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Katie Whidden

Kathleen Whidden Triathlon CoachKatie Whidden is co-founder of Lifelong Endurance and head strength coach for Peak Performance Running. Katie specializes in coaching triathletes and cyclists, integrating functional strength workouts, data analysis, and effective communication to successfully balance an athlete’s training schedule with their other commitments.

Katie prefers working with beginner to intermediate triathletes. She loves seeing the growth in confidence athletes new to the sport can experience with the guidance of a coach. She enjoys working with athletes training for events of varying distances and she enjoys the unique challenges each distance brings.

Coaching Experience

Since 2012


  • USAT I
  • Training Peaks Level 2


Katie’s knowledge of strength and conditioning and its application to endurance athletes is something that sets her apart from others in the field. She finds that strength is a missing piece for most endurance adults looking to take their results to the next level.

Coaching Dynamic

  • Online/remotely with athletes across the world
  • In-person with athletes local to the Golden, Colorado area

More About Katie

Coach Katie is a former division one collegiate athlete who has always made an effort to get those around her moving. Katie’s passion for coaching was fostered in high school where she would mentor younger athletes in the weight room. She draws on a wide breadth of experience and multiple certifications to help youth to masters athletes achieve their goals.

Kathleen Whidden Off-Road Triathlon Running Coach

Education alone does not make a great coach; Katie’s ability to adapt and understand her clients’ needs is what sets her apart from others in the profession. Katie looks at every workout as another opportunity to teach athletes about their body and to help guide them towards their full potential. She loves to see the transformation that can occur in an athlete’s self-confidence when they have a goal and set out to achieve it.

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