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Tyler Tafelsky is the creator and lead editor of Better Triathlete.

What started as a simple triathlon blog back in 2014 has since evolved into a growing community of triathlon coaches and athletes alike.

Initially, Tyler used the blog to share short posts of his favorite triathlon podcasts, YouTube videos, triathlon bikes, and other interesting pieces that he stumbled upon.

Later on, Better Triathlete shifted focus to feature in-depth content related to triathlon training, coaching, recovery, and injury prevention.

While Better Triathlete retains its integrity as a triathlon blog, it has grown to become a frequently visited triathlon resource for many intents and purposes.

From helping connect athletes with coaches to providing tri-specific strength and recovery guides, the site is now a trusted triathlon platform for a range of individuals interested in triathlon


More About Tyler Tafelsky

The Tyler Tafelsky

Tyler has been a multisport athlete since 2009 when he cultivated an interest in triathlon. The triathlete lifestyle was a passion for a few years before injuries interrupted the picture.

The journey from top age grouper to injury-ridden athlete presented many opportunities to learn and grow. Tyler quickly became educated in rehabilitation and strength protocols, all while learning how to become a stronger and more efficient athlete.

While training swim-bike-run and racing triathlon remains fundamental to Tyler’s life today, other endeavors like ultra-distance racing, adventure cycling, and bikepacking have become new passions.

Aside from operating as lead editor for Better Triathlete, Tyler is a freelancer who provides expertise in search marketing, content strategy, and freelance copywriting services. He also works with The Gray Dot Company as director of copywriting and content strategy.

You can learn more by visiting Tyler Tafelsky’s website

Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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