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery: 48V 15Ah(Removable Battery & Fast Charger)
  • Range: 55 Miles (Pedal Assist)
  • Top Speed: Up to 15.5 mph electric assist
  • Bike Fit: 5’5″ – 6’6″
  • Total Weight: 77 lbs 
  • Price: $1,699

See more information about the Tyson eBike or purchase directly from Heybike.

2. CityRun

Heybike CityRun eBike

CityRun is the perfect eBike for commuting. The Heybike CityRun stands out for its safety and security features. The Heybike CityRun is a high-end Class 2 electric bike for commuting that features large and ultra-durable 26-inch by 2.5-inch tires, a hydraulic suspension front fork.

The Heybike Cityrun also has an accompanying iOS and Android smartphone app with ways to customize your bike, turn it on and off, and even track your rides and ride history. It’s a very capable eBike that will appeal to commuters.

  • Motor: 500W rear hub
  • Battery: 48V with 4-5 hour charge time
  • Range: 55 miles with pedal assist, 40 miles throttle
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Bike Fit: 5’4″ – 6’5″
  • Total Weight: 61.7 lbs 
  • Price: $1,299

See more information about the CityRun eBike or purchase directly from Heybike.

3. Brawn

Heybike Brawn eBike

Brawn is a fat tire eBike that’s designed for all-terrain conditions. Built for adventure, the Brawn provides extended range and ample power for long rides. Brawn features a powerful motor, an integrated battery, and motorcycle-style forks to take on the roughest terrain. The bike also has an adaptive headlight for safety and visibility during night rides.

Hydraulic on all fronts, the Brawn has a hydraulic front fork, hydraulic seat post, and hydraulic disc brakes that together provide a comfortable ride on any terrain. The Heybike Brawn has a top speed of 28mph and can carry a maximum load of 400lbs

  • Motor: 750W Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery: 48V 4A with 4-5 hour charge time
  • Range: 65 Miles (Pedal Assist)
  • Bike Fit: 5’8″ – 6’6″
  • Total Weight: 78.3lbs 
  • Price: $1,599

See more information about Brawn eBike or purchase directly from Heybike.

4. Mars

Heybike Mars eBike

Mars is the one of best folding eBikes for rugged conditions. As an underdog among the eBike, Mars is an affordable option that provides ample range and capability. 

The Mars is designed for off-road use and has front adjustable suspension and a steel frame. It has a top speed of 20mph and is designated Class 2 for its speed. With 4-inch wide fat tires, the Mars offers superior traction and stability compared to conventional eBikes. It also features a Shimano 7-speed system that allows riders to customize their ride performance.

  • Motor: 500W
  • Battery: 48V 
  • Range: 48 Miles Pedal Assist
  • Bike Fit: 5’3″ – 6’3″
  • Total Weight: 66 lbs 
  • Price: $949

See more information about the Mars eBike or purchase directly from Heybike.

About Heybike® eBikes

Heybike is committed to bringing innovations to the marketplace and expanding product lines to meet the needs of its customers, fostering a lifestyle that brings people together and makes travel easy. 

For more information on Heybike’s latest eBike products and to stay up to date on news from the company, visit and follow the brand on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. To test ride the Heybike or learn more, visit your local dealer.

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