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Contrary to popular belief, not all sport sunscreen sprays are created equal. In fact, there’s a broad spectrum (pun intended) of spray-on sport sunscreens that offer varying levels of protection and performance capabilities. From sweat and water resistance to “broad spectrum” (UVA and UVB) coverage, some sport sunscreen sprays are far better than others.

After countless trials and ongoing research, we’ve discovered one particular sunscreen spray that takes the win. That is, SolRx sport sunscreen spray, namely the SPF 50 WaterBlock formula.

Specifically designed to keep athletes protected during the rigors of training and racing, SolRx sport sunscreen spray is a high-performance product that’s convenient and easy to apply, as well as highly effective in providing enduring protection against the sun’s harmful rays.


5 Benefits of SolRx Sport Sunscreen Spray for Athletes

There’s a reason why SolRx sport sunscreen spray has earned a reputation as one of the leading products on the market. Below we discuss five benefits of the SPF 50 WaterBlock sunscreen spray from SolRx, and why it reigns atop the podium for performance sun protection.

1. Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Defense

Unlike some sport sunscreen, SolRx is one of the best sports sunscreen that athletes can depend on for broad spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The company offers a complete line of SolRx broad spectrum sunscreens with UVA/UVB defense, with its dry spray-on SPF 50 being one of the most highly-sought options among athletes.

2. 8-Hour Sweat & Water Resistant Protection

SolRx and AMA Testing Labs developed a test that would measure the water resistant performance of its WaterBlock formula. According to SolRx, the test was made “tougher than that of the FDA or any other governmental agency in the world.”

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The test would measure the sunscreen’s SPF rating after 8 hours of water immersion (using SolRx SPF 30 formula.) AMA Labs has confirmed that SolRx WaterBlock sport sunscreen spray retained over its SPF 30 rating after being immersed in water for an 8 hour period of time. How do you like them apples?

3. Easy, Dry Spray Application spf 50 spray sunscreen

Like mentioned above, SolRx SPF 50 WaterBlock spray sunscreen is a dry application that allows for optimal absorption that stays on the skin. Although all types of sport sunscreen demand some degree of rubbing-in, this sunblock doesn’t require much. Just give it a few sprays over the skin and a quick rub, and you’re good to go. When it comes to quick, spray-on sunscreens in the transition area, SolRx SPF 50 WaterBlock is the best sport spray sunscreen we’ve found.

4. Reef-Safe Sport Sunscreen

Many types of sport sunscreen easily wear off and deposit into the earth’s oceans. This has a direct negative impact on the already vulnerable reefs.

Parallel with its 8+ hour water resistance capabilities, SolRx doesn’t wear off into the water. It’s among few sport sunscreens that stay on the wearer without depositing into the water, harming the ocean’s coral reefs in the process.

5. Rigorously Tested & Internationally Recognized

SolRx has a reputation that extends far beyond the states. As one of the few sunscreens that’s been undergone rigorous testing by AMA Labs for it performance features, SolRx is world leader sport sunscreen products.


Stick to the Best Sport Sunscreens

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There’s no question that most triathletes need sport sunscreen for protection from harmful UV rays. The average sun block doesn’t always cut it. Triathletes need an adequate sport sunscreen that’s not only designed to be water resistant, but is broad spectrum, reef safe and comfortable.

  • Broad Spectrum: This means the sunscreen will protect you from UVA and UVB rays, the two primary types of UV light that can harm your skin. According to Mayo Clinic, the best sunscreen offers protection from all UV light. While UVB rays burn the skin over time, UVA rays can prematurely age skin, causing sports and wrinkling. Too much exposure to either type can cause skin cancer. 
  • Water Resistant: This measured by how well SPF is maintained when exposed to water or sweat. Mayo Clinic categorizes high-performing sunscreens wehn SPF is maintained for 80 minutes.
  • Reef Safe: According to the National Geographic, 14,000 tons of sunscreen are deposited into the oceans each year. Pollution from sunscreen is a major contributor to the world’s quickly depleting coral reefs. 

SolRx is a global brand that’s been designed by athletes, for athletes. And when it comes to triathletes and endurance athletes alike, it’s one of the best sport sunscreens on the market. To learn more about SolRx, connect with the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.