t2 bike to run triathlon transition

The Science Behind The Bike to Run Transition

This article was written by and originally published at As every triathlete knows, the bike to run transition can be a son of a motherless goat. A seasoned runner can be humbled to a shuffle as muscles recalibrate to different movement patterns. In this article, we are going to explore some reasons for this and some practical applications for your training to help improve T2.   Physiological Changes Triathlon running is known to be much harder than stand-alone running at the same speed. Oxygen consumption (V̇O2), respiratory frequency, ventilation rate, and heart rate are all increased especially during the… Read More »

foundation training founder exercise

Foundation Training: The Art of the Injury-Proof Athlete

At one of his meetups in San Francisco, I was able to chat with Kona veteran and fitness guru Ben Greenfield about combating injuries. Immediately he brought-up the book Foundation Training, in which he advocates as a solid tool to become a more resilient and injury-free athlete. Coupled with a forward written by Lance Armstrong, I was compelled to give Foundation Training a try. I was sold on its potential after experimenting with a couple exercises.   “Foundation Training enabled me feel more grounded, poised, and confident to train.” More than just the next fitness fad, Foundation Training is quickly becoming a proliferated movement practice, and… Read More »

best strength training endurance athletes

3 Simple Strength Training Exercises for Endurance Athletes

Most athletes embrace endurance training and strength training as two separate disciplines, which is perfectly fine and very common. As it pertains to endurance athletes, strength training can to build one’s explosive capacity and ability to generate higher power. In the case of triathlon, having greater leg strength can make climbing hills, going fast, and preventing injury all the more real. As for endurance training, the objective is obvious: increase one’s capacity to maintain a consistent level of output over a period of time. What often goes overlooked is the relationship between strength and endurance training. For triathletes, without adequate… Read More »

hip mobility exercise couch stretch

Hip Mobility Exercises for Cyclist, Runners, and Triathletes

It should go without saying – hip mobility exercises are essential for high-level cyclists, runners, and triathletes. Restricted hip range-of-motion is the plague. Not only is it one of the most neglected and difficult areas to address, but hip dysfunctions can be a mysterious proponent of injury.  Here we share some of our favorite movements to free-up tight hips. By dedicating 15 minutes a day practicing some of these hip mobility exercises, you can experience wider hip range-of-motion, better glue activation, and greater efficiency in both your pedal stroke and your running stride. Even if you’re not injured, dabbling with… Read More »

Brian MacKenzie running drills

Single Leg “Pull” Drill for Efficient Running by Brian MacKenzie of CrossFit Endurance

Author of books Unbreakable Running and Power Speed ENDURANCE: A Skill-Based Approach to Endurance Training, strength and endurance coach Brian MacKenzie demonstrates the single leg “pulling” drill for more efficient running in this short video. In essence, this leg “pull” drill  helps athletes cultivate greater efficiency in their running mechanics by helping reinforce a low-impact, mid-foot strike pattern that combats over-striding and running injuries that can result. Try this single leg pulling drill as a warm-up before your training runs. It’s an effective way to turn-on your hamstrings and develop important stride mechanics. Also note in the video how Brian… Read More »

bobby mcgree triathlon coach

The “Three Essential (Running) Drills” by Olympic Coach Bobby McGee

Coach Bobby McGee is an innovator and pioneer in running. He has introduced many different drills that help to develop proper running mechanics in all levels of athletes. There’s no doubt that doing these running drills will help make you a more efficient and stronger triathlete. In this clip from Triathlon: The Run, Volume 4 of the 5-disc USA Triathlon Training Series, Bobby McGee demonstrates “The Three Essential Drills” which will help any runner build a solid mechanical foundation.   About Coach Bobby McGee Rooted to the tagline “Grace, Gratitude, Gut,” Bobby McGee helps runners and triathletes of all calibers… Read More »

somatic pelvic clock movement

“The Clock,” a Somatic Movement Exercise for Better Running and Cycling

“The Clock,” which stems from the work of Somatic pioneer Moshe Feldenkrais, is a movement practice that’s intended to bring greater self-awareness of your hips, back, core muscles, glutes, and even your shoulders and neck. Spend about 10 minutes with The Clock after waking up or before your workout. The A.M. in particular is prime time in which your body is most receptive to realizing contractions and freeing them through the movement (priming your body for a incredible ride, run, or swim.)

voodoo flossing knee

Voodoo Flossing the Knee to Restore Muscle Tissues & Joint Mobility

Voodoo flossing the knee is one of the most effective applications of compression floss bands. This rehabilitation exercise restores muscle tissues and overall joint mobility. Use the Voodoo Floss Band from Rogue Fitness (or related product) and apply a high compression force around areas that are tight or that feel knotty or clicky along the sliding muscle surface. Combine this intense compression with basic movement to floss out the bits that are inflicting upon your performance as a triathlete. Voodoo Flossing Resources The Run Experience with Kelly Starrett  Voodoo Floss Band at Rogue Fitness

Kelly Starrett Runcolo Podcast

Kelly Starrett on Running: RunColo Podcast Interview

If you’re a runner who has yet to learn about mobility guru Kelly Starrett, then this podcast will inspire you to appreciate your next run even more. With his new book Ready to Run set to launch in October, the 200+lb ultramarathoner underscores the essence of running with proper mechanics and common issues runners encounter (and why.) The dudes over at Run Colo had Kelly on their podcast and the conversation was inspiring, enlightening, and motivating, to say the least. At, we always find it a positive experience listening to Kelly speak. Tune in to the conversation below: Sorry,… Read More »

Skate skiing for better triathlete

Cross County Skiing: The Best Off-Season Cross-Training for Triathletes

In the winter of 2012, I took-up cross country (skate) skiing. As a northern Michigan triathlete who’s accustomed to long winters, I had a good feeling that experimenting with skate skiing would evolve into something special. Sure enough, I discovered a new addiction and hobby for the cold season. Beyond offering an incredible cardio workout, cross country skiing involves a series of graceful and synchronous  movements that utilize similar muscles in swimming, biking, and running. Cross country skate skiing was both technical and engaging, yet just as liberating as opening up in the aero position on the bike. I quickly learned that… Read More »

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