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Fitness apps are becoming increasingly popular and varied, but triathlon training apps in particular provide a greater purpose in navigating the complexities of multisport. Not only are these platforms designed to help you train more efficiently while tracking your progress, but most tri training apps are can help you organize your training plan to align with your race objectives.

This is extremely helpful when training for a triathlon because the sport consists of three different unique disciplines – all of which need to be trained trained individually and in combination to effectively prepare for the rigors of triathlon. Factor in training considerations like hard days and easy days, periodization, and zone training, and the programming process can become quite a puzzle.

Beyond mastering swimming, cycling and running technique, there’s a significant mental energy invested in programming and measuring one’s training. So how do you coordinate this? How do you stay at a high performance level in all three sports in order to increase your overall performance?

This is where triathlon training apps come into play. They allow you to create training plans through sophisticated software that incorporate all sports into your triathlon training to a sufficient extent. In addition, rest periods for the recovery of the body are taken into account so as not to overexert you. Some triathlon apps also allow you to create further plans, such as for the appropriate nutrition and the like.


What to Look for in Triathlon Training Apps?

Triathlon apps can also give you concrete suggestions for specific exercises, whether for indoor or outdoor triathlon training. And some of the best triathlon apps are not just a training planner, but they also give you new incentives and ideas for a balanced and efficient training. While popular triathlon training apps like Strava, TrainingPeaks, Runkeeper, and Wiggle all serve their purpose, the next wave of options delivers a bit more.

A new and revolutionary development in the world of triathlon training apps is the use of artificial intelligence in triathlon apps. Here, the technology of intelligent algorithms is used to collect and analyze your training data and generate the perfect triathlon training plan based on it. With this type of triathlon app, your training plans are constantly and dynamically adapted to your fitness level and progress, so that you always get the perfect exercise sessions inserted into your training plan.

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One provider is TRIQ, an app that is machine-learning-ready and who have made it their mission to develop a revolutionary triathlon training app that is more of an intelligent training partner or coach than a training planner.


What are the Advantages of Using a Tri Training App?

The advantages of using a training app are diverse, and like today’s triathlon watches and wearables, they seem more useful than ever before. Probably the biggest advantage is the accountability and clarity apps provide when setting the intention for each training session. In turn, this saves both time and mental energy. 

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Triathlon training needs to be coordinated, planned, and measured on (ideally) one platform, providing clear feedback on what needs to be trained, when, and at what intensity. With a triathlon app, you can first set your goals and, depending on the app, create a plan yourself that will lead you to your goals (this requires basic knowledge of an efficient training setup) or the training app itself will create a plan that is calculated based on your goals and the time you can spend on your triathlon training. Besides saving you time, a triathlon app can also save you a lot of money, as it can also serve as a substitute for a professional coach.


AI-based & Machine-Learning-Ready Training Apps – a Revolution in Triathlon Training?

Artificial intelligence and Machine-Learning-Readiness is used in many industries in today’s age, and within these industries it is in turn used for a wide variety of purposes.

AI-based systems can now be found in the IT sector, in finance or even in medicine, where they are a great asset. So why not use this technology in sports, more specifically in triathlon and its preparation? Artificial intelligence has the advantage that it can analyze and process enormous amounts of data and make decisions based on it.

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For example, the AI in a triathlon training app can calculate exactly how fit you are at the moment, how far you are with your training progress and where you can still improve. In addition, AI-based systems take into account a wide range of influencing factors, such as your personal preferences or other appointments from work or family. Dynamically and efficiently, the system can create a training plan that is perfectly adapted to the triathlete.

This technology can revolutionize the training for a triathlon, and the best part is that it learns with you. This dynamic process allows you to create dynamic triathlon training plans that adapt just in time to you and your performance.