cyclist getting the most of triathlon coaching

Getting the Most Out of Your Coaching Experience in 2023

This article was contributed by coach Jeff Lukich of Drive Multisport, LLC. 2022 is wrapping up, and your first race will be here before you know it. You have signed up for that big event and hired a coach to help you meet your training and race goals. Now what?  Triathlon and run coaching are an investment and might even be considered a luxury for some. If you’re putting your hard-earned cash down for a coach, how do you ensure you get the very best from your coaching experience?    First things first – communication is key!   Communicating with your coach. It sounds… Read More »

garmin solar bike computer is the best gifts idea for a triathlete

Best Gifts for Triathletes: Buyer’s Guide

13 awesome gift ideas for the triathlete in your life  Finding the best gifts for triathletes is easy. There are three sports involved, so you can tap into a wider range of gift ideas. From the latest in cycling tech, footwear, watches, and wearables, there’s an abundance of awesome gift options for the triathlete in your life. We’ve done the homework for you. Even if you’re beloved triathlete already has one of these items, it’s likely they’ll appreciate and hold onto the upgrade. Let’s dig into our recommendations for the best triathlon gifts you can’t go wrong with.   1.… Read More »

chicago triathlon prep

Preparing for the Chicago Triathlon

The Chicago Triathlon has become one of the nation’s most well-known multisport events that attracts thousands of triathletes from across the world to the city of Chicago.  Taking place in downtown Chicago during the last weekend in August, the Chicago Triathlon draws both a competitive and beginner playing field, merging one of the largest community gatherings in the multisport world.  As part of the Life Time brand and family of events, the Chicago Triathlon is a widely-recognized short-course triathlon event that features a Sprint distance and International (Olympic) distance event. There’s also a Super Sprint, Kids Tri, or the option… Read More »

negative self talk

Have a Bad Race or Training Session?

How Successful Endurance Athletes “Flip the Script” on Negative Self-Talk This article was co-authored by coach Jeff Lukich of Drive Multisport, LLC and Maria Simone of No Limits Endurance Coaching It’s normal to have negative self-talk after a bad workout or race – It’s only human.  It’s just impossible to think “happy thoughts” all the time.  In fact, it can sometimes be counterproductive because forcing ourselves to do so can be a form of denial and prevent us from truly addressing our concerns.   Successful athletes are able to quickly “flip the script” and reframe their thinking.  When we can reframe our thinking,… Read More »

Chris Hauth Weekly Word Podcast

Chris Hauth’s “Clarity, Intention, Purpose” for Ultra-Distance Training & Life

You may know Chris Hauth as a highly-regarded, Zen-like ultra-distance athlete who competes and coaches athletes in a myriad of events. Or you may know him as an Olympian swimmer, IRONMAN champion, ultra adventure athlete, or a noteworthy guest on the Rich Roll Podcast. In 2016, Chris published the first episode of The Weekly Word Podcast. The podcast initially started as a way for Chris to communicate to his athletes and followers, but quickly grew to be a popular podcast for those seeking valuable, actionable, and inspiring content surrounding the ultra-endurance journey.  Fringing on being a mindfulness life coach, Chris… Read More »

quadrathlon events races distances swimming kayaking running cycling

What’s a Quadrathlon?
Events, Distances, and Race Formats

Under-recognized as a genre-defying level-up from triathlon, quadrathlon is a unique multisport event comprised of four disciplines in the order of swimming, kayaking, cycling, and running. Quadrathlon is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for several decades and even has a few governing bodies, mostly across Europe. But for most endurance and multisport athletes, the concept of a 4-discipline quadrathlon event is entirely novel and highly enticing. It’s becoming more and more common to see unconventional triathlon events that include alternative disciplines, like paddling, hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing. These multisport events typically take the shape of the surrounding terrain… Read More »

Inside Tri Show Triathlon Podcast

Helen Murray’s “Inside Tri Show” Makes Waves in the Triathlon Podcasting World

The Inside Tri Show, one of the newest and most prolific triathlon podcasts, celebrates one year by logging its 53rd episode this November. “This is just the start,” says Helen Murray, host of the UK-based Inside Tri Show podcast which is a year old this month.  Murray Goes Full-Steam With Her Own Podcast Murray, who is a keen age group triathlete herself, launched her weekly triathlon show in November 2019, after 5 years as a co-host on another podcast.   “It’s always scary to make a change and you’re never too sure how things will turn out, or if people will… Read More »

Foundation Training

Foundation Training: The Art of the Injury-Proof Athlete

At one of his meetups in San Francisco, I was able to chat with Kona veteran and fitness guru Ben Greenfield about combating injuries. Immediately he brought-up the book Foundation Training, in which he advocates as a solid tool to become a more resilient and injury-free athlete. Coupled with a forward written by Lance Armstrong, I was compelled to give Foundation Training a try. I was sold on its potential after experimenting with a couple exercises.   “Foundation Training enabled me feel more grounded, poised, and confident to train.” More than just the next fitness fad, Foundation Training is quickly becoming a proliferated movement practice, and… Read More »

meditation better triathlete

3 Worthwhile Practices to Become a Better Triathlete

Most triathletes view their multisport endeavors as an ongoing journey of continuous self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and satisfaction. And yet, many triathletes struggle with plateauing performance, debilitating injuries, and a general feeling of stagnation in the sport. Contrary to popular practice, training harder and more often is not always the best approach when training for a triathlon. In fact, it’s a good way to burn out or get injured. Countless endurance athletes obsess over racking up miles and earning KOMs on Strava, all the while failing to neglect the purpose, science, and biomechanics behind their training. Instead of focusing on volume and… Read More »

rich roll podcast chris macca mccormack

Chris “Macca” McCormack on the Rich Roll Podcast (RRP#24)

Looking to inspire your inner triahtlete? Listen to this Rich Roll Podcast featuring pro triathlete and Kona champ Chris “Macca” McCormack. This conversation is one the most engaging triathlon chats that will have you listening from start to finish. Chris McCormack tells an incredible story of his races and career as a professional. Here’s the preview: Download the podcast on iTunes or visit for more info. Also check out our full collection of Triathlon Podcasts for more inspiration.

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