Science of Balance Boards for Athletes

The Science Behind Balance Boards for Athletes

Balance boards, also known as wobble boards and rocker boards, are used by many athletes ranging from surfers to runners. Not only do they come in many different styles and types, but balance boards provide a range of benefits, such as improving balance, coordination, and posture. In a general sense, a balance board can be used with many different movements and exercises, like squats and overhead presses to add stimulus and help strengthen the core. For injured athletes who are bouncing back from recovery, balance boards can also aid in rehabilitation and recovery.   Types of Balance Boards There are… Read More »

keto for triathletes

Keto for Triathletes?

Right now, keto is one of the most popular diets around. But does it work for athletes?  Some people say that keto can help you lose weight and improve your performance, while others think that it’s not a good idea for endurance athletes.  So what’s the truth? Is keto good for triathletes? Here’s what you need to know.   The Science of Keto  First, a quick introduction to the ketogenic diet. This high-fat, low-carbohydrate way of eating forces your body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.  When you cut down on carbohydrates, your body doesn’t have enough glucose… Read More »

Infrared Light Therapy for Knee Pain

Infrared Light Therapy for Knee Pain

Knee injury is common, and anyone can suffer from this at any moment. This injury takes time to heal and can severely disrupt one’s daily life. There are numerous treatments available to treat knee injuries. Near-infrared light therapy is one of the rapid solutions among them. With this therapy, one can get healed from knee injuries significantly faster without the risk of any further damage. Here, we will discuss how near-infrared light therapy can help in healing knee injuries.   Near-Infrared Therapy for Knee Pain Knee pain is caused by damage to muscle or bone cells in the knee. Therefore,… Read More »

strengthen knee ligament for injury prevention

How to Strengthen Knee Ligaments: Stretches & Injury Prevention Tips

Repetitious endurance sports come with their fair share of difficulties and one that is all too familiar for most athletes is the dreaded knee pain. Simply put, most endurance sports involve high stress put on the knees, particularly any sports that involve running and cycling.  A lot of weight and stress is put on your knee joints and this can result in damage. This impact is made worse by bad technique and general lack of experience but even the very best suffer from knee pain and knee-related injuries. Overall, 41% of sports-related injuries are knee-based with 20% related to the… Read More »

Strength Training for Triathlete Triathlon

7 Tips for the Perfect Post-Workout Routine

You’ve finished your workout, and now you’re wondering what to do next to get the best results. The post-workout routine is a crucial piece of the training puzzle that many people tend to overlook. It doesn’t end when you leave the gym, finish your last rep, or complete your last interval.  If you want to see continued results, be sure to work an effective post-workout routine into your schedule. A solid training plan will help you recover faster and reach new fitness goals sooner rather than later. Keep reading for expert advice on how to create a perfect post-workout routine.… Read More »

Remedial Massage for Triathletes

5 Ways Triathletes Benefit From Remedial Massage

For athletes, injuries are pretty common. This is especially since the physical activities they usually participate in can range from mild to intense, and athletes can easily get hurt and injured. And more so, if you’re training for a triathlon, chances are you’re using muscles for repetitive movements. They can be subjected to repetitive contractions, making your body vulnerable to certain injuries caused by overusing muscle groups.      In fact, in a study done on participants at a triathlon event, almost 70% reported at least one injury since they began their training. The same study also states that more than two… Read More »

apple cider vinegar fat burning supplement runners cyclists

3 Best Supplements for Runners, Cyclists, and
Endurance Athletes

When figuring out the best supplements for runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes, the common denominator is recovery. Certain, high-quality supplements contain specific ingredients (and in optimal quantities) that help accelerate muscle repair and the overall recovery process. Mindful supplementation allows athletes to train more often and more effectively at target intensities. Not only can such products provide a nutritional edge for elites and professionals, but they can also be helpful tools for age groupers and average joes. Kaged is a brand that checks all of the boxes, from world-class quality to science-driven engineering. In exploring beyond your conventional protein powders… Read More »

best sport protein powders for athletes

3 Best Vegan Sport Protein Powders for Endurance Athletes

Sport protein powders are a popular food supplement for endurance athletes. Especially plant-based protein powders that are often more nutrient-dense and easier to digest. Vegan sport protein powders are a quick and easy way to get key nutrients and quality protein without having to worry about the common conundrum “am I getting enough protein.”  By now, most athletes are aware their proper protein intake, especially after a training session or race, is crucial for recovery. But not all athletes are attuned to which protein powders are best to fuel their fitness endeavors. That’s where sport protein powders come into play. … Read More »

can i still exercise workout with covid

Can I Workout With COVID? A Coach’s Perspective

This article was contributed by coach Jeff Lukich of Drive Multisport, LLC. There is no doubt that COVID has impacted endurance sports – athletes, coaching, and events. Since 2020, COVID-19 has touched every aspect of the industry. Last week, I was on a call with several coaches from across the U.S. One coach said that 60% of his athletes had or have COVID. And many other coaches report a high number of athletes being diagnosed with the illness. The numbers are staggering, and how an athlete manages COVID could impact how quickly they can come back to the sport.  So, what do you… Read More »

Mental Cues & Practices to Better Overcome Injury

Mental Cues & Recovery Practices to Overcome Injury

For endurance athletes, chronic injuries are hugely daunting. Being out of action is incredibly frustrating, and the desire to push harder to overcome an injury can increase the risk of further damage. Sports injuries are always difficult to manage, as there’s the temptation to get back to training as fast as possible. However, often this is the worst thing you can do.  One way to manage the mental fatigue these injuries cause is to shift focus. Focus on the things that you can do and move away from thinking of all the things you can’t.  The following tips help with… Read More »

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