Coach Bobby McGee is an innovator and pioneer in running. He has introduced many different drills that help to develop proper running mechanics in all levels of athletes.

There’s no doubt that doing these running drills will help make you a more efficient and stronger triathlete. In this clip from Triathlon: The Run, Volume 4 of the 5-disc USA Triathlon Training Series, Bobby McGee demonstrates “The Three Essential Drills” which will help any runner build a solid mechanical foundation.


About Running Coach Bobby McGee

bobby mcgree triathlon coachRooted to the tagline “Grace, Gratitude, Gut,” Bobby McGee helps runners and triathletes of all calibers break through barriers and progress to the next level. Since the late 1980’s, Bobby McGee has been involved in endurance coaching, with experience working with Olympic athletes and individual amateurs alike.

Running coach Bobby McGee emphasizes three important components of endurance training, which you can learn more about at

The first component is addressing running mechanics. “Teach yourself to run effectively and to avoid injuries in order to race at your optimum level.” This involves cultivating a strong sense of self-awareness of your own movement patterns and running mechanics.  

Secondly, observe how you train. “What is it about your training that’s holding you back? Is there a way that you can train better?” An introspective look at your training behaviors, routines, and overall programming can be an enlightening exercise.

Lastly, tackle the mental blocks that hold you back from achieving your goals. “How can you unleash the power of your mind to get you to race effectively?” So much of running and triathlon training is mental. Understanding what’s holding you back from progressing is a pivotal turning point in transforming as an athletes.