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13 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Triathletes

best gifts for triathletes

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Finding the best gifts for triathletes is easy. There are three sports involved, so you can tap into a wider range of gift ideas. From the latest in cycling tech, footwear, watches, and wearables, there’s an abundance of awesome gift options for the triathlete in your life.

We’ve done the homework for you. Even if you’re beloved triathlete already has one of these items, it’s likely they’ll appreciate and hold onto the upgrade. Let’s dig into our recommendations for the best triathlon gifts you can’t go wrong with.

1. Triathlon Smart Watch

Gone are the days of using isolated monitoring devices to track each triathlon discipline. Today’s brands now make advanced multisport watches designed specifically for triathletes, using pinpoint GPS positioning and consecutive swim-bike-run tracking, or each discipline individually.

best gifts ideas for triathlete garmin watch

One of the best upgrades currently on the market is the Garmin Forerunner 945. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and looks good. We like the Whitestone color wrist strap. It’s the perfect combination of functional and fashionable.

Find the Forerunner 945 on Amazon or see our guide on all triathlon watches.

2. Solar Bike Computer

Probably the coolest innovation to come out in the cycling gadget space is Garmin’s solar-charging bike computer, specifically the Garmin Edge 1040. Not only does it deliver top-of-the-line navigation and tracking capabilities, but it can be charged in the sunlight.

garmin solar bike computer is the best gifts idea for a triathlete

The Garmin Edge 1040 is a precise, GPS-enabled cycling computer that provides everything you’d expect in a high-end bike tracking device. Its interface is also very advanced and easy to use compared to other models.

Purchase the complete Garmin Edge 1040 on Amazon.

3. Aerodynamic Helmet

The spectrum of triathlon helmets continues to grow as cycling technology evolves every year. Next to having a fast bike, aero bars, and a quality set of wheels, the right helmet is a crucial investment in delivering aerodynamic speed gain. It’s also a fashion-forward element that literally shapes how a triathlete looks.

abus gamechanger aero helmet for road tt or triathlon

While subject to opinion and one’s own sense of style, the Abus GameChanger is a German-made aero helmet that’s perfect for triathletes who don’t want a silly teardrop triathlon helmet. It’s one of the most comfortable, lightweight, and aerodynamic helmets on the market. It also looks great and is suitable for both group rides and races alike.

Available in a wide range of color schemes, you can buy the Abus GameChanger on Amazon. We’ve also assembled a list of several other triathlon-friendly aero helmets to consider.

4. Tri Swim Goggles

New swim goggles make for the perfect stocking stuffer gift. The best goggles for triathlon are watertight, streamlined, and comfortable to wear. Most of today’s performance lenses are also polarized and anti-fog, which is essential for triathletes.

Triathlon Gift Ideas like Goggles from TYR

TYR Special Ops goggles (now in their third iteration) check all of these boxes. I own the original Special Ops frames and still use them. They’re very comfortable and have a secure watertight seal, so you can swim with confidence.

The latest tri swim goggles from TYR are the Special Ops 3.0 goggles. The polarized are available at REI and you can find several options on Amazon.

5. Carbon Wheels

While it’s not a cheap gift, it’s probably one of the best bike upgrades you can give. That’s a set of ENVE carbon wheels. For triathletes, the ENVE SES 7.8 are top-tier for aerodynamics, speed, and weightlessness. 

best triathlon gift ideas enve carbon bike wheels

Most serious cyclists and triathletes will agree that a quality set of carbon wheels is an absolute game-changer. They provide drastically noticeable speed gains on the bike and they also offer a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

You can buy the SES 7.8 direct from

6. Triathlon Saddle

The bike leg is the longest leg in the sport of triathlon. It often requires the greatest amount of training, which often calls for long hours on the bike. As such, serious triathletes deserve a high-quality saddle and not some heavy bike seat that’s just scraping by.

Fi’zi:k Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive

The Fi’zi:k Antares Versus Evo R1 saddle is a futuristic upgrade that offers plush comfort and triathlon-friendly advantages. For triathletes exiting the swim, it’s preferred for being fast-drying and well-ventilated. The Fi’zi:k Antares Versus Evo R1’s zonal comfort technology supports long hours in the saddle.

See it on Fi’zi:k Antares on Amazon or check out more of the best triathlon saddles worth a look. 

7. Smart Bike Trainer

Indoor cycling technology has leapfrogged to another dimension in interactivity and realism. With simulated bike training/racing platforms like Zwift, you can ride with your buddies from the comfort of your own home and on your own bike.wahoo kickr core best bike trainer with smart integration

Unlike spin bikes and indoor exercise bikes, bike trainers rig up your actual bike to the unit. Direct-drive trainers and “smart trainers” are great upgrades and gift ideas, as they provide a smoother, quieter, and more interactive riding experience.

As the perfect in-between, we recommend the Wahoo KICKR Core Smart Trainer, as a premium-quality, direct-drive bike trainer. Check the pricing on Amazon, Backcountry, and REI. Or see our complete list of all indoor bike trainers for more gift ideas.


8. Triathlon Wetsuit

Wetsuit technology is one area that’s constantly getting better every year. Today’s triathlon wetsuits are drastically more advanced than they used to be just a few years ago. That’s what makes a new wetsuit of the best gift idea for triathletes.

Men's Blueseventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

There are so many different options to choose from and at varying price points. So, we recommend browsing our triathlon wetsuit page to explore based on your athlete’s gender and your budget.

See our top picks for the ten best triathlon wetsuits for men and women.

9. Triathlon Pedals

Of the variety of bike pedals available, there’s one option that stands the test of time as the best for competitive triathletes. That is, Speedplay pedals and cleats.

speedplay zero aero pedals cleats clipless

For any cyclist or triathlete looking for some of the best pedals on the market, the new and improved Speedplay Zero Aero Pedals provide a sleeker profile for reduced aerodynamic drag and enhanced cornering clearance. They’re also easy to get in and out of, and they’re simple to install (no visit to the bike shop required).

You’ll want to get both the pedal and cleat combination. Find the complete kit of Speedplay Aero Zero’s on Amazon.

10. Triathlon Bike Shoes

Unlike standard road shoes, triathlon bike shoes have a more minimalist design that’s suited specifically for triathletes. They typically offer greater ventilation, power transfer, and ease of taking on and off. If your beloved triathlete is still fiddling with multi-strap road shoes, a new pair of tri bike shoes is a great gift idea.

Fizik Transiro Infinito R3 Triathlon Cycling Shoes Unisex

As a podium topper in this category, the Fi’zi:k Transiro Infinito R3 shoes are a no-brainer.  highly stiff and lightweight, optimized for power transfer and responsivity. Intuitively designed using a combination of a primary over-strap and adjustable dial of the BOA® Fit System around the ball of the foot, they’re simple, stylish, and functional. They also feel weightless yet are highly stiff and responsive, helping athletes realize their full power potential.

Purchase the Fi’zi:k Transiro Infinito R3 on Amazon. Or explore a wider range of cycling footwear options and see more triathlon bike shoes.

11. Aero Bars

Unless the triathlete in your life already has a perfectly dialed triathlon bike, then aero bars may not be a necessary gift item. But if that triathlete is still riding a standard road bike without these extra bars attached to the handlebars, then this gift idea is a must. 

Profile Design Supersonic Ergo 35c Carbon Aero Bars

The Profile Design Supersonic Ergo 35c aero bars are some of the most popular and universally applicable to almost any type of bike. They’re made of lightweight carbon fiber, easy to install, and they’ll most certainly help provide a boost in aerodynamics and speed on the bike.

Affordably priced, you buy the Supersonic Ergo 35c’s on Amazon.

12. Triathlon Running Shoes

Running footwear is another category that’s constantly evolving with new and more advanced shoe options. In the world of triathlon, that are a few standout running shoe products that have made a statement over the past year. Among them is the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2.

Saucony Endorphin Pro Women's Triathlon Running Shoes

The Endorphin Pro 2 running shoes offer exceptional support and comfort for long runs. While they’re thicker in the sole, the shoes are very lightweight and responsive yet ultra-cushy. The Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 is like running on clouds.

You can buy the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2’s in Men’s or in Women’s on Amazon.

The Triathlete's Training Bible Best Triathlon Book13. Triathlon Book

One of the most iconic triathlon training books out there is The Triathlete’s Training Bible by  Joe Friel. It’s a timeless training manual that’s both comprehensive and easy to navigate. It’s a book that both beginners and elites will find useful and inspiring.

The latest edition of The Triathlete’s Training Bible includes training plan worksheets and targeted workouts for swimming, biking, running, and combined brick training. The book also touches on the psychology and mental aspects of training and racing, making it one of the best triathlon books and a great gift.

You can find this book on Amazon.

Do You Have Any Triathlon Gift Ideas to Share?

Do you have a wishlist going and something on that list didn’t make it to this page? Let us know your best triathlon gift ideas and contact us!

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