Science of Balance Boards for Athletes

The Science Behind Balance Boards for Athletes

Balance boards, also known as wobble boards and rocker boards, are used by many athletes ranging from surfers to runners. Not only do they come in many different styles and types, but balance boards provide a range of benefits, such as improving balance, coordination, and posture. In a general sense, a balance board can be used with many different movements and exercises, like squats and overhead presses to add stimulus and help strengthen the core. For injured athletes who are bouncing back from recovery, balance boards can also aid in rehabilitation and recovery.   Types of Balance Boards There are… Read More »

5 Essential Dryland Strength Training for Swimmers

Swimming is one of those exercises where you use virtually every muscle. That’s why, without proper training, you’ll struggle to reach your potential as a swimmer.   In addition to training in the pool or open water, dryland strength training can help you build up the necessary swimming strength and function. But some of you are still skeptical and ask, “Is dryland strength training for swimmers really necessary?” The short answer is yes. Dryland strength training for swimmers can help you develop swim-specific motor patterns to improve your swim technique all while helping to strengthen your core. As a result, you… Read More »

slant board squat benefits

What’s a Slant Board & What are the Benefits?

While a slant board might sound like the distant cousin of a skateboard, it’s not used for extreme sports or grinding down rails at your local park. Rather, a slant board is a helpful tool for improving strength, flexibility, and helping prevent overuse injuries that are common in endurance sports.  If you’ve been training for a while, you’ve likely at least heard of slant boards before. But they’re more than just quick fixes or gimmicky pieces of equipment like many other types of training gear. At a glance, the concept behind slant boards is very simple. A slant board, which is… Read More »

Strength Training Strategies

Off-Season Strength Training Strategies You Need to Try

While many people will focus on cardio and how that will help keep them strong and doing well, you will also need to consider whether strength training as part of your routine makes a lot of sense. Strength training can be done to make the muscles stronger and will ensure that you will be able to get up and down and move around for many years to come.  People will choose to do strength training for a lot of different reasons. But you need to pick out the right strategy to help you see the best results with some of… Read More »

strengthen knee ligament for injury prevention

How to Strengthen Knee Ligaments: Stretches & Injury Prevention Tips

Repetitious endurance sports come with their fair share of difficulties and one that is all too familiar for most athletes is the dreaded knee pain. Simply put, most endurance sports involve high stress put on the knees, particularly any sports that involve running and cycling.  A lot of weight and stress is put on your knee joints and this can result in damage. This impact is made worse by bad technique and general lack of experience but even the very best suffer from knee pain and knee-related injuries. Overall, 41% of sports-related injuries are knee-based with 20% related to the… Read More »

Core Exercises for Cyclists, Runners, and Triathletes

12 Core Exercises for Cyclists, Runners, and Triathletes

For endurance athletes, the core is an essential component of functional movement and stabilization. The core includes more than just the abs. It also consists of your back, hips and hip flexors, obliques, and glutes. Think of it as if your whole midsection is your core. A strong core helps tremendously in many activities, such as running, cycling, and swimming, which are the three primary components of a triathlon. These 12 core exercises for cyclists, runners, and triathletes alike will bring variety to your workouts and help you strengthen and tone your core.   1. Russian Twists The Russian twist… Read More »

why runners lift weights and weightlifters run

Why Runners Lift Weights and Weightlifters Run

Running and weightlifting might appear to be on completely different sides of the sports spectrum. But that doesn’t mean they can’t form a symbiotic relationship.  In fact, an increasing number of athletes are discovering the performance potential in this unique partnership. Runners who lift and weight lifters who run can improve their all-round performance—if the balance is right. Together, these two very different exercise disciplines can make you a much more rounded and effective athlete.  So, why exactly do runners lift weights and weightlifters run? Well, there’s an abundance of reasons. Below, we’ll look at each one of them.  How… Read More »

Most Common Running Overuse Injuries

6 Common Running Overuse Injuries and How to Treat Them

Running is a vital aspect of many athletes’ training and livelihood. But running can also take a heavy toll on one’s body. Runners are used to having minor body aches and pains from time to time, but a running injury is an entirely different story. More than 80 percent of running injuries1 are caused by repetitive stress on certain parts of the body. And believe it or not, even pro runners and athletes still succumb to these overuse injuries. Below are six of the most common overuse injuries in runners and how to deal with them.   1. IT Band… Read More »

Common Triathlon Injuries Triathlete Injury

7 Most Common Sports Injuries That Triathletes Encounter

Triathlon is a great sport to keep active, but it is also one of the most physically exerting sports out there. The combination of running, cycling, and swimming can really push your body to the limit, and sometimes past its breaking point. Injuries are commonplace in triathlon. Triathletes expose themselves to the full spectrum of sports injuries, particularly those that involve muscle overuse and overtraining.   7 Common Triathlon Injuries Let’s take a look at some of the common sports injuries triathletes have to deal with. 1. Knee Injuries A large percentage of sports injuries involve the lower body, and… Read More »

hip mobility exercise couch stretch

Hip Mobility Exercises for Cyclists, Runners, and Triathletes

While it should go without saying – hip mobility exercises are essential for high-level cyclists, runners, and triathletes. Restricted hip range-of-motion is the plague. Not only is it one of the most neglected and difficult areas to address, but hip dysfunctions can be a mysterious proponent of injury.  Here we share some of our favorite movements to free-up tight hips. By dedicating 15 minutes a day practicing some of these hip mobility exercises, you can experience wider hip range-of-motion, better glue activation, and greater efficiency in both your pedal stroke and your running stride. Even if you’re not injured, dabbling… Read More »

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