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Best Triathlon Wetsuits Worth Trying Out

Triathlete swimming in the best triathlon wetsuit  from blueseventy

10 Top-Rated Tri Wetsuits for Men & Women

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an elite swimmer. Having a good triathlon wetsuit makes all the difference with open-water swimming. But with so many swimwear brands to choose from, it can be difficult to wade through all of the options.

If you have no clue where to start, see our triathlon wetsuit guide first. There you’ll find info and guidance on where to narrow your search. In terms of the best products on the market, this post highlights 10 top-rated picks for men and women.

Keep in mind that any triathlon wetsuit you purchase should meet USAT and IRONMAN wetsuit rules. Here are some of the best triathlon wetsuits that meet these requirements. Jump to:

Best Men's Wetsuits for Triathlon
Best Women's Wetsuits for Triathlon

Best Men’s Triathlon Wetsuits

ORCA Triathlon Wetsuits for Men

With input from our squad of triathlon coaches, we’ve narrowed down the best triathlon wetsuits for men. These recommendations are based on the current suits we’re using, featuring some of the most trusted brands in triathlon.

1. ROKA Maverick X2 Triathlon Wetsuit

ROKA Maverick X2 Triathlon Wetsuit for Men

If you’re truly looking for a top-tier men’s triathlon wetsuit, then the Maverick X2 from ROKA is probably it. The X2 is a front-runner and podium topper, and it’s the top choice among many elite professionals in IRONMAN and 70.3 triathlons.

Designed with seven liners around the core, the Maverick X2 is specially engineered for power transfer with its stiff, rigid midsection. The outcome is a more efficient and faster swim stroke with the same power output. Competitive athletes will feel the difference.

2. Blueseventy Helix Triathlon Wetsuit

blueseventy Helix Men's Triathlon Wetsuit

The Blueseventy Helix is tested to be one of the fastest triathlon wetsuits available. In addition to speed, it is engineered for maximum allowed buoyancy, shoulder flexibility, and swim-to-bike transition efficiency. Between its intricately designed neoprene paneling and upper mobility for freestyle, it’s one of the most comfortable and compliant wetsuits for men.

The Blueseventy Helix is meticulously tailored to displace greater neoprene thickness and buoyancy in the core and upper legs and less in the shoulders and back, thereby enabling an optimal range of motion and body rotation. This is evident in Blueseventy’s Torsion Stretch Technology (TST) and unique construction that aids natural rotation.  

This 7th-generation wetsuit is not a budget option, but it’s very worth it for competitive triathletes.

3. Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit

Zone3 Vanquish Triathlon Wetsuit for Men

The Zone3 Vanquish wetsuit is designed for serious athletes who want to give themselves a competitive edge. Made with high-quality, ultra-thin 0.3mm Yamamoto BRS SCS neoprene, the Vanquish is incredibly lightweight and buoyant, helping you easily move through the water.

The Pro Speed Cuffs make it easy to take the wetsuit on and off, while the SCS nano-coating reduces drag and increases speed. It’s the perfect complement to Zone3’s triathlon goggles.

To conclude, the Vanquish Wetsuit is perfect for triathlons, as it increases speed and reduces fatigue. It is also ideal for open water swimming, as it provides warmth and protection from the elements.

4. ROKA Maverick Pro II

Roka Maverick Pro 2 Triathlon Wetsuit Mens

Designed for competitive triathletes, the ROKA Maverick Pro II (second generation) is better than before. It’s tailored with several freestyle-specific patents, including ROKA’s ARMS-UP™ design that enables unrestricted shoulder mobility and the RS2™ centerline buoyancy profile that facilitates optimal body rotation.

As one of ROKA’s fastest and most comfortable triathlon wetsuits, the Maverick Pro II features a more advanced buoyancy construction for streamlined body position and quick-release ankle panels for efficient T1s. It’s also made with the most premium Yamamoto neoprene and high-glide, durable SCS nano-coating.

There’s a reason why ROKA’s Maverick Pro II triathlon wetsuit has a 4.8 average star rating out of 5 stars (across over a hundred reviews) and is an IRONMAN swimwear partner. The quality is second to none and gets every bit of what you pay for.

The Maverick Pro II is a high-end men’s triathlon wetsuit, but it’s worth the investment if you take your swimming seriously.

5. Blueseventy Reaction Wetsuit

Men's Blueseventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

The perfect balance of performance, functionality, and versatility, the Blueseventy Reaction is an elite-level triathlon wetsuit that’s designed to maximize your potential in the water.

Like most Blueseventy tri wetsuits, the Reaction has been upgraded with a thinner neoprene thickness in the shoulders for optimized shoulder mobility, and strategically displaced neoprene thickness paneling in the core, sides, and back encourages natural body rotation and optimized buoyancy.

There’s a reason why the Reaction is such a well-reviewed swimming wetsuit.

Best Women’s Triathlon Wetsuits

ORCA Triathlon Wetsuits for Women

For women, finding the perfect triathlon wetsuit can feel like Goldilocks trying to find the right bed or perfect temperature of porridge. But instead of three options to choose from, you have at least twenty.

Below you’ll find a handful of coach-selected picks that we recommend as some of the best triathlon wetsuits for women.

1. ROKA Maverick X2 Triathlon Wetsuit

ROKA Maverick X2 Triathlon Wetsuit for Women

Indisputably one of (if not the) best women’s triathlon wetsuits, the ROKA Maverick X2 takes wetsuit technology to another dimension.

7% more buoyant compared to the Maverick line’s entry-level Comp suit, the women’s X2 is like a second skin. It’s the wetsuit of choice for professional triathlete (and fastest IRONMAN swimmer) Lucy Charles-Barclay.

The core is composed of seven different liners to make a stiffer and more responsive exoskeleton. In short order, this facilitates greater power transfer and efficiency, enabling swimmers to go longer and faster at the same relative effort.

2. Blueseventy Reaction Wetsuit

Women's Blueseventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

The Blueseventy Reaction is an elite-caliber triathlon wetsuit for women that provides the right balance of performance and comfort. Women will appreciate expanded sizing options, as Blueseventy makes it a priority to ensure their female wetsuits are adjusted for women’s body types (not just a men’s wetsuit in a different color.)

The women’s Reaction has been redesigned with a thinner 1.5mm neoprene thickness around the underarms and shoulders to improve flexibility for freestyle swimming. Optimized torso paneling encourages body rotation and better buoyancy. The engineering alone is an impressive advancement in tri wetsuit technology.

The Reaction receives high praise from our coaches and the triathlon community.

3. ROKA Maverick Pro II

ROKA Maverick Pro 2 Triathlon Wetsuit Womens

The women’s ROKA Maverick Pro II is a performance option that’s been upgraded for competitive female triathletes. The Maverick Pro II is made with the most durable Yamamoto neoprene and high-glide SCS nano-coating.

The Maverick Pro II comes equipped with ROKA’s patented ARMS-UP™ technology that’s freestyle-friendly for optimized shoulder flexibility as well as the wetsuit’s RS2™ centerline buoyancy design that encourages a more fluid body rotation. Quick-release ankle panels shave seconds in the first transition zone.

The Maverick Pro II women’s triathlon wetsuit has a 4.9 average star rating out of 5 stars. ROKA offers 30-day returns, free shipping, and a 2-year warranty. Oh, and it’s also the wetsuit choice for Lucy Charles-Barclay who holds the fastest IRONMAN swim time. If you like ROKA’s wetsuits, you’ll probably like the brand’s tri suits.

The Pro II model is priced around $825 but there are several other women’s Maverick wetsuit models ranging between $275 and $1075.

4. Blueseventy Helix Triathlon Wetsuit

blueseventy Helix Triathlon Wetsuit for Women

The Helix series from Blueseventy is a triathlon-specific wetsuit that’s designed for maximum allowed buoyancy, shoulder flexibility for optimal freestyle, and ease of exit when entering T1. All in all, it’s one of the best pro triathlon wetsuits for women.

The neoprene thickness of the Blueseventy Helix is intricately designed to displace greater thickness and buoyancy in the core and upper legs and less thickness in the back and shoulders, allowing greater mobility.

This is all rooted in Blueseventy’s Torsion Stretch Technology (TST) and unique paneling and construction that aids natural rotation. In addition to exceptional shoulder flexibility and buoyancy, this 7th-generation tri wetsuit is expertly designed for the best triathletes.

5. Synergy Endorphin Triathlon Wetsuit 5/3mm

Synergy Endorphin Women's Triathlon Wetsuit 5/3mm

The Synergy Endorphin 5/3mm wetsuit is a top-quality wetsuit that has been designed specifically for competitive triathletes. Not only does it look good but it performs even better. It’s well-designed with optimal buoyancy and mobility, offering a 5mm thick core panel, 3mm thick lower legs and back, and 2mm thick arms and shoulders.

Synergy Endorphin Triathlon Wetsuit is made from Yamamoto neoprene which is extremely hydrodynamic and provides superior performance in the water. This top-choice women’s triathlon suit is also coated with SCS silicone which makes it more durable and resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, it is equipped with an internal YKK zipper, which greatly reduces drag as you move through the water. Not to mention the wetsuit is also Ironman and USAT-approved.

Finding Your Perfect Triathlon Wetsuit

For triathletes of all levels, a wetsuit can provide significant improvements in both speed and efficiency. While the benefits are highly individual, a wetsuit’s influence on buoyancy and hydrostatic lift offers substantial advantages. 

Published studies have highlighted particular wetsuit benefits for inexperienced or poor swimmers as well as lean individuals with low body fat. In short, a more buoyant vessel enables a more streamlined position that keeps swimmers horizontal with the water. This added lift allows swimmers to glide faster and more efficiently.[1]

For more insights on the advantages, rules, and optimal fit and sizing, visit our Wetsuit Guide for more information. Or, if you have a wetsuit to suggest, contact us!

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