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online triathlon coaching

Better Triathlete is an online triathlon coaching platform that helps match athletes with triathlon coaches who best align with their training needs. 

For athletes, we make it easy to connect with the right coach, whether you’re a beginner triathlete, seasoned age grouper, or blooming professional. In addition to accessing some of the top triathlon coaches, athletes can also take advantage of online training resources, strength programs, and injury rehab support.


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Featured Online Triathlon Coaches

Better Triathlete is a global community of triathlon coaches who are located all over the world. While most of our coaches are based in the U.S., we can match any international athlete with a virtual triathlon coach. Learn more about some of the coaches who make up our platform.


Jeff Lukich Triathlon Endurance CoachJeff Lukich

Jeff Lukich is a virtual triathlon coach who specializes in coaching long-course multisport athletes, ultra runners, and marathoners, as well as cyclists and athletes with unique events, such as double Ironman, staged races, swim-run events, etc. He’s completed over 25 half-Ironman events and 9 full Ironman-distance races. Jeff leads the coach match program for Better Triathlete and owns Drive Multisport based in Georgia. Learn more about Jeff


Maria Simone Triathlon Coach No Limits Endurance

Maria Simone

Maria Simone is an endurance coach who leads No Limits Endurance, a virtual coaching platform for both triathletes and runners. Maria specializes in coaching long-course athletes, especially non-traditional ultra distances as well as data analysis. She works with athletes through online, in-person, and group coaching dynamics. Through No Limits Endurance, she provides virtual coaching services for a wide spectrum of athletes. Learn more about Maria


Kathleen Whidden Triathlon CoachKatie Whidden

Katie Whidden is co-founder of Lifelong Endurance and head strength coach for Peak Performance Running. Katie specializes in coaching triathletes and cyclists, integrating functional strength workouts, data analysis, and effective communication to successfully balance an athlete’s training schedule with their other commitments. Katie prefers working with beginner to intermediate triathletes. Learn more about Katie


William Ritter Triathlon CoachWilliam Ritter

William Ritter coaches triathletes and runners of all levels from beginners to elites. From short to long or 5k to marathon, track and cross country, William has an extensive background in endurance sports and has an impressive track record as an elite-level athlete. Primary operating online, William emphasizes a hands-on dynamic and provides personalized coaching with the athletes he works with. Learn more about William.


What is Better Triathlete?

find triathlon coaching for ironman near me

In addition to providing an online coach match program, Better Triathlete represents one of the most popular triathlon blogs on the web.

Better Triathlete is an online multisport community and training resource that shares insightful content across all types of endurance sports, particularly triathlon. This includes endurance and strength training, nutrition and recovery, and inspiration and guidance toward cultivating greater fulfillment in the sport.

 Better Triathlete seeks to support the multisport community with valuable content that both triathlon coaches and triathletes will appreciate. From triathlon wetsuits, bikes, and gear to podcasts, books, and training resources, Better Triathlete seeks to serve as the online triathlon authority for coaching and beyond.

As a recognized triathlon blog in the endurance space, Better Triathlete also provides coaches, athletes, and endurance enthusiasts a platform to share their wisdom and perspectives. We allow guest blogging and editorial opportunities like featured content, reviews, and other quality ideas worth spreading.


The Dynamic of Online Triathlon Coaching 

Triathlon Coaches Near Me and Online

There are a number of reasons athletes prefer virtual triathlon coaching online. Some athletes seek elite-level triathlon coaches that are not accessible in their local area. Other athletes prefer the convenience and responsiveness that comes with online triathlon coaching relationships. Whatever the motive is, an athlete can still receive professional-quality and personalized tri coaching without face-to-face interaction.

Many top athletes who seek elite-level or professional triathlon coaching will often seek out the best triathlon coaches regardless of local limitations. For more information on how to connect with some of the best triathlon coaches that provide online training programs based on a web-based coaching dynamic.


Looking for Ironman Coaching?

Ironman triathlon coaching online

Are you planning on doing an Ironman triathlon? Do you need help putting together an Iron-distance triathlon training program? We can help you find the right resources to meet your long-course objectives.

If you’re seeking an experienced Ironman coach to work with remotely via an online dynamic, then Better Triathlete can help. We can help connect you with some of the best triathlon coaches who can help to design and program an Ironman training plan fit for you.

We understand the independent nature of Ironman training – most Iron-distance athletes are disciplined, self-sustainable, and focused. This makes online triathlon coaching a great option for many athletes planning to go the distance.


Work with the Best Triathlon Coaches Online

Better Triathlon Triathlon Coaching

The following tips are benchmark considerations to keep in mind when searching for online triathlon coaches to work with. Using this framework can give your the introspective guidance needed to help find the best triathlon coach who is right for you.

Experience & Background 

There are many different triathlon coaching certifications, ranging from USAT and ASAF to ITU and Ironman. While these qualifications guarantee a baseline level of knowledge, we make sure to vet all online triathlon coaches who are part of our network.

Ultimately, it’s more important to make sure your coach’s experience and expertise align with your goals. If you’re new to triathlon, seek out coaches with experience and an emphasis on working with beginners. 

Conversely, veteran coaches might focus primarily on elite-level athletes. In many cases, these coaches have experience working with professional athletes, Olympians, and Kona qualifiers (if not having been former professionals themselves.)

Great triathlon coaches never stop learning about the sport – they stay on top of the latest studies, training techniques, and emerging trends in multisport. A good question or conversation topic is to ask a coach how or what platforms they use to stay informed and grow their sport-specific knowledge.

If you’re aiming to qualify for Kona or get your pro card, you’ll have greater success with a coach who has achieved similar outcomes with other athletes. If you’re hoping to balance a busy lifestyle while getting fit and having fun, choose a coach who knows how to be flexible and supportive. 

A little research can reveal a lot about a coach’s experience, style, and distances they specialize in. Most coaches are happy to share case studies and testimonials of athletes they’ve coached in the past.

Coaching Style

online ironman training coaching

Different athletes prefer different types of coaching styles. Are you looking for an authoritarian or morale booster? Someone who’s there to push you or rein you in?  

Determine what ultimately keeps you motivated and inspired, and look for a coach who can work with you in ways that align with those qualities. If possible, get in touch with former or current athletes and learn more about the coach’s experience and overall style. 

If a coach has a reputation for being a rigid, hard-nosed disciplinary, and you’re the type of athlete that needs a motivational push, then this coaching style could be the perfect match. 

However, if you’re the type of athlete who prioritizes enjoyment and naturally avoids any antagonism or conflict, then you may prefer a coaching style that’s more encouraging, sensitive, and morale-boosting. 

Call it “mojo,” “vibe,” or “chemistry,” take time to reflect on the coaching style that meshes best with you. It’s crucial to find a triathlon coach who resonates with you and best guides your short- and long-term success.


How frequently do you need or want feedback from your coach? Are you looking for a well-designed training plan with minimal direction or do you want to be able to communicate directly with your coach about a training plan that’s organized specifically for you? 

The level at which your coach makes his or herself available, including how frequently you hear from your coach, should be explicitly agreed upon from the very beginning. The amount of access an athlete has from one coach to another varies considerably, so be clear about what you expect and what your coach is offering.

virtual online triathlon coaching

Email, text, and phone communication enables coaches to make real-time decisions based on how their athletes respond to training and racing. Such communication has streamlined the delivery of feedback, allowing coaches to offer responsive guidance with minimal downtime. 

As a result, in-person coaching is becoming less common and is typically offered as an additional consultation – especially when it involves one-on-one form analysis and technique evaluation. Certainly, in-person interactions will always hold their value, but the dynamics in which they’re delivered are evolving.


ironman coaching online

Most triathlon coaches provide some level of guidance in each of the three sports. But if you are seeking specific improvement, make sure you find someone with relevant strengths and expertise. 

Ultimately, make sure that the coach you choose has sport-specific knowledge to help you improve on your weaknesses. Likewise, if you already have a long history in one of the three sports, find a coach who can adapt your training plan to optimize your current abilities and fitness level.

If you are one of the many multisport athletes who struggle with swimming, consider finding an experienced tri-swim coach or join local masters or related swim programs.

If you know nutrition and recovery will be a high priority for you, make sure to work with a coach, or coaching team, who can provide you with the information and feedback you need to best manage your diet, nutrition needs, and race fueling strategy.

Most coaches will highlight their strengths on their website or profiles online, or it will be inherent in their experience with other athletes. Recognizing your own strengths and limiters will offer insight into the strengths you seek in a prospective coach.


If you want to be part of a triathlon team or local club, it can be helpful to look for a coach who is nearby. Beginners who are developing skills and require greater in-person interaction can often benefit from local coaching, whether in a group or one-on-one dynamic.

While you can’t reproduce in-person and community aspects of triathlon, digital platforms provide remote alternatives for one-on-one coaching and technique evaluation. Video analysis can be conducted online to determine where athletes can make improvements. And communication platforms like Zoom and Skype bridge the gap for quality interaction between coaches and athletes.

Many athletes will still be involved with local triathlon clubs and teams, but work with a coach remotely. The growing popularity of online or virtual coaching allows athletes to partner with an individual who they truly enjoy working with, despite location differences.


The cost spectrum of coaching services is vast – loosely ranging from $50 to $500 per month depending on the relationship. In general, the more experienced and accessible a coach, the more expensive their fees. 

On the low end of the spectrum, coaches will often provide a custom training plan and offer scheduled check-ins, such as weekly calls. Conversely, high-end coaches provide more advanced programming with greater accessibility and more frequent interaction.

These are typically career coaches who give a good percentage of their time and energy to their coaching business. Whether they work with several athletes or a limited volume to dedicate ample time to each athlete, such coaches tend to have a great deal of experience. 

The most affordable option is to buy a static training plan, however, you lose the advantage of a coach’s guidance. When making decisions about the cost of your investment, be honest with yourself about how much you can afford and how your investment aligns with your goals.


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