open water swimming tips

7 Tips for Improving Your Open Water Swimming Breathing

Perhaps you’ve ever gulped a mouthful of water whilst open water swimming. If so, then you’ve experienced first-hand how different breathing mechanics can be in open water. Sure, you may have mastered breathing in the controlled environment of a pool, but add howling winds, bobbing waves, freezing water, and a swarm of competitors into the mix, and you’ll quickly realize that open water breathing is a different ball game altogether. One of the key aspects of improving your open water swimming could actually come down to weight management. Because this post focuses on breathing tips, take a look at this… Read More »

what is scapular winging swimming

What is Scapular Winging? See Exercises to Fix Scapular Dyskinesis/Winging

Summarized in simple terms, scapular winging is a movement dysfunction of the shoulder blade. A normally functioning scapula rests on the rib cage during all movements. Yet, with scapular dyskinesis, the shoulder blade comes off the rib cage. Perhaps, you or a friend, has once shown the other what crazy stuff they can do with their shoulder blade. As things go, some people can force their scapula to wing. I remember a soccer teammate in my youth who got some serious fame for it. There are two types of scapular winging: Medial Scapular Winging: the inside of the scapula lifts… Read More »

Total Immersion Swimming Lessons Terry Laughlin

Total Immersion Swimming: Lessons by Coach Terry Laughlin

If you’re familiar with legendary swim coach Terry Laughlin and his groundbreaking system Total Immersion Swimming, then you’re probably well aware of the profound methodology inherent in Terry’s teachings. If you haven’t experimented with lessons and practices of Total Immersion Swimming, then you’re in for a real treat.  When you experience Total Immersion Swimming, you’ll quickly find that it is a thing of grace. This short video of Terry Laughlin demonstrating the TI swimming technique captures just that: Total Immersion Swimming has gone from humble beginnings to one of the world’s most effective and widely embraced protocols for better and… Read More »

Sheila Taormina Triathlon Swimming

Swim Tubing Drill from 4-time Olympian Sheila Taormina

The Tubing Drill, demonstrated in the video below by 4-time Olympian Sheila Taormina, is a highly-effective out-of-the-pool swimming drill that can help you generate a more fluid, powerful catch in your freestyle stroke. Be sure to check out the second video below that focuses on the diagonal phase of the tubing drill. This drill is just one of many transformative swimming drills that Sheila offers in her book Swim Speed Secrets. These are just a couple YouTube videos that underscore this competitive swim training movement. Visit SwimSpeedSecrets.com to find more great drills and insights to improve your swim. Also check out some… Read More »

Skate skiing for better triathlete

Cross County Skiing: The Best Off-Season Cross-Training for Triathletes

In the winter of 2012, I took-up cross country (skate) skiing. As a northern Michigan triathlete who’s accustomed to long winters, I had a good feeling that experimenting with skate skiing would evolve into something special. Sure enough, I discovered a new addiction and hobby for the cold season. Beyond offering an incredible cardio workout, cross country skiing involves a series of graceful and synchronous  movements that utilize similar muscles in swimming, biking, and running. Cross country skate skiing was both technical and engaging, yet just as liberating as opening up in the aero position on the bike. I quickly learned that… Read More »

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