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Swim Tubing Drill from 4-time Olympian Sheila Taormina

The Tubing Drill, demonstrated in the video below by 4-time Olympian Sheila Taormina, is a highly-effective out-of-the-pool swimming drill that can help you generate a more fluid, powerful catch in your freestyle stroke. Be sure to check out the second video below that focuses on the diagonal phase of the tubing drill.

This drill is just one of many transformative swimming drills that Sheila offers in her book Swim Speed Secrets. These are just a couple YouTube videos that underscore this competitive swim training movement. Visit to find more great drills and insights to improve your swim. Also check out some of Sheila’s drills at where a few other drills are available for you to read.


Swim Tubing Drill and the Diagonal Phase

In this Swim Speeds Secrets video, Sheila Taormina demonstrates the diagonal phase of the freestyle stroke and how the elbow and arm angle come into play.


More About Sheila Taormina

Sheila Taormina Triathlon SwimmingStarting her career as an All-American for four straight years on the University of Georgia swim team, Sheila Taormina would later mae the U.S. Olympic swim team in 1996. Taormina is among only a few athletes who have competed in four Olympic games. She also continues to be one the only female in the world to have competed in three very unique sports — triathlon, swimming, and modern pentathlon.

While swimming was a primary sport, Taormina competed at the Olympics in both 2000 and 2004 in the triathlon, her best finish being sixth in 2000 in the Olympic race. It wasn’t until 2008 when she qualified for the US Olympic modern pentathlon team.

Despite her height of just 5’2″, Taormina perfected her strong freestyle swim technique which would lead her to win gold medals in the 1996 Olympics and the 2004 ITU triathlon world championship. Her Swim Speed Series is the culmination of her years of stroke refinement, which evolved into a best-selling swimming technique guide for swimmers and triathletes alike.

Since her Olympic days, Taormina coaches all calibers of swimmers and triathletes, and conducts various of swim clinics around the world each year. Her work is deeply rooted in developing a strong underwater pull that ultimately propelled her athletic racing career. Based on her work with Swim Speed Series, Sheila Taormina also offers Swim Speed Workouts and Swim Speed Strokes in her arsenal of training guides.

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