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Men’s Triathlon Suits

pro mens triathlon suit worn by Macca

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Men’s triathlon suits come in many different styles, cuts, fabrics, and price points. In short, finding the right men’s tri suit isn’t always easy. There are a lot of options on the market, but the quality spectrum can be vast.

To help narrow your search, below are a few men’s triathlon suit recommendations that we stand behind. These triathlon suits are made by reputable brands that produce high-quality and high-performance triathlon apparel.

ROKA Gen II Elite Aero Short Sleeve Tri Suit

ROKA Tri Suit mens

The ROKA Gen II Elite Aero tri suit is a high-performance triathlon suit designed for optimized speed and comfort in all three disciplines. It features an ultra-streamlined, aerodynamic design that minimizes wind resistance and proprietary moisture-wicking, UPF 30 fabric that keeps you cool, dry, and protected after exiting the water. 

This men’s tri suit has a low-profile chamois pad for the perfect amount of comfort on the bike, as well as two rear pockets for carrying gels, shot blocks, and other small items. The front zipper provides easy-opening ventilation during the run, while the flatlock stitching reduces any friction and chafing. 

The ROKA Gen II Elite Aero is our favorite triathlon suit for men, and for good reason. 

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Castelli Free Sanremo 2 Short Sleeve Tri Suit

Castelli Free Sanremo 2 Short Sleeve Tri Suit

As a notable brand in cycling and triathlon apparel, Castelli has made a men’s tri suit that gets high praise with some of the best reviews for an Amazon option. The Castelli Free Sanremo 2 tri suit is a competitive triathlon suit that’s designed with reduced seaming for low drag in the water as well as exceptional aerodynamics on the bike.

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ZONE3 Lava Long Distance Sleeveless Tri Suit

ZONE3 Lava Long Distance Sleeveless Tri Suit Mens

The ZONE3 Lava Long Distance Sleeveless Tri Suit is designed for Iron-distance comfort and performance. This men’s tri suit features a proprietary combination of tech fabrics that provide compression, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. 

The chamois pad is made of high-density foam that provides ample cushioning during the bike portion of the race. The front zipper of this triathlon suit enables easy ventilation during the run, and the two rear pockets offer ample storage for several hour’s worth of calories.

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Do you have a men’s triathlon suit recommendation? Let us know and contact us.

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