Dan Toberman

Training to RaceDan Toberman is an experienced triathlon coach who leads Training to Race based in Huntington Beach, CA.


6 years


USAT Certified Coach

Coaching Dynamic Preferences:

Mainly online


I am and have always been an age group triathlete, but we have a diverse coaching group to help meet the diverse needs of our athletes.

From the Coach:

I am the founder of Training To Race, a community that is built for it’s members, by it’s members. After high school athletics was over, and the university I attended dropped it’s college swimming program, I still longed for a place to experience the camaraderie of being a swimmer. Naturally, I soon found myself immersed in the endurance sports community, a place where through training and on race day, camaraderie is a big part of what we do and who we are. The TTR community is just that and a place for endurance athletes to share in their success, struggles, training, and personal accomplishments along the way with guidance from coaches and fellow members.

For most age group athletes time is of the essence, so I focus on high ROI coaching techniques to give athletes a big bang for their buck, so they can prioritize their time and achieve their goals. Another main focal point of my coaching technique, is identifying athlete limiters, and focusing on those limiters to build sport specific success. I am now located in Huntington Beach, California and hope to see you at training camp and on race day!

Contact Information:

Email: Dan@trainingtorace.com
Website: TrainingtoRace.com

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