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Wing Bikes

Wing Bikes Freedom ST and What We Like About Wing Electric Bike Models

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Wing Bikes is an innovative brand on the electric bike scene that makes some of the most beautiful and functional eBikes on the market. If you’re in the market, the Freedom series is worth a glance.

Characterized by its urban commuter frame design, secure anti-theft features, and premium ride quality, Wing Bikes has quickly become a highly-reviewed eBike brand that offers several awesome options. Each electric bike is equipped with a Shimano drivetrain and groupset, so these models are quality-built to last.

In this post, we discuss a few standout Wing electric bike models, putting the spotlight on the Freedom ST, Freedom 2, and Freedom Fatty 2. Take a quick look at the features, specs, and price points of each bike.

Wing Freedom 2 

Wing Bikes Freedom 2 Electric eBike

The Freedom 2 is a flagship electric bike model from Wing. It has an extended top tube that’s reminiscent of European commuter bikes that you’ll often see cruising the cobble streets of Amsterdam. 

But unlike the Dutch roadsters, the Wing Freedom 2 is an electric bike that comes equipped with a powerful motor and long-range battery, and it can handle any terrain, whether it’s city streets or mountain trails. 

Easy for beginners to ride, it is the perfect commuter bike that offers built-in anti-theft capabilities, an easy-to-read display screen, and essential accessories like front and rear lights, a remote lock, and tamper detection. It’s also simple to assemble, so you don’t need to take it to your local bike shop to have it built. 

Freedom 2 Electric Bike Specs

Battery Range/Sizes: With its 8.8-ah battery, it has a range of up to 35 miles (56 km), making it perfect for middle-distance commutes. If you need even more power, you can step up to a 10.4-ah battery for an additional $200 which provides 45-mile range (72 km) . And with its 14-ah battery, the Freedom 2 eBike has a range of up to 65 miles (97 km), making it one of the most versatile electric bikes on the market.

Electric Motor: It’s equipped with a 36V/550W Bafang rear hub motor that gives it plenty of power to tackle any terrain. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride no matter where you go. The motor is also relatively quiet, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing the peace when you’re out on your eBike.

Total Weight: At only 39 pounds, this bike is easy to carry and maneuver, making it a great option for those who want to get around without having to worry about the weight of the bike. Additionally, the Wing Freedom 2 eBike is made with a durable frame that can withstand plenty of wear and tear, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a bike that will last.

Top Speed: The Wing Freedom 2 eBike is a high-speed electric bike that can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. It has a powerful motor that makes it ideal for commuting or running errands around town.

Tires: The Wing Freedom 2 eBike comes with puncture-resistant Kenda tires in black, and puncture-resistant Innova tires for the gray model. These tires are 26 x 1.75 inches in size, so while more road and gravel bike leaning, you can virtually ride over any terrain with these tires without having to worry about getting a flat.

Price: Starts at $1,198

If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable eBike that can take you anywhere you want to go, the Wing Freedom 2 is a perfect choice.

Get the Freedom 2 direct from Wing Bikes

Wing Freedom ST

Wing Bikes Freedom ST Electric eBike

Take the extended top tube out of the frame design of the Freedom 2 and you have the Wing Freedom ST (“ST” standing for “Step Thru”). For many electric bike riders, this open frame allows for easy mounting on and off the bike (especially if you have tight hips or limited mobility getting on a bike.) 

The Freedom ST is perfect for commuting, running errands, or exploring the great outdoors. The bike’s lightweight aluminum frame and powerful motor make it easy to ride up hills and navigate city streets, while its intuitive controls and comfortable saddle make it easy to ride.

The Wing Freedom ST is a sleek and stylish electric bike that’s perfect for commuting. With its mindful engineering and easy-to-ride design, it’s ideal for beginners. Plus, with Wing’s anti-theft and tamper detection abilities, it’s a great choice for those who want to keep their bike safe.

Freedom ST Electric Bike Specs

Battery Range/Sizes: Like the Freedom 2, the ST electric bike from Wing comes with three battery size options to choose from, each providing a different range. The 8.8 Ah battery offers up to 35 miles (56 km) of range, while the mid-size 10.4 Ah power pack provides up to 45 miles (72 km). Finally, the most powerful 14 Ah battery gives you up to 60 miles (97 km) of range on a single charge.

Electric Motor: It’s equipped with a 550 W motor and it has a maximum torque of 45 Nm. It’s not quite as powerful as the Freedom 2 but is plenty for any regular rider.

Total Weight: One of the things that make the Freedom ST so great is its weight. At just 39 lb., it’s one of the lightest commuter eBikes out there. This makes it easy to carry around and also means that you won’t have any trouble getting up hills.

Top Speed: This electric bike can reach speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. It’s perfect for those who want to get around town quickly and easily or for those who enjoy a challenge on the open road.

Tires: The Kenda tires on the Freedom ST eBike provide excellent traction and a comfortable ride. They can handle any terrain, whether it’s pavement, gravel, or even sand.

Price: Starts at $1,398

Purchase the Freedom ST direct from Wing Bikes

Wing Freedom Fatty 2

Wing Bikes Freedom Fatty 2 Electric eBike

If you’re looking for a fat tire eBike that offers both utility and capability, the Wing Freedom Fatty 2 is worth checking out. Both Wing’s Freedom S2 or Freedom X frames can be equipped with a fat tire option, each offering different display screens and torque/cadence sensors. Both of these eBike models have the same “Freedom” urban commuter frame design, but the Freedom X has slightly more advanced features.

Equipped with hefty Kenda Krusader 4-inch wide tires and a small wheel diameter of just 20 inches, Wing’s fat tire eBike option delivers optimal rolling over rougher terrain. Driven by Shimano groupset and drivetrain, the Freedom Fatty 2 is a quality-centric electric fat bike with a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Freedom Fatty 2 Electric Bike Specs

Battery Range/Sizes: The bike comes with two different battery options – a 10.4ah battery that powers it for 35 miles and a 14ah battery that powers the bike for 50 miles on a single charge. With its powerful motor and large battery, the Freedom Fatty 2 is the perfect fat tire eBike for riders who want to enjoy a long day out on the trails or for those who simply want a reliable way to get around town.

Electric Motor: It’s equipped with a 36V/750W Bafang or Wing custom motor that offers plenty of torque, making it ideal for tackling tough terrain. A 750W electric motor also means that you’ll be able to ride for longer and with less effort.

Total Weight: The Fatty 2 eBike weighs approximately 45 pounds. This makes it one of the lighter electric fat bikes on the market, which is a big selling point for many customers. Its light weight also makes it easier to transport and store.

Top Speed: This electric bike has a top speed of 28 MPH, making it a great choice for those who want to shred all terrains at higher speeds. With its powerful motor and large battery, the Freedom Fatty 2 eBike can take you where you want to go quickly and easily.

Tires: The Wing Freedom Fatty 2 eBike comes with Puncture Resistant Kenda Krusader tires (20” x 4”). These tires are designed to resist punctures and provide a comfortable, smooth ride.

Price: Starts at $1,298

Purchase the Freedom Fatty 2 directly from Wing Bikes

Final Thoughts on Wing’s Electric Bikes

If you’re thinking of buying an electric bike, Wing Bikes is a unique brand in the eBike scene that’s worth a look. Not only are Wing electric bikes affordable, but they don’t compromise on performance or aesthetics. 

Wing Bikes offer great options for those looking for an urban-centric eBike with an innovative design, strong quality control, and plenty of power. Wing also has a respectable online reputation and strong product review backing. We really like Wing eBikes for their beautiful and functional design but at a price point that’s still fairly mid-range for today’s bikes.

For more info, see all of Wing Bikes.

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