best triathlon running shoes

Choosing the Best Triathlon Running Shoes for 2022

Training for a triathlon is one of the hardest sports an endurance athlete can do. It requires a high volume of training (and recovery) hours, mental discipline, and incredible focus. It also requires using the right gear and equipment that maximize your athletic potential.  Finding the right tri-friendly running shoes for your feet is a crucial part of acquiring the right gear. With all the options and considerations, it can be a lot to navigate. Below we share some ideas on what to look for in the best triathlon running shoes.  5 Triathlon-friendly Running Shoes  If you’re on the market… Read More »

triathlon training apps

The New Wave of Triathlon Training Apps

Fitness apps are becoming increasingly popular and varied, but triathlon training apps in particular provide a greater purpose in navigating the complexities of multisport. Not only are these platforms designed to help you train more efficiently while tracking your progress, but most tri training apps are can help you organize your training plan to align with your race objectives. This is extremely helpful when training for a triathlon because the sport consists of three different unique disciplines – all of which need to be trained trained individually and in combination to effectively prepare for the rigors of triathlon. Factor in… Read More »

best triathlon watches multisport gps

12 Best Triathlon Watches for Multisport Athletes

Choosing the best triathlon watch depends on a number of multisport features and personal preferences. Watch design, user interface, heart rate, GPS, water resistance, and device connectivity are some of the most important benchmarks when researching triathlete-friendly multisport watches. But let’s be real. The triathlon watches are not cheap. Beyond GPS, multisport compatibility, and design, price is one of the biggest variables when shopping for the best triathlon watch to meet your needs. To help you narrow your search for the right triathlon watch to match your needs and budget, we’ve assembled a list of the best multisport watches organized… Read More »

drink wholesome protein powder review

Drink Wholesome Protein Powder [Review]

Drink Wholesome is an aptly branded line of clean protein powder products that’s breaking through the clutter of nutritional supplements. The term “clean” gets tossed around loosely in the world of nutrition and protein powders. However, Drink Wholesome’s protein powders are nothing short of clean, and they’re fully transparent about it.  Directly on the front of the product’s packaging, customers can see the real food ingredients that make up Drink Wholesome’s protein powders. They offer one vegan-friendly option that’s a chickpea-based protein powder, but the remainder of Drink Wholesome products contain egg whites as one of its protein sources. All… Read More »

how do clipless pedals work

Clipless Pedals & Cleats: SPD vs SPD-SL vs Look vs Speedplay

For performance-minded cyclists and triathletes, clipless pedals are a no-brainer. The real decision making comes in choosing between the different types of clipless bike pedals, such as SPD pedals, LOOK pedals, and Speedplay pedals. Just as prices vary for different pedal options, so does performance and reliability. Common styles like SPD cleats and pedals have become a household name for their dependable and universal clipless design. But when considering all factors like weight, aerodynamics, and functionality, styles like SPD-SL and Speedplay Zero Aero are standout choices for triathlon and road cycling. Use this article as a guide into the best… Read More »

best womens sleeveless cycling jerseys reviews

Women’s Sleeveless Cycling Jerseys [Review]

For women, the best sleeveless cycling jersey is one that not only looks and fits good, but also one that delivers on performance. To be breathable and cooling, wicks body moisture, minimizes drag, offers intuitive pockets, quality seams, and doesn’t irritate your skin – these features are important when shopping for any and all types of cycling jerseys. But with sleeveless cycling jerseys, sometimes the options aren’t always as plentiful.   Sleeveless Cycling Jerseys for the Win Most cycling jerseys are created from some form a synthetic fabric, like polyester or micro-mesh blend. This is why you’ll often see branded… Read More »

Sport sunscreen spray

Best Sport Sunscreen Products for Triathletes [Review]

There’s no question that most triathletes need sport sunscreen for protection from harmful UV rays. But beyond your average sun block, triathletes need use the best sport sunscreen that’s proven to be water resistant for hours on end, retaining its SPF for long bouts of training and racing.  With so many products to choose, it can difficult to pinpoint the best sports sunscreen based on your preferences. To provide insight on some of our favorite products, below we have reviewed three of the best sport sunscreens for triathletes.   What Defines the Best Sport Sunscreens? When it comes to determining the… Read More »

zinc sunscreen stick sport

SolRx Sport Sunscreen Spray for the Win [Review]

Contrary to popular belief, not all sport sunscreen sprays are created equal. In fact, there’s a broad spectrum (pun intended) of spray-on sport sunscreens that offer varying levels of protection and performance capabilities. From sweat and water resistance to “broad spectrum” (UVA and UVB) coverage, some sport sunscreen sprays are far better than others. After countless trials and ongoing research, we’ve discovered one particular sunscreen spray that takes the win. That is, SolRx sport sunscreen spray, namely the SPF 50 WaterBlock formula. Specifically designed to keep athletes protected during the rigors of training and racing, SolRx sport sunscreen spray is a… Read More »

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