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Chris Hauth’s “Clarity, Intention, Purpose” for Ultra-Distance Training & Life

You may know Chris Hauth as a highly-regarded, Zen-like ultra-distance athlete who competes and coaches athletes in a myriad of events. Or you may know him as an Olympian swimmer, IRONMAN champion, ultra adventure athlete, or a noteworthy guest on the Rich Roll Podcast.

In 2016, Chris published the first episode of The Weekly Word Podcast. The podcast initially started as a way for Chris to communicate to his athletes and followers but quickly grew to be a popular podcast for those seeking valuable, actionable, and inspiring content surrounding the ultra-endurance journey.

Chris Hauth Weekly Word Podcast

Fringing on being a mindfulness life coach, Chris preaches the importance of setting intention with each session and training with awareness. He’s coined “Clarity, Intention, Purpose,” which is a simple guide to optimize mental performance and get the most of your athletic potential.

Better, Smarter, Faster, Stronger

Chris Hauth brings it back to the underlying objective to become better, smarter, faster, and stronger. He’s an advocate of being “Adventure Ready,” an admirable state of being mentally and physically prepared to embark on an ultra-distance adventure in days’ notice.

In Spring 2021, Chris published a series of podcasts that put Clarity, Intention, and Purpose (or “CIP”) in the spotlight. The series captures the essence of Chris’s training philosophy. At Better Triathlete, we think it’s required listening for any serious triathlete or endurance athlete.

Chris Hauth Ironman Coach Athlete

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Below is a collection of our favorite The Weekly Word Podcast episodes from the CIP Series as well as a couple of other Coach’s Corner episodes from the Rich Roll Podcast.

Ep 157: Intention & Clarity, Ultraman Training, Ultra Swimming

Weekly Word Podcast Ep 157 Timestamps

  • Intention & Clarity Explained – 1:07
  • 21-mile Swim Prep Across Lake Tahoe – 19:59
  • Lake Sonoma Triathlon Camp Announcement – 21:28
  • Cold Water Swim Prep & Gaining Weight – 23:12
  • You Are In Competition With The Ideal In Your Mind – 28:50
  • How To Bring Intention To A Workout When Mentally Drained – 58:03
  • You Can Only Do Your Potential – 1:02:39
  • Putting Cancelled Events In Perspective – 1:05:52
  • Cost Of Showing Up Without Intention – 1:09:27
  • How Far Should You Go With Setting Intention – 1:10:36
  • Habits For An Athlete’s Consistency – 1:15:12
  • Just Get Sh*t Done – 1:20:44
  • Ultraman Training Q&A – 1:30:51
  • Swimming Intervals vs Sendoff & Touch Time – 1:56:25
  • Closing: Anyone Can Be An Athlete – 1:59:18

Ep 158: Intention, Lessons from Ultra Events

Weekly Word Podcast Ep 158 Timestamps

  • Welcome to the Weekly Word Podcast – 1:12
  • Better Smarter Faster Stronger – 7:13
  • Awareness is the Master Skill – 14:02
  • Learn from the Experience of Others – 19:46
  • Chris’s Position on Coaching – 25:29
  • Intention Explained – 29:43
  • Four Components of Intention – 44:46
  • How We Coach – 1:00:42
  • Backbone Trail Event – 1:06:14
  • Backbone Race Report – 1:14:30
  • Lessons Learned Ultra Running – 1:28:11
  • Don’t Rush Aid Stations – 1:35:57
  • California Coast Ride Recap – 1:50:55
  • Life & Training Update – 2:01:51

Chris Hauth on the Rich Roll Podcast

RRP: Coaches’ Corner: Working Out And Working In

RRP: Winter Fitness & The Canon Of Consistency With Chris Hauth

Connect with Chris Hauth

Chris leads AIMP Coaching, an advanced program for ultra-endurance athletes. There you can find all episodes of The Weekly Word Podcast as well as more resources and information about events and things Chris is doing. He’s @AIMPCoach on Twitter and the same on Instagram.

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