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3 Best Supplements for Runners, Cyclists, and
Endurance Athletes

When figuring out the best supplements for runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes, the common denominator is recovery. Certain, high-quality supplements contain specific ingredients (and in optimal quantities) that help accelerate muscle repair and the overall recovery process. Mindful supplementation allows athletes to train more often and more effectively at target intensities. Not only can such products provide a nutritional edge for elites and professionals, but they can also be helpful tools for age groupers and average joes. Kaged is a brand that checks all of the boxes, from world-class quality to science-driven engineering. In exploring beyond your conventional protein powders… Read More »

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Can I Workout With COVID? A Coach’s Perspective

This article was contributed by coach Jeff Lukich of Drive Multisport, LLC. There is no doubt that COVID has impacted endurance sports – athletes, coaching, and events. Since 2020, COVID-19 has touched every aspect of the industry. Last week, I was on a call with several coaches from across the U.S. One coach said that 60% of his athletes had or have COVID. And many other coaches report a high number of athletes being diagnosed with the illness. The numbers are staggering, and how an athlete manages COVID could impact how quickly they can come back to the sport.  So, what do you… Read More »

Mental Cues & Practices to Better Overcome Injury

Mental Cues & Recovery Practices to Overcome Injury

For endurance athletes, chronic injuries are hugely daunting. Being out of action is incredibly frustrating, and the desire to push harder to overcome an injury can increase the risk of further damage. Sports injuries are always difficult to manage, as there’s the temptation to get back to training as fast as possible. However, often this is the worst thing you can do.  One way to manage the mental fatigue these injuries cause is to shift focus. Focus on the things that you can do and move away from thinking of all the things you can’t.  The following tips help with… Read More »

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7 Plantar Fasciitis Stretches and Exercises to Help Get You Back to Running

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common running injuries. However, with the right plantar fasciitis exercises, you can overcome the debilitating pain this issue can have on training and performance. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that results from inflammation of the tissue band under the foot, causing significant discomfort and even debilitating injury. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to treat by doing specific plantar fasciitis stretches and exercises, as well as getting ample rest. The pain caused by plantar fasciitis can sometimes ease while exercising, so it may be tempting for some runners and triathletes to… Read More »

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Somatics? Exercises to Reawaken Muscle Control & Optimize Mobility

Somatics is a rather unknown practice in the triathlon community. Somatics is a restorative practice that I like to define as a unique blend of meditation, Yin Yoga (the slow, deep stuff), and functional physical therapy. While studying Somatic education, perhaps the most powerful concept that I learned was: The muscle itself is not tight. Your mind is holding the muscle tight as a result of your behavioral patterns.  So more than just the physical process of releasing a tight muscle through stretching and myofascial release, Somatics is a mental practice of telling the mind to let go. In triathlon, optimal… Read More »

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Drink Wholesome Protein Powder [Review]

Drink Wholesome is an aptly branded line of clean protein powder products that’s breaking through the clutter of nutritional supplements. The term “clean” gets tossed around loosely in the world of nutrition and protein powders. However, Drink Wholesome’s protein powders are nothing short of clean, and they’re fully transparent about it.  Directly on the front of the product’s packaging, customers can see the real food ingredients that make up Drink Wholesome’s protein powders. They offer one vegan-friendly protein powder option that’s a chickpea-based protein powder, but the remainder of Drink Wholesome products contain egg whites as one of its protein… Read More »

Most Common Running Overuse Injuries

6 Common Running Overuse Injuries and How to Treat Them

Running is a vital aspect of many athletes’ training and livelihood. But running can also take a heavy toll on one’s body. Runners are used to having minor body aches and pains from time to time, but a running injury is an entirely different story. More than 80 percent of running injuries1 are caused by repetitive stress on certain parts of the body. And believe it or not, even pro runners and athletes still succumb to these overuse injuries. Below are six of the most common overuse injuries in runners and how to deal with them.   1. IT Band… Read More »

Common Triathlon Injuries Triathlete Injury

7 Most Common Sports Injuries That Triathletes Encounter

Triathlon is a great sport to keep active, but it is also one of the most physically exerting sports out there. The combination of running, cycling, and swimming can really push your body to the limit, and sometimes past its breaking point. Injuries are commonplace in triathlon. Triathletes expose themselves to the full spectrum of sports injuries, particularly those that involve muscle overuse and overtraining.   7 Common Triathlon Injuries Let’s take a look at some of the common sports injuries triathletes have to deal with. 1. Knee Injuries A large percentage of sports injuries involve the lower body, and… Read More »

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Hip Mobility Exercises for Cyclist, Runners, and Triathletes

While it should go without saying – hip mobility exercises are essential for high-level cyclists, runners, and triathletes. Restricted hip range-of-motion is the plague. Not only is it one of the most neglected and difficult areas to address, but hip dysfunctions can be a mysterious proponent of injury.  Here we share some of our favorite movements to free-up tight hips. By dedicating 15 minutes a day practicing some of these hip mobility exercises, you can experience wider hip range-of-motion, better glue activation, and greater efficiency in both your pedal stroke and your running stride. Even if you’re not injured, dabbling… Read More »

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What is Scapular Winging? See Exercises to Fix Scapular Dyskinesis/Winging

Summarized in simple terms, scapular winging is a movement dysfunction of the shoulder blade. A normally functioning scapula rests on the rib cage during all movements. Yet, with scapular dyskinesis, the shoulder blade comes off the rib cage. Perhaps, you or a friend, has once shown the other what crazy stuff they can do with their shoulder blade. As things go, some people can force their scapula to wing. I remember a soccer teammate in my youth who got some serious fame for it. There are two types of scapular winging: Medial Scapular Winging: the inside of the scapula lifts… Read More »

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