Author of books Unbreakable Running and Power Speed ENDURANCE: A Skill-Based Approach to Endurance Training, strength and endurance coach Brian MacKenzie demonstrates the single leg “pulling” drill for more efficient running in this short video. In essence, this leg “pull” drill  helps athletes cultivate greater efficiency in their running mechanics by helping reinforce a low-impact, mid-foot strike pattern that combats over-striding and running injuries that can result.

Try this single leg pulling drill as a warm-up before your training runs. It’s an effective way to turn-on your hamstrings and develop important stride mechanics. Also note in the video how Brian underscore the importance of pacing among athletes and how repeats can help. We’ll definitely have more great insights from Brian in future posts on


More About Brian MacKenzie’s Running Philosophy

Brian MacKenzie running drillsBrian MacKenzie is the creator of CrossFit Endurance, a training ideology that’s earned the likes of amateur and pro marathoners and ultra athletes, Navy SEALs, and stroller-rolling fitness moms. Today there are well over 100 CrossFit Endurance groups in cities worldwide since the program launched back in 2008. MacKenzie’s principles are rooted to a run less, train smart philosophy.

While drawn to much criticism from distance running pros who swear by the volume training, Brian MacKenzie debunks conventional ideas by emphasizing the best way to train for a long-distance event is to run less and develop yourself more in the gym. This involves CrossFit style weight lifting as well as copious high-intensity speed work. While many triathletes and endurance athletes fear that weight lifting adds bulk and slows you down, recent science shows that if you approach this training philosophy right, you become dramatically stronger and more powerful without adding body weight.

Brian MacKenzie offers a unique perspective on endurance training that takes a more minimalist, strength-centric approach. He’s also and advocate of the Pose Method®, an interesting running program in itself.

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